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Fire, Rain & Leaf (PG-13)

The Doctor

Absolute Beginner
Fire, Rain, and Leaf
(Action/Adventure/OT Fic/Animé)
[PG-13; 12A]

~Table of Contents ~
Chapter 1: Elemental Trinity
Chapter 2: Battle for the Bug
Chapter 3: Dynamo of the Bosque Verde
Chapter 4: Tail of Stone
Chapter 5: Call of the Moon
Chapter 6: Sand And Sea
Chapter 7: What’s a TM?
Chapter 8: Rattatation
Chapter 9: Trust for the Tide
Chapter 10: Flying Rose
Chapter 11: Cutting Edge Stuff
Chapter 12: Electric Engine
Chapter 13: Under the Tunnel

(More titles as I go along)

~PM List~
1. Psychic Umbreon
2. Venastois
3. Archaion Martyr (The Artist Formerly Known as CHeSHiRe-CaT)


Disclaimer: This story is my adaptation of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. It contains some mild language, violence and mortal peril, but nothing too bad. Please keep in mind that if there are some Pokémon obtained that seems clichéd, please point them out to me; I will do my best to tone down their “00ber-ness”. Thank you for taking the time to read this story.

Pokémon is © Game Freak and Nintendo, 1995-2006. All other characters are © The Doctor.

~Chapter 1: Elemental Trinity~

Fourteen years ago…

“Sam, hurry up! I can’t hold this door forever!”

The fair-haired man could no longer push the door backwards with his bare hands, for a much larger, more muscular grey one was forcing its way through the crack, its fingers reaching for the man’s arm. It did not get the chance however; the man slammed his shoulder against the door, harder with each shove, until finally the hand gave way. Scrambling frantically for the handle, he closed it tight, leaning against it and panting heavily.

His amber eyes were closed as he continued to try to catch his breath, the face that bore only the slight mark of a beard shining with sweat, his leather jacket torn on the arm and a graze throbbed angrily on his knee, revealed through a tear in his jeans. An older man, with a stern face screwed up in concentration, greying-brown hair, was kneeling on the floor, his hands dusting away on the hostel floor.

“Well, I think they stopped with the Machokes,” The younger man gasped, fumbling on the door key before turning it clockwise to lock it. “Sam, have you found it yet?”

“I know it’s here somewhere,” Sam muttered, now dusting more feverishly, “And I’m getting close, I know I am. Anyway, we’ll need more enforcement on that door, Ethan.”

“I don’t know about that, the Machokes are the strongest they’ve-” But then, from outside the hostel came a loud yell, muffled slightly so it sounded like: “Eyesickle Steer!” 'What the hell’s "Eyesickle Steer"?' Ethan thought. But that question was answered a few seconds later.

Four thin, sharp strands of ice had burst their way through the door and hurtled down the entire length of the room, before arcing back gracefully to where Ethan was still-

“ETHAN! GET DOWN!” Sam yelled. Ethan ducked just in the nick of time as the icy harpoons slammed neatly into the holes where they came from. Eyesickle Steer must have meant Icicle Spear. This meant only one thing to Ethan and Sam; it was a Cloyster, and not just any one either. An Icicle Spear attack that strong must have meant it belonged to the Cloyster of Harrison Cray, the most dangerous of the Rocket Executives and next in line to take over as head of the Rockets.

“Damnit,” Ethan growled, “If Cray’s involved, then things will be getting much worse from here. We’ve got to hurry and find that Circle!” No sooner had the words left Ethan’s lips than a faint cracking noise emitted…from the door. With horror, Ethan knew what was happening. The Icicle Spear had not been intended to harm, but to serve as hooks, so that the door could be pulled off it’s hinges; no doubt that Cray’s Cloyster was being pulled by a Machoke, and would continue to be pulled until the door was ripped clean off. He had seen that trick before. Thinking fast, Ethan pulled out a small sphere with a black circle in the middle, a red top and a ceramic bottom; upon pressing the circle, the sphere expanded to the size of an orange. Ethan threw it to the ceiling, and a white mesh of light erupted from it as it opened.

The light then formed into what looked like an overly large starfish, or rather, two purple ones enlarged on top of each other. In the centre of the first star was a large red gem trimmed with gold. It peered expectantly at Ethan.

