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Fire Face-Off v2

Discussion in 'Face-Offs' started by Pure, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. Pure

    Pure back.

    +10 Typhlosion.

    It's better.
  2. Hurtx10 Ho-oh!
  3. :/

    x10 Hurt Typhlosion
  4. Hurtx10 Ho-Oh.
  5. x10 Hurt Typhlosion

    This is...pointless...
  6. Hurtx10 Ho-oh.
  7. x10 Hurt Typhlosion
  8. Hurtx10 Ho-oh.

    Wheres Shining Alakazam?
  9. x10 Hurt Typhlosion

    Idk...look at his profile...
  10. Hurtx10 Ho-oh.
  11. x10 Hurt Typhlosion
  12. Hurtx10 Ho-oh.

    2 more times...
  13. x10 Heal Ho-oh

    Really? =P
  14. Don't bother stalling. Get it over+done with.

    Hurtx10 Ho-oh again...
  15. Hm, nah...

    x10 Heal Ho-oh
  16. Just hurt Typhlosion or summut!
    Can't believe I just said that...
    Hurtx10 Ho-oh.
  17. x10 Heal Ho-oh

    Besides, I do not have time right now to tally, so stalling ensures no overkill ;)...
  18. Hurtx10 Ho-oh.
    By healing Ho-oh you're stalling!
  19. x10 Heal Ho-oh

  20. Sigh...
    -10 Ho-oh.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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