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First Shiny?

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First and only one has been Poochyena in my old emerald. Been trying like mad to get another one, since my emerald got sold a while back, but no luck. :(


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Discounting the Red Gyarados.

My first shiny was a Pidgey I found while hunting for a Pikachu ^^ I was playing my Crystal version.


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Red Gyrados was technically my first, but I got a shiny Bronzong in a trade. I've never found one myself...
Unless you count the gyarados on silver, I've never caught one, but i did see a shiny zubat in mount moon. Unfortunately, I didn't know what the hell it was so I killed it.


it was a growlithe, cant remember which game...i think i killed it in crystal


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chikorita in gold/silver

i got really lucky at the beginning

currently i have a shiny ludicolo called "odd lotad"
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shiny wooper in pkmn crystal. not sure if i restarted it since then. haven't played crystal in who knows how long


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My very first Shiny would have to be my Shiny Dodrio, Velocity. I caught her as a Doduo while doing the Safari game in Ruby.


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My first shiny was the Ho-oh in Crystal. This was my reaction:
WTF!!?!? A shiny legend??? Masterball!!


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Besides the Red Gyarados on Gold, it was a Rattata on FireRed. A freaking Rattata! Still have it to this day, now residing in Box 2 on Diamond.


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My first shiny was a Crobat from Firered. I was pumped because with the poor lighting on my gameboy, I thought the zubat (what I caught it as) was black and red. Then I fully evolved it and it was... pink. A little sad, but it was shiny so I was happy. lost that game and the Crobat, but caught a new one on my next Firered. forgot to give it a nickname before sending it over to diamond >_<
my very first shiny encounter was a shiny golbat in silver or crystal
didn't catch it (no pokeballs x.x).

my other first received shiny was a pichu (cloned...) from a trade with a friend of mine in crystal

my first shiny i caught myself was a shiny spheal in pokemon ruby
i named him shining:p
i still have it; he's now a lvl 100 walrein and i transferred him to pokemon diamond
my very first shiny encounter was a shiny golbat in silver or crystal
didn't catch it (no pokeballs x.x).
Oh man lol, that reminds me of the time I encountered a Shiny Abra with only one Poke Ball in my pack. I was playing my Gold version, training my Growlithe for fun when I see the wild Abra flash. It escaped my only Poke Ball so I switched off my Game Boy Color to try and encounter it again. At the time I thought that after a certain amount of time playing the game, I would encounter a Shiny Pokemon no matter what. I figured it would take me the same amount of time it took me to find the Abra, so I kept searching in the route next to Lavender Town. I didn't really understand how rare they really were, so I was expecting to find another one within an hour. Luckily I caught a Shiny Kadabra the same day I missed the chance to capture the Abra, so I was excited and evolved it in to Alakazam.

My first Shiny encounter was with a Krabby while I was surfing to Cianwood City in my Gold. I ran away from it since I thought it was a glitch, as the Krabby looked an ugly gray instead of red. Later I watched the Pokemon episode that dealt with the blue Shuckle, and the episode made me think I could find it in my game. I never found a Shiny Shuckle, but I did capture my first shiny while hunting for the Shuckle; a Krabby.


My first shiny caught, except the red gyarados in silver was a different red Gyarados in pearl. The first shiny i saw was a Medicham in Ruby and my second was a tentacool in emerald. the red Gyarados was my third and I just recieved a shiny snorunt today !!!!
( my second shiny pokemon )
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