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fire pokemon

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pleez help me out i need a good fire pokemon for my team, i like charizard but its moves suck so pleez list the pokemon and the move set


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*waits for this to get transferred to RMT*

From the first 151 (I'm assuming you haven't finished the game considering you want this advice):
-Charizard's aight
-Arcanine's pretty nice; Curse/Extremespeed's pretty fun
-Magmar's pretty neat, and like the only special sweeping Fire-type (though it's kinda weak)
-Flareon's nice, but its stats are quite random (Physical attack+Special Defense? o.o).

Other than that, you could always be unoriginal and use our second favourite Fire-type legendary birdie. Be prepared to get ROCK SLIDE'd!!11
This is "Rate My Team," not "Give Me a Team." Figure something out first before you post here.

Anyways, the problem with making a Fire Mono Team is that there aren't that many fire types out there. And many of those fire-types have a similar and small movepool. Almost all fire types have a fire move (duh), a ground move like Earthquake and/or a rock move like Rock Slide, and Hidden Power in their moveset since that's usually the best they can get. Also, most if not all fire types are meant, or at least are most effective as, sweepers. That leaves you without any support Pokemon to support the rest of your team. The only exception that I can think of is Ninetales but Ninetales operates best as, for the lack of a better term, an annoyer.

Basically, most fire pokemon are the same and don't have much variety in their movesets or strategy. As a result, the right Pokemon can easily defeat such a team single handedly or with minimal support. A water or ground type would easily destroy a fire mono team.

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Yeah... I'll close it. ¬_¬ Willowhisp musta messed up in the process. o.o

I'll be honest, everytime I wrote "Closed" I forget to check the lil box.
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