“Starmie, use Psychic on the door! Blow those spears away!” The Starmie gave a high-pitched musical “Cru!” in response and turned to the door, the gem now glowing a pulsing cyan colour. The spears began to glow the same colour, cracking loudly until…

The spears exploded in a mass of ice, shards scattering over the hostel floor, a loud crash signifying that the Machoke and Cloyster had fallen over, and four large holes left in the wooden door.

“Blizzard!” The second star of Starmie began to spin like a windmill, before speeding up until it resembled a violet disc. A snowstorm came spiralling out of it with all the force of a small hurricane, slamming at the door. A few seconds after it made contact, the door had frozen at the cracks. Ethan gave a weak grin.

"Thanks Starmie. Return now," He pulled out Starmie's Pokéball and upon the command of 'Return', the ball shot out a thin claret ray of light, recalling Starmie into it before being minimised. "That should buy us more time," He said, now turning to Sam, "Are you sure the Circle's here?"

"For the last time, yes!" Sam snapped, "I've read all the clues, analysed them to the tenth decimal point - Not a real decimal point, Ethan! - and spent months on finding out. I know it's here some- ouch!" He withdrew his hand as though it had just been burnt. For when he had been fumbling on the floor, he had come in contact with an array of strange markings...an array that the two of them had been looking for.

When Sam had touched this strange array, it had begun to glow a light blue, revealing a carving of a small cat-like figure with a long tail hovering above it. The light began to spread, revealing a circle on the ground surrounding the feline; a second larger circle lit up, three Chinese symbols in three different sections, and above them in the same circle, were carvings of three large eagles, flying at their full height of their body. One bore the inscription 'leaf' and the bird flying above it had a long shimmering tail, a short beak and three feathers as a head crest. The second bore the symbol 'fire' and its bird had a jagged body with sharp eyes and a long beak. The final one contained 'rain' and the avian above it was majestic, a phoenix with a long fiery tail and wings, and another long beak.

"This is it," Ethan breathed, "The Elemental Circle. You were right Sam, we found it!"

"And now...we perform the ritual," Sam said gravely. "Are you ready?" Ethan nodded and kneeled on the floor alongside his partner. He then began to speak, in a powerful commanding voice:

"Element of three, Fire, Rain and Leaf, I beseech thee, graft your protection to their flesh!" He clapped his hands with the force of thunder and the three symbols glowed; green for leaf, red for fire, and blue for rain.

"Trinity of avians, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, I ask you, grant your powers to their souls!" Another clap and all three birds glowed cyan, yellow and red respectively.

"Goddess of the east, Mew, I pray to thee; grant your blessings to their fates!" And with the loudest clap of all, he slammed his hands onto the circle. The catlike figure glowed fuchsia pink and the whole circle lit up in an even brighter blue. The three symbols glowed into orbs of energy, blending into that of those created by the birds until they resembled little more than white spheres with the occasional flash of colour here and there, gleaming so brightly that it hurt to look…

Then, through the gaps in their fingers, it was as though the light had been extinguished; to be more accurate, they had dashed off with unbelievable speed.

“Well, that takes care of that hurdle,” Ethan said quietly, “But we’ve got something more pressing on our plates. I intercepted a message from Giovanni to that idiot Oliver, saying that Project Evangelion has been completed-” At this, Sam gave a sharp intake of breath- “I mean, as in it’s not gonna put up a fight and its attack power is unbelievable. But it’s not invincible; for that they’ll need pure untainted energy, the kind running under-”

“The Viridian Forest,” Sam completed darkly, “If that’s the case, we have to stop him there so that there will be a chance of beating it.”

“What about the Circle?”

“Its energy is used up, so no-one will be using it anytime soon. Anyway, there’s a door at the back of this hostel but we’re going to have to look hard, it’s behind one of these bookcases. I think,” Getting off from the floor, his cream trousers covered in dust, Sam went to the nearest bookcase, thumbing through the titles until he came to Catcher in the Rye, “that this is the right book.” He pulled the book out of its position, or at least attempted to; the book would not move. Instead, it clicked on its metal hinge and the bookcase did an old trick; it moved aside to reveal a door.

“This leads out of the hostel right under the Rocket’s noses underground. We should be able to reach the Viridian Forest if we run.”

“Clever,” Ethan said, smiling, “The only problem is: What are you gonna do if you want to read Catcher in the Rye?”


Rain poured down hard in the Viridian Forest. The Caterpies and Weedles crawled up into their homes; mere holes in the trees, some Pidgey did the same only they flew. The Metapods and Kakunas just hung on the branches like Psyducks on a shooting range. Pidgeotto scattered throughout the forest and the few Pikachus hid in the shadows.

