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Fire Emblem Series! - Remember your spoiler tags!


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That's odd, I heard that some consider FE4 the best.
I beat FE6 on the GBA in Japanese, (with the copy I bought), and the language part wasn't the difficulty for me.


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No, not really. FE5 is much harder. Though AAAA ranking FE4 isn't a picnic.

You do know you can get english patches for all the games? I have all of the games in english on my laptop. :/

FE4 is just really drastically different from the other games. You have to pair the females with males so that they have children, and skills and weapons are passed down. The maps are really big too, there's only like 12 whole chapters.


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Well, if you don't pair the females you get substitute children that are vastly inferior to the normal children. You also don't get Holsety, which is basically needed for Ishtar or the other bosses. Aless and Shanan can help some, but the speed boost is just that good.

By the way, this is the smallest chapter in the game.



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Yeah, I think I'll get the patch later. My second playthrough will probably be 8 times better than my first; I'll plan out what recruits I should use. One of my mistakes I used on my first playthrough was relying on pre-promotes, like Klein. (the silver bow was shiny, okay?) So, I'll be using Shin or Wolt next time instead. And probably train both chad AND astol.


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Don't use thieves? Then how is he supposed to open all of the chests?

And screw you, Wolt is awesome! I mean, he came first! He has to be better, right? Right?

(On my first playthrough of FE6 I stuck with Wolt and Sue to the bitter end.)


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Thieves are bad at combat, is what I meant to say.

If you want a good bow user, use Shin. Klein is good too.

Also, the archer that you get in the beginning sucks in every FE game I've played. 6, 9, 10, 11.


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They really aren't priorities for attacking anything. But don't get me wrong, I've taken care of plenty a foe with Astol. He usually doubles because of his ridiculous speed.

I'm actually liking rebecca from FE7.


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The first time I used Rebecca she maxed strength and everything else was great, but she never was that awesome for me again.

I like FE4, but I'm going to say Gaiden is my Favorite FE, now, if only it were remade without that RNG. I don't understand how I can miss with what looks to be a 100% ;_;


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Slim weapons have lower power and higher hit rate, and Hammers are less accurate than Iron Axes, IIRC.


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Yeah...I remember trying to take out Vigarde with Duessel and a hammer.
*miss* *miss* *Great shield* *more missing*

Eventually I beat him though.


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Sceptile: then I was totally off. XD

Well, just cleared chapter 16 of Blazing Sword. I'm liking the fact I haven't run into any chapters that have caused a roadblock in progression through the game.
And are Erk and Rebecca supposed to be this ridiculous?