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Firefox vs Internet Explorer vs Google Chrome

Which browser?

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I think Chrome is the best.

Even though I stubbornly still use IE.
Don't know. Maybe because I have been using it since when I was younger.


Chrome is faster, it gives you more space in your screen, which gives you more of a sense of freedom. Also, I just feel it's more slick.

Plus it is much much better if you use two monitors like I do

I'm just going to assume that your internet is **** since I haven't expirienced much of what you said when I used it.


Call me Robert guys
Google Chrome Ftw!!!!! Internet explorer I only use cuz it has the in private browsing. I don't use Firefox cuz it just doesn't work as well as google chrome.


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I used to use IE but once I used Chrome I realised I dumb I was for not using it earlier. I go back on IE now and its Cr*piness makes me want to shoot myself just waiting for it.

ZFXZFX ~ ;038;


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I switched to Chrome after seeing this thread. I love it so far, it's clean and simple. I used to use FF, but I don't really care about add-ons. I think I'll stick with Chrome.
I used to use IE and I hated the fact that it didn't have predictive text. I switched to FF (when I was 8) but was overwhelmed by the features, so I went back to IE. But when Chrome came out that became obvious choice, plus you can customize the background, which I have, with a picture of myself.


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Firefox - My personal choice. I've been using it since they first released the beta.
Chrome - I like it, but to me it doesn't feel right.
IE - I abhor it.


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Chrome FTW. I find it just as fast as Firefox, and IE just sucks .


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I have used FireFox after Internet Explorer stopped letting me access to some websites all of the sudden (like serebii.net). I also realized its a much better browser.


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I've used them all, and, for me, all of them have their advantages, so I can never choose one to be better than the other. :)