For in this sacred place, a battle was about to occur. Two people stood at the very edge of the forest, their bodies tensed, their hands clenched so hard the knuckles were milky-white. Ethan and Sam were waiting on tenterhooks for the opponent to arrive, Ethan’s amber eyes hardened into topaz, and his leather jacket and jeans soaked in the rain. The bruise on his knee was still throbbing, but he hardly felt it, as though he were on morphine. Sam, meanwhile, bore no scars or injuries but looked shaken, as though he were watching someone being tortured, his lab coat sodden with rainwater.

They needn’t wait any longer. Thunder clapped in the sky and the man they were looking for was revealed. He was walking forward nonchalantly as though he were just walking down a street, neither caring nor noticing the rain. He had a pale, pointed face wearing a proud and confident smile, relaxed grey eyes and jet-black hair plastered to his skull by the rain. His attire was confidently expensive, but quietly so; a white shirt that could have been Armani, suede shoes that were as black as his eyes and a silk charcoal grey suit that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a model, yet suited him just fine…with one minor difference. On the breast pocket of his blazer was a scarlet ‘R’. R for Rocket.

“I thought the Trinity would send you two,” He said lazily, as though he didn’t have a fear in the world. But looking from his perspective, what did he have to fear? He had a weapon that was near indestructible, the final component to complete his ultimate operation and his worst enemies all but vanquished; these two were little more than an annoyance. “A washed-up Champion and a lowly researcher. You think you two can stop me, hm? Sadly, you’re mistaken. Project Evangelion is complete and to make it unstoppable…well, the answer’s right below our feet.”

“We know this Giovanni,” Ethan growled, “But that doesn’t mean we can’t stop you while we can. Even if we both die, we will make sure Evangelion is stopped. Sam, you ready?”

“Whenever you are,” Sam replied, drawing out a Pokéball just as Ethan did the same. They threw them in unison, both opening in a flash of light. Out of the first came a Venusaur, a large viridian reptile with heavy red eyes, bumped limbs and an immense plant on it's back, it's pink petals and large leaves heavy with rainwater. Out of the second came a Dragonite, a golden-tanned dragon with antennae, a small, blunt horn on it's head, a pair of large wings, a serpentine belly and clawed limbs. Both of these allies had focused looks, both trainer and Pokémon, focused on the enemy.

Giovanni merely smirked at this and threw out two Pokéballs; one was a Luxury Ball and the other a Safari Ball. The Luxury Ball opened, revealing a Persian, a tall cat with cream fur, eyes with a single, slitted pupil, a curled tail and a red gem in it's forehead. Its companion was a Rhydon, a mass of armour and skin with a long tail and a single drill-like horn on its head.

They didn’t care it was raining. None of them did. What mattered was their enemy and to see them out of battle. Giovanni's smirk remained on his face, even when the commands were given.

“Venusaur, Vine Whip!”

“Dragonite, Dragon Claw! Let’s go!” Venusaur launched an olive-coloured vine as thick as an Arbok at the Persian, cutting the air; Dragonite, meanwhile, flew up and launched itself at the Rhydon, preparing to slash with claws glowing in an emerald-gold aura.

”Take Down attack, Rhydon. Persian, use Shadow Ball.” Rhydon charged headfirst at the oncoming Dragonite, its horn perfectly placed at its belly. Meanwhile, Persian launched an orb of cobalt flame and violet energy at the Vine Whip. The attack exploded on contact, spreading ethereal energy everywhere, and for Venusaur to retract its vine and to give a drum-like grunt of pain.

Dragonite was luckier; the first claw collided with Rhydon’s horn, sending out green sparks, but the second swung round and slashed the rhino-like Pokémon’s face with surprising force, causing it to stumble backwards blindly. Dragonite let out a proud “Ryyuuu!” in triumph and back flipped in midair -

“Persian, Ice Beam that dragon.”

“Dragonite, Water Pulse!”

Dragonite went out of it’s flip and charged up a crackling electric-blue orb of water in it’s mouth and fired, just as the gem on Persian’s head glowed light blue. Both of them launched their respective attacks; Dragonite the vivid blue blast of water, Persian a web of icy strands of energy erupting from the gem. The Water Pulse pushed hard against the attack but didn’t freeze; rather, it burst aside and the Ice Beam continued, slamming hard into Dragonite, hitting the muddy earth like a dead weight and panting heavily.

