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First Shiny?

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I was wondering:
What game was your first shiny on?
What Pokemon was it?
What did you call it?
Did you get it from a trade?
Do you still have it?

Mine was a Ponyta on Pearl I called it Unicorn (Imaginative!) I didn't like it when it evolved into Rapidash, it looked dull. I lost it when my game got stolen. :(

I also got a shiny Murkrow from a trade :D!


Haters Gonna Hate
A shiny nodoran-male in firered i was ev training and pow there it was, i nicknamed him lucky for being an adamant nidoran male so i trained him he now rests in my ranch living out the rest of his days in the fresh outdoors.


My first shiny was a random encounter Sableye in Emerald's Sky pillar. I didn't nickname it, I still have it and I have left it UT.

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My 1st SHiny was a Smoochum that hatched from the daycare egg in G/S/C. Only way i knew it was shiny was because of the stars that came out.
I got a Donphan in Silver, I think it was at Mt. Silver. Didn't nickname it (as with everything) and I lost it when I sold my Silver.


not the color
My first shiny was caught in Pokemon Crystal. It was a Ponyta, found at the summit of Mt. Silver. Luckily, I caught it, but unluckily, I don't have the same save file anymore.


RPH Elite Trainer
My first shiny was a Hariyama in Sapphire, but I'm not sure where it is right now o_O I also have a shiny Bibarel.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
Mine was a Snover that i got on Pearl, i still have it but i never bothered to name it.


My first Shiny was from my Ruby game. It was a Zigzagoon whom I named FrankBurns (from M*A*S*H - his nickname was 'ferrit face', so I thought it was fitting :p). I still have him, though it's been some time since I used him. He's since been transfered up to my diamond game where he's remained in my EV-trained box, waiting to be spruced up for the 4th gen.


mai husbando
My very first pokemon, I found on my own. It was a shiny Aron, no nick name, on my Sapphire game. I caught it, b/e I thought it looked cool, yes back then I didn't know what shinnies were more or less if they even existed, then I was wigged out by the red eyes and released it. >_> Not very smart. Next time I started the game, I found another shiny Aron though. So it's all good.


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Technically my first was the Red Gyarados in Silver. Though I don't count that. My first was in FireRed. It's a green Zubat at Mt. Moon. I caught a Zubat earlier and then while going through the cave I found this one. I was suprised because I didn't know about shinies before. So I caught it knowing it was special. Now it is a pink Crobat in Diamond.


my first shiny was a doduo(male) if you don't count the shiny garados. Right before I woke up the snorlax by the biking road. (now lv. 50 dodrio)

Within a week I caught a shiny golbat in sapphire while in victory road.
(Now lv. 60 Crobat)

My friend gave me two shineys from the game he bought.
(magnezone & Cloyster)

The first shiney I ever saw was a Bibarel but I was out of pokeballs...

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My first shiny was a Slakoth on emerald.

The best bit was i didnt even realise it was a shiny until i had evolved it into a Slaking.

I wish i still had it but back then i didnt realise just how rare shinies were and restarted my game :(

but now i have my shiny mareep so :D


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My first shiny was unown W. I was really happy for finding it, but also kinda disappointed that my first and only shiny was completely useless.


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My first was an Absol in Ruby. My first in Pearl was a Porygon which I got in an egg.
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it shone! ^_^
My first (of many n_n ) shinies was a shiny female Clefairy that I recieved from the game corner in Leaf Green.

It only took about half an hour to get; I was realy surprised that I recieved a shiny one s quickly. ^^;


I saw one in silver but i killed it but in emerald i found a shiny poochyena and traded it to my friend for a shiny bannete which i lost when my pearl got stolen -_-
Soon though i found another shiny poochyena which i now have but its a bold nature -_-
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