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FireStorm's request shop

Are you satisfaied with your request?

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Storm of Fire
Well I got bored and created what I call an chao egg case.

Here's the hatched version.

I'll try to animate them.


Coal Trainer
Can I have a devil Blaziken?


Storm of Fire
May_Eevee said:
Can I have a devil Blaziken?
You'll have to ask shadow3944


Coal Trainer


Storm of Fire
May_Eevee said:
Sorry, I saw wrongly.
Have any other requests I'm bored..


lover of Glaceons
FireStormCharizard said:
So many TCs!!! Anyway I'm back and here are yesterday's glitter pokemon

I'll work on the baby and re-element first.
OH WOW THANK YOU!!! But how do I put it in my sig?
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Let me help you out man. Also I'm sorry I was gone my cousin got married today and we had to travel many moons to get there XD And there was no internet.

Champion Shade

Name: Shade Himuora

Trainer Sprite: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y86/ManicHedgehogFanGirl/Shade/shady.jpg ((If there is any way you can get a Harley sprite beside of Shade, that would be totally awesome. But I don't have any, so.))

Pokemon: Gardevoir, Wobbuffet, Cacturne, Ariados, and Sneasel.

Background: Green and Purple

Pokemon in Front of the Trainer: Meowth

Badges: All, if possible.
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Storm of Fire
I'm back from the living sleep!!! Well I'll just do some requests. Anybody else want to request?

Edit: Here's the trainer card.

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Storm of Fire
Sorry about the d/p... I have done an animated version of the hatched egg.

It's disco time!!!


If you want something to do....

Aquatic_Latios said:
May I have a comic like the last one I requested but can you keep it just a little bit lower than 200 X 200 pixels,please?

Characters: An army of Latioses and Latiases completly surounding and looking at Ho-oh.Make sure there is one Latios and Latias that are shiny(If you can't do that,just make them slightly bigger than the others).
Scenery: Grassland
Latios Leader(the shiny/bigger one): So,what did you say about who are the most powerful legends?

Thank you!

Yeah....Never got done....


The Evil Angel Of Darkness

Master Ice Trainer
Black Freedom Gundam said:
Houndoom Chao

Latias Chao

Houndoom Latias Chao

Main Body:Houndoom

Element Change

Here what about the Chao's that I wanted?????Thats something for you to do



The Legend Himself
he told me to do them sorry i guess i forgot because my shop got incredibly busy
Can I have another trainer card please:

Name: Dani
Sprite: FR and LG Rival
Badges: Kanto

Template: U-Template
Pokemon: Charizard, Raichu, Gyarados, Snorlax, Haunter, Eevee


~Danisuke_San~ ;059;
Originally Posted by shadow3944
he told me to do them sorry i guess i forgot because my shop got incredibly busy
I'll do the chao since your shop is so busy I have the time
And I will do the comic ok peeps


The Legend Himself
you don't have to do the houndoom chao i took care of that
Ok I will do the other one then
(Sorry I'm so slow I'm playing Animal Crossing and its addictive!)


Storm of Fire
sorry I was gone I had piano class all day.

Edit: Here's that long awaited comic.

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Mini Minun

Twin Bolts of Light
FireStormCharizard said:
Here's your fusion.

th eyes creep me out.

Edit: great... Mini minun forgot a trainer sprite! Including Jolteon Jordan unless the pokemon is the trainer.
i edited it. please start. Thank you!;212;

Edit: the trainer's name is Mini Minun.


Storm of Fire
Ok back from a good night sleep!

*Sigh* Mini Minun which trainer from Emerald or Ruby/Sapphire?
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