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Fire Face-Off v2

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Ho-oh: Eliminated: 2nd.
Flareon: 45

-10 Ho-oh (6)

Ho-oh Eliminated. Round finished.
In advance, Hurtx5 Flareon, Hurtx5 Blaziken.



Fire Pokémon Face-Off, Round II
Experiment Death Match - Modified

First: Flareon
Second: Ho-oh
Third: Blaziken
Fourth: Typhlosion

Ho-oh - 6
Flareon - 6
Typhlosion - 5
Blaziken - 3 *x (eliminated, mathematically)

Round III
Experiment DM - Modified
In this round, there will be another death match, with a restriction of handicaps (as the last round), but based on overall standings.

Typhlosion: 115
Ho-oh: 110
Flareon: 105
Blaziken: 120

Hurtx10 Ho-oh.

Ok, Agent Myst, not funny anymore, just hurt Ho-oh or Flareon, the ones most likely to win.

Shining Alakazam. Between your posts is a vote of mine. Can you count that?
^I use my great cow-owning powers to call forth an army of Miltanks that nullifies that post!
Heh, well, it came before the round started, so nope.

Typhlosion: 95
Ho-oh: 100
Flareon: 105
Blaziken: 120

x10 Hurt Typhlosion

Maybe later...you were not here in MGA's FFO, where Ho-oh had A LOT of points, right when I first joined...of course, that was because of GH...
Hurtx10 Blaziken.

Can ya quit hurting Ty for a least one post?
Typhlosion: 95
Ho-oh: 90
Flareon: 105
Blaziken: 110

No comment on my bad joke? v_v

Alright...leave Blaziken alone, we can take down Ho-oh, I suppose...

x10 Hurt Ho-oh
Agent Myst, we have a deal. I don't hurt Blaziken, you don't hurt Typhlosion.

10xhurt Flareon.
Hurtx10 Flareon. (4 I Believe)
Did he ever say we were limited on decahurting? I am not sure :/...guess we can just assume we are...

Typhlosion: 95
Ho-oh: 70
Flareon: 85
Blaziken: 110

x10 Hurt Ho-oh-->5
Hurtx10 Flareon (5)


What 'bout My Star?
-10 Blazeikien
PWNT! (A bit)


What 'bout My Star?
-10 Blaziken
You know whom I haven't seen in darn near too long, GH.
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