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Fire Water Dragon Deck


This is my current deck as of now for the Pokemon TCG League happening in the malls here in our country. Gives me a decent wins dpeending on the opponent. At least, if they aren't using Dark types combos and such.

Uuuh... Okay then, here goes the list:

Modified (RS-on)

9 Water Energy
9 Fire Energy

4 Bagon EX Dragon (3 Commons [Dragon Eye] and 1 Uncommon)
3 Shelgon (2 EX Dragon [Rare] and EX Deoxys)
2 Salamence EX Dragon (Rare)

3 Charmander EX FR/LG (Common [Headbutt, Slash])
2 Charmeleon EX FR/LG (Uncommon [Damage Burn])

3 Snorunt EX Hidden Legends (Common)
2 Galie EX Hidden Legends (Uncommon [Heavy Blizzard])

2 Qwilfish EX TRR (Rare)

3 Mary's Request
2 Bill's Maintenance
2 Wally's Training
2 Lady Outing
2 Pokenav
2 Strength Charm
2 Warp Point
1 Switch
1 Meteor Falls
1 High Pressure System
3 Life Herb

Energy - 18
Pokemon Cards - 21
Trainer Cards - 21
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< Is tha best
unless "our country" is either brazil, france, portugal or spain this can not be a modified deck because you use cards from EX Dragon so next time please specify.
If you are from one of the above mentioned country's then it's a fun deck but without much strategy. I think you should put something in that can support your salamence instead of just dealing damage when you can't put up salamence. But that's just me.


Uh, I'm tlaking about the Philippines. Apparently, they allow even the use of Type 1 decks in leagues, but not in tournaments. So, they also allow Modified RS on decks too...