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First Little Cup Team - Rain Dance


Ok so I wanted to try my hand at creating a Little Cup team. I think I may have made some mistakes with the EVs coz they are hell to work out. Anyway here is the team.

Voltorb @ Damp Rock
Naive 36 HP / 204 Att / Def 28 / Spe 220 / SpA 20
Rain Dance

I went for Naive so I didn't negate any of the free stat points I got after maximising Attack and Speed. It is the fastest lead you are going to see and Protect stops all the Fake Out leads. It Protects then Rain Dances. If it is still alive it can use whichever of the moves suits the situation. I don't expect nor really want it to survive furthur than that unless it is pwning with thunder for some reason.

Cinchou @ Oran Berry
Volt Absorb
Calm 164 HP / 252 Spe / 68 SpD
Rain Dance
Confuse Ray

This doesn't need Damp Rock because it is basically setting up for itself. With Oran berry it should be able to set up RD and still be alive to start killing stuff. Confuse Ray is for the odd instances where it has no other option. Against other Chinchou for example. This is rather simple.

Bronzor @ Damp Rock
Relaxed 180 HP / 68 Def / 236 SpD
Gyro Ball
Rain Dance
Stealth Rock

Because of its staying power it can set up and poison opposing pokes. Under rain it has no big weakness due to fire being powered down. Levitate grants it immunity. This guy is my top upper. he comes in mid game and with stealth rock allows my sweepers to have an easier job of sweeping. Toxic is for anything that is too bulky to take down in any other way. Stealth Rock is impostant especially against Munchlax. It will assure that Croagunk can take it out.

Croagunk @ Life Orb
Dry Skin
Adamant 52 HP / 188 Att / 36 Def / 196 Spe / 36 SpD
Bullet Punch
Cross Chop
Ice Punch

This thing is a lean mean fighting machine. With Dry Skin negating the effects of life orb it is essentially getting a stat boost without any real cost. Bullet Punch is for priority. Cross Chop is for Munchlax and earthquake is for other Croagunk. Ice punch takes care of the grass and flying pokes that would otherwise find it rather easy to wall this set.

Kabuto @ Life Orb
Swift Swim
Adamant 44 HP / 236 Att / 180 Spe / 50 SpD
Rock Slide

My physical wet weather sweeper. It has Waterfall and Roack Slide for STAB and Return for extra coverage. The last slot was Aqua Jet until I realised that it was illegal. So I need something else for there. I am tempted to put Rain Dance there as a semi plausable fall back.

Mantyke @ Wide Lens
Swift Swim
Modest 40 Def / 188 Spe / 252 SpA
Hidden Power [Ground]
Hydro Pump
Air Cutter
Ice Beam

This has only special moves and can cover everything for at least neutral damage. I went for Wide Lens to make Air Cutter and Hydro Pump that little bit more reliable. Not much else to say here.

Thanks in advance for the rates.


Reclaiming da ladder
Explosion's gonna kill no matter what so invest in satk. Chinchou can have agility and consider rub for croagunk. Can kabuto learn sd?


First off, in Little Cup the EVs are very different and your current spreads on inefficient. A guide on them can be found here. Rather than fix them for you here, I'll let you delve into the guide and decide on them for yourself. Let's move onto the Pokemon themselves.

A general trend I notice at a quick glance is that none of your Pokemon have a speed-boosting nature. This is a mistake. Little Cup is a very, very speed-oriented metagame and going slow will not help you. One point of speed is almost always more significant than one point of attack.

Voltorb should almost always use Static, because sound-based moves are few, the only notable one being Sonicboom which is banned in Little Cup. Additionally, your Voltorb should run Focus Sash if it's running Protect.
If you opt for Taunt instead, then you should run Damp Rock. Moving on.

Your Chinchou set is very outdated, to be honest. The days when people use ParaFusion Chinchou are over. If you are going to use Chinchou, you should at least focus on what it's good at: Agility. However, in this instance Chinchou seems to only contribute to a rather significant Ground-weak. Have you considered replacing it with a Misdreavus? Missy is easily the most dominant Pokemon in the tier and can run a number of powerful sets. If your Rain strategy fails, then Misdreavus serves as a good contingency plan.

Your Croagunk has basically no way to deal with opposing Misdreavus. I would opt for Payback over a move, or some other means of dealing with it. A Substitute Will-O-Wisp Misdreavus, one of its more common sets at the moment, will walk all over Croagunk.

Don't use Toxic on Bronzor, or at all in LC. Additionally, Gyro Ball is not very powerful. I would suggest switching Gyro Ball for Psychic or Flash Cannon and Toxic for a Screen or one of the aforementioned offensive moves.

Kabuto without Aqua Jet is mediocre at best. Use that to fill the "????" space. You could also consider Earth Power to knock out Croagunk as it switches in, especially considering that its Vacuum Wave is an OHKO on you.

I suppose your Mantyke set is "alright," but I personally would replace Air Cutter with Rain Dance or Ice Beam as it doesn't do a whole lot for you that HP Flying wouldn't. Speaking of which, change your Hidden Power type to Flying, which hits everything but Chinchou. Hydro Pump under the Rain hits Chinchou almost as hard as Hidden Power Ground, while being a hell of a lot more reliable as you don't need to worry about Misdreavus switching in and you can kill Croagunk anyways. I would also replace Wide Lens with Oran Berry, as the extra 8% accuracy may be helpful, but I bet that the extra 10 HP is even more helpful!

You have a pretty severe lack of Priority overall, but it is a Rain team, after all. As long as you don't let Misdreavus set up, you should do alright. There are two Little Cup Subforums on Smogon that I recommend you check out some time, one where our analyses are made and another where we discuss the tier in general. The Little Cup Ladder is located on DougJustDoug's Create-A-Pokemon Server. You can view the leaderboard by pming the modbot HAL9000 "leaderboard" or "leaderboard little cup".

Good luck and have fun with LC!