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First Comp. Team


Mew trumps Chuck N.
This is my very first competitive team ever, please rat on a scale 0f 1-10(10 being the highest) :

(Lead) Ninjask @ Focus Sash ;291;
176 HP / 252 Atk / 80 Speed
~Swords Dance
~Baton Pass
~Ariel Ace

(Mix Sweep) Salamence@ Life Orb ;373;
80 Atk / 252 SpA / 176 Spe
~ Draco Meteor
~ Earthquake
~ Fire Blast
~ Outrage

(Physical Sweep) Scizor @ Life Orb ;212;
4 HP/ 252 Atk / 252 Speed
~Bullet Punch
~Swords Dance

(Special Wall) Blissey @ Leftovers ;242;
152 HP / 252 Def / 104 Sp. Atk
~Seismic Toss
~Thunder Wave
~Soft Boiled
~Ice Beam

(Suicide Support) Cloyster @Life Bell ;091;
252 Defense / 252 HP / 6 Sp. Defense
~Toxic Spikes

(Healer/Cleric) Celebi @ Leftovers ;251;
252 HP / 220 Def / 36 Speed
~Grass Knot
~Leech Seed
~Heal Bell
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Not a bad team im guessing Ninjask will function as your Lead or will another poke ? if you're using baton pass to switch into Salamence keep that set if not id give it Dragon dance.


Mew trumps Chuck N.
i hadnt really thought of who would be my lead, but i would probably use ninjask and then baton pass into salemence, seeing as he's my mixed sweeper.


dude. you waited less than three hours after your OP to use your bump. idiot! this place is somewhat dead, it might take awhile to get a decent amount of rates. be patient god!...

and, if ninjask is your lead, then you should edit the OP and move him to the first poke on the list.

also, we need descriptions of what each poke does on your team.

for bliss, ditch ice beam for toxic and move the 104 spA to HP or spD, i would go HP, but on bliss, some say that is a waste so, whatever, your choice

Blue Raja

1000+ Triples wins!
Just a few thoughts-
BP ninjask to 'mence is just not a good idea. The ninja and the dragon have many of the same weaknesses.....
If you are set on passing to 'mence, then it ('mence) needs to be very bulky.
Also why leftovers on ninjask? Use an item that will come into play. Without protect, or focus sash it is doubtful that the coveted BP will ever even happen.

Is your Scizor a technician? If so then why waste all of those EV's on speed. Your best move is Bullet Punch. You may want to use a slot for protect in order to scout out fire moves. "Priority moves rule."

Not to sure about Blissey either-should probably max out hp. No amount of investment in spatt is going to matter unless you are shootin' at x4iceweak.

You have Cloyster holding shell bell???? Without even one attacking move. Don't see how that is going to work.

Ok my two cents worth, good luck!


Mew trumps Chuck N.
i gave 'jask a focas sash and replaced rapid spin with surf on Cloyster, as for Scizor he is a Technition and i just need him as a physical sweep for at least 4 rounds, surf from Cloyster will clean up most Fire's


what i would do for ninjask, take out aerial ace for protect, then hange his spread to 252/252 Hp/spe. but, that is only if you can live with not being able to attack.