“DRAGONITE!” Sam yelled in horror. He turned angrily to Giovanni, who was still wearing that confident smile- no not, a smile, a sneer. “You monster, Terran!”

“What?” Giovanni sneered with faux innocence on his pale face, that looked more ghostlike in the thunder than ever, “I’m merely following the rules of battle, Oak. You are supposed to use whatever attacks you have at your disposal to outwit and out-battle your opponent. And that is exactly what I’m doing before you come up with any loopholes; like it matters here of all places,” He added, inclining towards the iron sky. And as much as Sam denied it, he was right. No one was coming here for miles and miles. They were quite alone.

“Venusaur, use Synthesis on Dragonite!” Ethan cried. Venusaur, it seemed, had recovered from the Shadow Ball and its plant now emitted a faint greenish cloud that hovered over the Dragon Pokémon, settling onto it like a second skin. The membranes on Dragonite’s wings had been frozen, and when it landed in the mud its right limb had been badly hurt, but once the cloud settled, the ice thawed away, the scars vanished, the arm curved back into place; and Dragonite pushed itself off the ground, a determined expression creeping onto its face like a spider, before standing tall, wings outstretched.

"Now Venusaur! SKULL BASH!" Without even pausing for breath, Venusaur charged forward with surprising speed, it's skull glowing a faint gold. Before Persian could do anything, it was smashed into the air with alarming force, but twisted its body round and landed sleekly on the mud.

"Rhydon, Iron Tail." The Armor Pokémon charged forward, it's tail gleaming in a metallic luster...

"Twister!" Dragonite inhaled deeply and breathed out a sharp tornado of wind at the Iron Tail. Sam could hear the sharp zephyrs clash against Rhydon, but they were berely pushed back and the attack continued, slamming into Dragonite.

"Persian, destroy that Venusaur with one last Ice Beam!" The gem on Persian's head glowed once more cyan, and the web of arctic energy emerged, darting forward at the dinosaur-like Pokémon...

"Sorry Giovanni, but you're not about to win this! Venusaur, Light Screen!" The Plant Pokémon's eyes glowed a deep blue colour, the scarlet irises all but gone, and a strange beam of light darted across in front of it; then, quite as suddenly, it vanished. To the foolish Pokémon Trainer, it would appear like nothing had happened. But just as the Ice Beam came within a few inches of freezing Venusaur's verdant skin...

It was as though an invisible wall had stopped the arctic assault from connecting; which was the correct assumption. Light Screen, sort of what it said on the tin, had created an invisible barrier that stopped the attack dead in its tracks. A pale blue light was emitting from it, revealing the corners and edges of an otherwise unseeable force. Persian kept straining harder to try and destroy it, but in the end it was a fruitless effort; the beam gradually faded away into little more than a few polar sparks.

"Venusaur, finish this with Frenzy Plant!"

"Dragonite, Hyper Beam!!" Venusaur's body glowed, a light green aura, weak at first but gradually glowing brighter, and brighter still until...a cluster of enormous vines, tall as a man, thick as a Dragonair and heavily throned erupted from the plant on its back. Some sped towards Rhydon with the speed of a bullet train; others snaked into the ground, diving up occasionally only to speed back down again, snaring the Rhydon's thick legs, holding it in place while the rest of them pummelled it ferociously.

Meanwhile, inside Dragonite's mouth was an orb of golden energy, increasing in size and volume until it's form changed into that of a fire blast, streaking towards the Classy Cat Pokémon at what could have been mistaken as the speed of light. The attack hit home, catapulting it a second time into the air, only this time it didn't twist round and land neatly on all fours; it slumped to the ground, Rhydon falling beside it, bruised and battered.

"It's all over, Giovanni," Ethan said triumphantly, recalling Venusaur along with Sam recalling his Dragonite, "This energy you're wanting isn't up for grabs any more."

But something was wrong.

Giovanni didn't cry out in exasperation when his Pokémon were defeated, nor did he snarl in anger, and he didn't give any signs of disappointment or defeat. In fact, he was laughing. A cold, cruel, sharp laugh.

"You actually believe I am defeated?!" He said incredulously, still laughing even when he was speaking, "My Rhydon was to drill in this forest for the energy, but it doesn't matter. That was just a mere diversion, a warm-up act, if you will, for the main event! Project Evangelion is here at last!" Both trainers looked around feverishly, scouring the skies, searching for the harbringer of their demise...

