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Firemaker's Fakedex


Mammoth Master!
These are all my pokemon


The plate coral pokemon


The Staghorn/Brain coral pokemon


Normal Coordinator
Umm...I'm sorry but these aren't good...The shading is really off, and the shape of the pokemon is disfigured. I suggest that you read some tutorials...it will help a lot. Good luck.


Active Member
Er... Eww. Sorry, but those look awful. Use the tutorials or something, they'll help.


Teh Spriteh Dude
They are horrible, I would advise you to look at the tutorials


Cheese ^_^
wow no good replies.. well heres mine.
your pokemon are obviously original but they lack the time and skill required to be accepted by everyone. i would suggest reading through a few tutorials and retrying them mabye taking a little more time.
if this is done correctly your pokemon should come out great


Help me find myself
erm... I'm sorry but you could at least make some good shadings, and use a circle tool, I mean how hard can it be to make a good circle? Anyways, look at the tutorials.


Help me find myself
They are still ugly, because you never tried.
doing fakies must be good and put a lot of effort..... needs lots of work
but like everyone said.. tutorials will help


Normal Coordinator
Bawooga...the reason why s/he didn't "try" is because this thread is from a month ago...and s/he probably abandoned this thread.