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First Shiny?

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A stupid Geodude that fucking self-destructed.

My my, someones moody.

Anyways 1st non-story line shiny was my raticate in FR, after which I went on to catch a shiny moltres at Mt Ember. Shame my brother restarted my game =/ I'll miss those two.


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Shinies aren't so great. :p

Anyway, i saw a shiny chansey in diamond, but i didn't know it back then, nad well ya thats about it.


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The first shiny I saw was an oddish in FR, but I killed it because I didnt know what shinies were back then. The first shiny I caught was a Poochyena in Emerald.


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My first shiny Pokemon was a Whismur in Sapphire. I named her Loudie for some reason. Now she's a beautiful shiny Exploud in my Pearl verison.

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What game was your first shiny on? It was Emerald
What Pokemon was it? Seviper
What did you call it? No nickname
Did you get it from a trade? No, caught it in the wild.
Do you still have it? Unfortunatly not. I traded it to my Sapphire and forgot it was on there, then I restarted Sapphire.


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My first shiny was that red garados in crystal
I named it red and i still have it!

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My first shiny was that red garados in crystal
I named it red and i still have it!

Forgot about that one. But I don't really think it counts, since pretty much everyone who gets GSC gets one. Same with the special egg you get in Crystal, which hatched into a shiny Magby for me.

I also have a Makuhita from Pearl that I caught. But not including the red Gyrados from Silver, my first was the Seviper. I also have ones I obtained with cheating, but they don't count.


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A shiny Tentacool i found it in the sea while trying to defeat all the trainer's in the sea and there it was.I still have it but its a Tentacruel now.Oh and it was in my silver.


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the red gyrados in s/g
thats about it
i dont have luck with them
does anyone have a shiny eevee??????
Shiny Sableye in Sapphire, Sky Pillar.
Ignoring Shiny Gyarados in Generation II, my first shiny was a Rhyhorn from the FireRed Safari Zone. I was actually looking for Paras/Parasect...

I caught it rather quickly, I named him (because it was a boy) Dude, transferred him to my D/P game after evolving into Rhydon so he could evolve into Rhyperior. Now he's retired and resting in my PC.
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