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Fire & Ice! (078)


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Fire & Ice!

After beating the Second round in the Rock Field, Ash gets lost in town looking for food and has to find a Pokémon Center...which are all full. Can Ash heal them in time for the third round on the Ice Field?

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Did anyone notice Jessie actually called Ash BY HIS NAME in this episode??? I always thought they didn't have a clue what his name was and didn't care.
Sebok said:
Did anyone notice Jessie actually called Ash BY HIS NAME in this episode??? I always thought they didn't have a clue what his name was and didn't care.
How could she not have known when the announcer was calling his name over the loudspeaker in the earlier rounds?


Icechomp 3 said:
How could she not have known when the announcer was calling his name over the loudspeaker in the earlier rounds?

Oh yeah, I must have missed that. But you have to give me Misty when she used Richie's voice to fool her.

Psychic Venusaur

Pokemon Master
At that point, TR didn't make a note on calling them anything except "twerps", so I think I was surprised to hear her say that (I knew that TR knew Ash & co.'s names)

That guy from Pewter City that Ash fought had a pretty cool voice to me. I like the was he said Cloyster.

It's funny how when Jessie wears her Joy mask in late Master Quest, Brock notices it and says, "...and the real Nurse Joy's mouth moves when she talks"
I like how Brock can tell Joy's and Jenny's apart. Jessie's mask's mouth not moving was obvious though.


Factory Head Noland

I really liked this episode, the battle with Arcanine and Pikachu was great!
"Exotic Vileplume no.5" lol
The battle on the rock field between Squirtle and Nidorino was cool but why did it only show one round of the battle?? I never understood that...


Izit cuz I is black?
Why not show a full battle? If they had too many episodes at the time, why not scrap a useless pre-league filler or two? Have you noticed that they had the second Arcanine beating Kingler moment in this epidoe? (the other was Gary VS Giovanni)


Team Awesome
It still strikes me as strange that as many women as Brock has fallen head over heels in love with, he's never had the slightest inkling for Jessie (Misty and May I can understand since they're fairly young, though). I do like it when he gots nuts over all the Officer Jennys and Nurse Joys running around, though. :D

It's also weird how Ash was back in the old days. First he thinks all the people waiting for the torch runner are waiting for him, now he thinks he's getting free food just because of how he won a match. At least he's not quite that dense anymore. :p


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I didnt like how they cut the Rock Field Match and how most of the epi was on TR stealing Pikachu. At least they dont interfere in the Hoenn League
Pretty good Indigo League episode. And who knew Pikachu could do a dangerous trick. =D


Master Coordinator
i htink Ash should have gone further in the poke league


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What a poorly-written episode. First of all, whose bright idea was it to show only parts of two battles? I wanted to know who else Ash used in his first round battle against the Nidorino kid (I'm guessing Bulbasaur and Kingler) and what other Pokemon he had. The Pete Pebbleman battle was slightly more interesting, but did they really need the part with Ash getting lost? And I just remembered right now that Brock was running and carrying all of Ash's Pokeballs and how awkward that looked.

KidsWB made this episode look really interesting when they showed Gary commenting on how Ash's victories are going to his head, and Team Rocket saying they finally captured Pikachu. I remember getting really excited about seeing this episode, and then when I saw Team Rocket stealing Pikachu and getting rescued in mere seconds by Onix, I thought that was such a cop-out.

At least the next episode was a lot better.


Punk Rock > You
^^ um ash won all his matches in this ep


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Funny episode the character interaction between Ash, Misty, & Brock was really great. Also interesting that Ash called Misty Mist in the diner is that his nickname for her? Poor Pikachu have to stop Togepi from doing dangerous stuff only to wind up getting hurt or almost getting hurt in the process, I think Togepi might just be the death of Pikachu. Seeing Brock go gaga over all the Jennys and Joys in always fun to watch and it's amazing that he can tell them apart and when someone is impersonating a Jenny or Joy. Grats to Ash for winning his 2nd and 3rd rounds
Well...done...Brock. You are the best. You had me laughing out loud on the train yesterday whilst watching this episode (and yes, I did get some funny looks for it).
Anyways, the battle. OK, I don't really remember that bit very well though (overtaken by another part of the episode), but I think it was pretty good, if a little short.


Don't die, ketchup!
Yeah... Brock was really funny in this episode. Well, he's actually often funny to me!

Anydangway, this episode was pretty good. Not my favorite, but still just okay.


Old school
I thought they did an alright job with this ep actually, to be fair the battles against Mandy and Bellsprout were the ones to watch in terms of the Indigo League, but what we did see of the two fights in between were pretty good.

When I saw Squirtle called out against Nidorino I couldn't help but think of the first episode (and the intro of the game) where Gengar fought Nidorino... It always seems like such a plucky little guy! Never struck me as very bright though...

Kingler cracking Cloyster was great to see. It's good to have the strategy of "just hammer away with powerful attacks" work the odd time!