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First decent banner.


Toon link
Hey just wondering if i can get some comments on this banner i made just then.


Any comment would be great the reason why i posted this was because it is the only good banner i have made so far and i want to see how good it exactly is and how i can improve in future banners.

That's pretty good.
The render on the clouds to the right could use some work--such as better opacity or less realistic clouds.
Otherwise, that's all I'm going to say, since I'm sure that some other soul will C & C your banner.


Well-Known Member
The cloudy looks your banner has is a good and a bad thing lol.
The text on it is greaaattttt though :D


James: Falcon...
Looking great! Perhaps a border would make it look better? =/ It doesn't hurt to try ;D


Serebiis Drama Queen
I agree with Zero-Wolf, the banner is Dark-ish. Maybe adding a little bit of brighter colors to it? Otherwise, great. ^^