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First Shiny?

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Giratina in Platinum...


My first ever shiny seen (apart from the Red Gyarados) was a green Seviper in Pokemon Sapphire.
Unfortunately, since that was the first Seviper I'd ever seen at that point, and since I thought that Seviper looked boring, I ran away. Stupid me...

My first shiny caught was a red Clamperl seen when I was looking for another Relicanth. I forgot to save...


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All of the shinies that i've caught are on my Gold version (still works ^^)

Random encounter: Shuckle
SR'ing: Ho-oh

Also, i've seen a shiny in my Diamond game while i was EVing, but i took it down, since i don't care too much about them anymore. I used to think shinies gave more EV points, too <<;


I've had a few shiny trades over the GTS, but I was getting sick of not having my own, so i found a huge patch of grass today (route 201) and started chaining got up to 65 and ended up with 2 shiny Starly. I still don't know why my chain stopped. I'm thinkin about calling it eyrie, you know, the eagle from click clock woods in Banjo Kazooie :p
my other traded shinies include geodude, magmoratar, slowbro skarmory, and a few others.

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my first was a caterpie, and then i restarted...but later on in fire red i found a shiny bellsprout, no nick name, and have been keeping it eversince...hence my sig...

A bellsprout in firered?! 0_o
You can't found bellsprout in firered. What you can found in firered is oddish.
Bellsprout only can be caught in leafgreen.
A lousy zubat. I took me to go through two lousy shiny zubats to catch one. He is as well the only shiny I have ever caught.

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I caught a shiny Relicanth on Emerald when I was looking for one to awaken the Regi's. I didn't realize it was shiny until three months later though. I still have on my Diamond, but it's without a nickname.


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First Pokeradar Pokemon: Diamond Weepinbel

First Chained Pokemon: Not one yet.

First Random Wild Encounter: Pearl 10:38PM 2/5/2009 Male Meditite Lv.17 Lax Nature Route 208. (I think we met by fate :D)

First shiny patch I saw but failed to walk on it: Route 224. (It's strange because sometimes when I go on Youtube and watch this guys shiny videos[He always uses a Meowth called Monty. Don't know his name.] and get inspired by them, I find shiny patches on like the 3rd chain. This happened with my first shiny(Weepinbel).


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I ran into a shiny Tentacool in Pokemon Sapphire, to bad I didn't have any pokeballs. :( Also, in Pokemon Diamond I got a shiny Palkia in the GTS and they wanted a Dodrio. :)


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I once caught a shiny Geodude... But I didn't save *goes into emo corner*


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I have two shiny pokemon- a shiny staryu I traded a Latios for. The second is a random encounter goldeen, now a seaking.


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My first shiny was my unown in my pearl.

I was quite astonished because i never had the luck to get any shinies in my previous games. I was like WOW and then i was scared i would kill i but i didnt and it remains in my 'unown' box today.
My first shiny pokemon in gold version is pidgey. (I'm not counting the red gyrados, I'm counting on random encounter(s).)
My first shiny in emerald version is luvdisc. and I caught another one while I was hunting for heart scales. weird.


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I ran into a random shiny Combee while messing around with Honey Trees.

I got a random crit on it and killed it accidentally.


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My first shiny was a Smoochum in Crystal. My first shiny in the 3rd Generation was a Zubat and my first shiny in DPPt was Swalot (cross-gen trade).
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