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First Team Rate in a long time (OU Doubles - Freelance tiers)

Black Murder Heavangelon

Ow! Ow! Harder! Ow!
So, after going in and out of battles, making themed teams and such, I finally hunkered down and went back to my old habits of utilizing Trick Room in my battles. Battle after battle, I actually came up with something solid. Here we go!

The team runs under Item Clause. Keep this in mind while rating and posting suggestions.

Mienshao@Focus Sash
Adamant - Regenerator
252 Atk - 252 Spe - 4 HP
-Fake Out
-Wide Guard
-U Turn
-Hi Jump Kick

Neat set, huh? Standard, almost, except for Wide Guard. It protects him from partners Earthquakes and saves the team from dreadful multi target attacks. Fake Out to target troublesome pokemon that would target Beheeyem and stop Trick Room. U Turn to switch out and safely switch in a pokemon, since Trick Room ensures that he will go last. Whether he survives or not is not of my concern, as long as he gets the job done. Hi Jump Kick is extremely painful, nuff said.

Beheeyem@Lum Berry (Item subject to change from recommendations)
Sassy - Telepathy
252 HP - 252 Sp.Def - 4 Def
IVs: 0 Atk
-Trick Room
-Power Split
-Zen Headbutt
-Rock Slide

Oh goodness here we go. After Beheeyem sets up Trick Room, he'll then use Power Split on an opponent, a physical one namely. Lower their Attack and attain your own! Zen Headbutt for Psychic STAB and Rock Slide for coverage. EV's and Nature are for maximum resilience to Special Attacks. In case I'mn ot fighting any, Mienshao can loan some Attack before he switches out or faints. That's why he's Adamant instead of Jolly.

Trapinch@Life Orb
Brave - Arena Trap
252 HP - 252 Atk - 4 Def
-Rock Slide

Oh snap! :p Trapinch is a really pain and hitsl ike a truck. Earthquake for generic STAB, Crunch and Rock Slide for coverage, and Feint for prioritym as high as ExtremeSpeed. Arena Trap is for when Beheeyem has used Power Split on unfortunate opponents and keeps them from running. :3

Sassy - Serene Grace
252 HP - 252 Sp.Def - 4 Def
-Follow Me
-Heal Bell

Move over Chansey! This little angel is a real devil in disguise! Invaluable in Doubles, Togetic tanks hits like a boss with Eviolite. Follow Me to distract while teammates set up Trick Room. Roost and Heal Bell for healing, and Twister oh god Twister for flinchhax. Has really helped the team live longer. :D

Brave - Levitate
252 HP - 56 Atk - 200 Sp.Def
-Trick Room
-Smack Down

Was Bronzong, but then swapped for Claydol for having STAB Earthquake and Trick Room. Rest seems silly, but is remedied with Togetic support. Earthquake for a fierce STAB and Smack Down for removing immunities to that STAB. It also helps out Trapinch who loves snacking down on helpless birds.

Honchkrow@Dread Plate
Brave - Super Luck
252 Atk - 252 Sp.Atk - 4 HP
-Sucker Punch
-Heat Wave

I'm a bit iffy on this, but Honchkrow has always done well for me. Sucker Punch and Pursuit toy with opponents ruined by Taunt. Switch or Die? Heat Wave is a handy Fire move for situations when I need to kill something with it. Dread Plate because I don't know any better items.

Suggestions and rates welcome.


Elite Trainer
I, good sir, am fairly impressed.

I'd swap Meinshao for Scrafty, who can learn Fake Out and be useful in TR. Since you've got Heal Bell, you could probably use Moxie on him.

For Beheeyem, you really shouldn't use a Sassy or Adamant Nature. Instead, go with (EDIT, he really doesn't need the speed lowering) Bold, or Calm. The even further lower Attack stat will be extra irksome to your opponent.

Anyway, pretty good team, I gotta say.
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Ferocious Shuckle
I love TR teams and this one especially Trapinch, never seen one before. I've stuck solely to singles so I don't have much to say. Have you considered using Moxie Honchkrow? You'd have to use HP Fire rather than Heat Wave but you'd gain a much better ability in my opinion. Also, if you need or want any TR pokemon for wi-fi, let me know. I have a bunch I've RNG'd and not many people to share them with.

@chanseychansey77: Brave raises attack. Sassy doesn't. Sassy is perfect since he needs the -speed nature more.


Fear Me, If You Dare
Trapinch??? Why not use something like Rhyperior? I like trapinch and all, but he has abysmal defenses and an average 100 attack stat. Rhyperior is better. On honchcrow, use moxie and dark gem.