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First 7th Gen Team

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Dragon trainer

Arise from the Ashes
For this first go round in Alola, please don't mention EV training or natures. This is because I wont be breeding for natures. My Incineroar nature for example is Hardy and not a beneficial +attack nature such as Adamant/Naughty. I have only done 1 trial but I took a long time to get to this point and have changed my starter once (was originally going Rowlett). I don't think I'll be doing Z moves.

Incineroar @Amulet Coin
Bulk up
Brick break
Darkest Lariat
Fire fang

Tokapex @Black Sludge
Baneful Bunker
Pin missile

Palossand @Leftovers
Earth Power
Shadow Ball
Energy Ball
Sludge Bomb

Kommo-o @Shell Bell
Dragon Pulse
Brick Break
X-Scissor/Poison Jab/Rock Slide

Vikavolt @Scope Lens
Air Slash
Energy Ball

Shiinotic @Wise Glasses
Charge Beam
Energy Ball

I've tried to give a good coverage as I'm aware there is a massive ground weakness to the team, however if someone can give it a slight tweak and give me some advice or tell me if I need to change any pokemon and if the TMs are located pre E4/post game please, this is my first time going through the game. Please change any items if needed would like to keep amulet coin on first pokemon so please give any alternative for Incineroar for item.

This took me a very long time to come up with this team. Anything else please ask away!
Not open for further replies.