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First Shiny?

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Professor Poke

Well-Known Member
That fake shiny gyarados.

Gengar while ev training in emerald. Sure it was a wild pokemon encounter cheat, but it was an actual random shiny encounter nonetheless.

Golett in B/W. The only one that qualifies as "first" to a purist.


What did you say...?
What game was your first shiny on? It was either Ruby or Emerald
What Pokemon was it? Luvdisk
What did you call it? I didn't capture it 'cuz I thought it was weird. :l
Did you get it from a trade? Never kept it.
Do you still have it? If I didn't catch it, then no I wouldn't have it still..? >.>


Hoenn Trainer
Awww. No random encounter shinies for me yet. I don't go shiny hunting. I'm just really unlucky. Ah, well, I'm still hoping! ...Hoping.

Well, the red gyarados doesn't count. :/


What did you say...?
Not too long ago I saw a shiny Spinda in Mt (I forget the name >.>) and tried to weaken it but ofcourse I'd get a critical hit -.- Gf. But then a while after it I got a Shiny Psyduck. :D


gone gently
Profesco used Hi Bump Kick!
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