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FireredShipping (AshxNozomi)

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The Shadow Elite
legendarytyson gave me a good idea for a Fireredshipping oneshot via PM, and so I'm writing it as I speak. You can expect it soon.

And good luck to you on writing your story, Moonlight Burakki.

EDIT: BTW, Nozomi/Zoey's debut premiers tonight! Don't miss it!
I hope your story comes out soon Darkliger! ^^;;; And I wish you good luck with your story as well. :)

Hey, it seems like more people are interested in FireredShipping. Lol spread the love!<3


Perverted Ash fan
Does anyone have an idea for an Ash/Zoey story?

The usual the-gang-gets-seperated-because-of-an-explosion-or-another-disturbing-seperating-occourance and Ash and Zoey end up together while Dawn and Brock end up together (let's throw Pikachu in with them for the lulz), so they set on a quest on reuniting again.
Stuff happens, night falls and Ash and Zoey take a rest and talk, they get to understand eachother, feelings surface and bonds are made.

Next day they reunite with Dawn and Brock and all is back to normal except the new and deeper friendship between Ash and Zoey.

Wait, what am I doing here anyway? This ain't right! This is a heteroshipping!



Legendary Trainer
Heres a topic: If Ash asked Zoey out on a date, what do you think well be her reaction?


Perverted Ash fan
If Ash asked Zoey out on a date, what do you think well be her reaction?

She'd be all ._.

But then she'd be flattered and eventually it would end up like this; [IMG139]http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a134/ChatzwuvsAsh/smiley/0522.gif[/IMG139]

Whereas everyone else's would be [IMG139]http://i12.*******.com/4poz2fb.jpg[/IMG139]

However, Shinji's reaction would be [IMG139]http://i9.*******.com/6hdbcbd.gif[/IMG139] because that would just suit him.

Wait, what the hell am I still doing here?!


The Shadow Elite
I would like to announced that I've finished writing my Fireredshipping fic. Next, is typing it.


Legendary Trainer
Awesome! Can't wait to read it Darkliger.


I'll be srue to read it Darkliger.


The Shadow Elite
Ok, everyone, I'm done typing my Fireredshipping fic; but I may run into a problem. Sometimes, my computer will say that I cannot find Serebii.net's server for hours on end making posting very difficult. I need to make sure I am able to connect here before I can post.

With that said, I will also need a beta reader - someone who will first read the story and check for grammer and spelling, but also check the story's "shipping quality". Who is willing to do that task?

Edda Robo

Cascade Trainer
The webmaster over at Michikusa has hinted that she's taken an interest into this coupling as well.


What will everyone's reaction be for them dating?

Dawn: Squeee! How cuuuute! :D

Brock: Lucky guy... ;-;

Pikachu: Lucky girl... ;-;

Jessie: Her hair's not long enough. She fails at life. >_>

James: Awe!!!! X3

Meowth: Can't say, James is weirding me out right now. o_O

Paul: ...useless shipping...

Brandon: KWAAAAAAAA!!!
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