And then they saw it, hovering into the forest floor. A tall figure, almost catlike, covered in grey armor. And behind the black visor were eyes glowing cyan...

"Sam, take my bag and get out," Ethan whispered, throwing said bag over to his friend. He caught it, surprised. "But...why?"

"The less he knows about the Trinity, the better, now run."


"RUN!!" And Ethan pushed Sam away, to the entrance of the forest; and Sam knew that Ethan was serious. Without looking back, he ran, feet skidding in the mud, rain lashing harder against his skin, but he still ran, all the way out of the forest, past the gates and into the outskirts of Viridian City, breathing heavily. Then, a scream from the forest...and that was the last anyone ever heard of Ethan Cameron again.


I'm sorry if the ending was a little crappy, but my sister was pushing me to finish; this was sorted out with a quick punch, but I'm under time constraint as well. So...yeah.
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shove 'er in! ;O
ZOMFG! That was kick arse to the fullest! I so have got to save this on my PC. It's just really good

"RUN!!" And Ethan pushed Sam away, to the entrance of the forest; and Sam knew that Ethan was serious. Without looking back, he ran, feet skidding in the mud, rain lashing harder against his skin, but he still ran, all the way out of the forest, past the gates and into the outskirts of Viridian City, breathing heavily. Then, a scream from the forest...and that was the last anyone ever heard of Ethan Cameron again.

I'm sorry if the ending was a little crappy, but my sister was pushing me to finish; this was sorted out with a quick punch, but I'm under time constraint as well. So...yeah.

WTF are you smoking dude!? I mean that was a great ending! Keep up the good work.

Arcanine Royale

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Hey, I quite like this.

Actually, I've been waiting for htis ever since you closed down The Hoenninian Dreams. This is pretty nice. The characters are beautiful, and its great to see a fic happen BEFORE Ash/games. But that's jsut the prologue, isn't it.

Well, the only problem I saw is this: a couple of times during the battle, a human uttered an attack. In the same paragraph, both pokemon moved. Really, dialogue and action shouldn't be in the same paragraph, especially if they are from different characters.

But other than that, it's great. Also, it might look a little sharper if you put the banner by the title, just a thought.


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wow, that was great, i can't wait for the next chapter.

(from what i could tell by reading, your gammer is fine, and if not, i'm too lazy to fix it anyway ;) )

great story, add me to your pm list, i want to keep reading this, i have a strong feeling it will turn out great.
That was an excellent chapter. I'll check the grammer and other things tomorrow (the computer I'm on atm doesn't allow me to check). Apart from that, keep up the good work.


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This is a pretty innovative story, I can't wait to read the next chapter. =D

“Clever,” Ethan said, smiling, “The only problem is: What are you gonna do if you want to read Catcher in the Rye?”

Ugh. It makes perfectly sense why they would choose the Catcher and the Rye for a secret key to the bookcase door. That book doesn't really have any value.... To me atleast XD

Great job.

The Doctor

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And just when I thought I shouldn't have put the bloody story up in the first place!

Divinity_123: The ending was supposed to have Sam discovering Ethan's belt of Pokeballs amongst the bag, but you try having an MSN addict of a sister poking you in the back! ...Uh, well, nonetheless, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Arcanine Royale: I closed the Hoennian Dream because it was just a throwaway project and I didn't think it through. However, this I plan to make my magnum opus. And about the battles, that's just how I write them but I can alter this.

Venastois: Added to the List.

Psychic Umbreon: I knew you'd get ze memo eventually.

Skysthelimit: I got that Catcher in the Rye thing off the Simpsons (When Apu reveals a secret stairway through a cabinet of non-alcoholic beer, Lisa asks what he'll do if they'll need said drink).


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I saw the banner for this story a couple of weeks ago, but after just reading the prologue, I'm pleased to say the wait was worth it. Dude, that rocked!

It was cool to see a younger Professor Oak battling, and even cooler to see that he knew Giovanni when they were younger.

And then they saw it, hovering into the forest floor. A tall figure, almost catlike, covered in grey armor. And behind the black visor were eyes glowing cyan...

Putting Mewtwo, which I hope this is, at the end was pure genius. Happily waiting for the next issue/episode


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My good man, this is the best fanfiction I have read in a long time...that wasn't humor based...I just love those ones...Anyways, the entire thing was wonderful! I am feveritivly awaiting the next installment in this story! KUTGW!