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First Time for Everything

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Sketchie, May 6, 2016.

  1. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    First Time for Everything
    A Private Role-Play between Monster Guy and Sketchie

    This is a spin-off of Control Freak's Contest Royale, a roleplay by VampirateMace.

    Over the past week, the Teen Titans of Chromium City had been thrown into the fray, and proved to be relatively competent at their jobs. The week of cleanup after the showdown with Control Freak was hard and, frankly, boring and slow compared to their recent challenge. It was nice to have a break.

    But breaks don't happen in love! (Well, yes they do. But that's another story.)

    Sometimes, two young men run into each other, and sparks fly immediately. (Admittedly, it helps when one of them has powers dependent on the power of love.) Such is the case of Lucas Moncrief and Max Hunkson Hudson, two members of the Chromium City Teen Titans.

    It all began simply enough. He was a bi shadow witch, the other was a gay Star Sapphire, could I make it any more obvious? Their powers, while similar, contrasted each other wonderfully -- the power of shadow combined with the power of light. Romance was destined the moment they walked through the door of the tower. It started off innocently enough, surprise kisses and holding hands, oohs and awws and internet shippers going bonkers. Throughout the course of a single day, their bond grew (to the obvious distaste of one of their teammates -- who cares about him, though, let’s be honest), and entered into a stage of “well I want to be your boyfriend, and you want to be mine, but we’re not boyfriends just yet.”

    Naturally, the two boys are both eager to go forward in their relationship, but when you're a pair of teenage superheroes with dark and troubled pasts, that can be easier said than done. Emotions run high, and external masks can break easily. Things once kept secret can come crashing down at any moment, if fear doesn’t swallow them up first. Could a being of love really be with a being of self-hatred? Well, there’s a first for everything.

    There will likely be a problem that will lead to conflict and rising action, and then probably to a resolution. Probably. You never know. Currently, the plan so far is for the two boys to go ice skating. Some other possibilities that may or may not happen are as follows: Emotional Angst, possible monster attack, zero monster attacks and straight fluff, character and relationship development, Lucas being a showoff, Max being lovey dovey, possible kitten pats, etc.

    This roleplay is only between Serebii Forums users Monster Guy and Sketchie. While onlookers are welcome, this sign-up is solely for said users. If anyone else posts in this SU, you will be ignored.

    Sign-Up Sheet that Isn’t Necessary Since Really, We’re Just Gonna C/P From CFCR:
    If you change anything, just note it at the bottom.

    Super Name:
    Civilian Name:
    Powers, Gadgets, and Skills:
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Super Name: Violet Lantern
    Civilian Name: Maxwell "Max" Hudson
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male


    The Power Ring has a long list of abilities. For obvious reasons, I am not using all of them... The full list can be found here and here

    Violet Energy Blasts: The ring can be used to fire blasts of violet energy that are powered by the love of the user.

    Violet Energy Constructs: The ring can form constructs of violet energy. The constructs are made out of violet energy, which is a tangible form of pure love, and they exist only as long as the Star Sapphire is fueling it with their mastery of love. Items created by the rings are not indestructible and are only as powerful as the inspired love of the one creating them.

    Violet Force Fields: The ring can create force fields of various sizes and shapes to protect the wearer and others around him.

    Invisibility: By willing the ring to bend light waves around himself, as well as that of the power ring, Max can make himself and/or the ring invisible.

    Crystallization: He can trap others in crystal prisons for a limited amount of time. Others on the outside can easily break the crystal.

    Flight: The ring allows the user to fly at incredible speeds.

    Cellular Regeneration: Max can use the ring to repair injuries in himself or others.

    Material Alteration: The ability to change into his uniform, and back. As well as change how his uniform looks. It will always have a predominantly purple color scheme.

    True Love Sight: Max can show images to others of their hearts desire, or the love they are missing.

    Love Attunement: He can sense love in others, and knows when love is in jeopardy. This attunement allows him to tell when others are in need of love and the state of love in their hearts, providing great insight into the personal lives of others.


    Hand to hand to combat: In addition to learning to master his ring, he also learned how to fight without it from other Star Sapphires. His fighting style mostly involves a lot of jumping around and doing backflips to avoid getting hit.

    Artistic Talent: Max can draw and paint. It's probably going to be irrelevant to this RPG, but it did say list all skills.


    Star Sapphire Power Ring

    Star Sapphire personal power battery: It is stored in a pocket dimension in his ring, and can be called upon to charge the ring.


    Appearance: Max is a tall and lean young man standing at 6'1". He is physically fit, and has an athletic toned, physique. While he hated being forced to be on the football team, he admits it's done wonders for his body, and he enjoys showing it off. He still works out regularly to maintain it, just at his own pace, and not as intense, He has a fair complexion, and his face is free of blemishes and facial hair. His strawberry blonde hair looks messy, but he likes it that way, claiming that it adds character to his look. It appears to be longer on the top than it is on the sides, and it seems to go in many different directions. He doesn't wear any hair gel, since he doesn't like the feel of stiff hair. He has a round, boyish face with wide expressive eyes that are a deep shade of blue. He often has a smile on his face.

    Max's taste in clothes is pretty simple, and he mostly dresses for comfort. You would never know he comes from a rich family if you looked at his clothing choices. That doesn't mean he dislikes dressing up in fabulous clothes once in a while. He prefers bright colors, as well as any shade of purple. His favorite outfit consists of a light purple tight fitting tank top, and a dark purple cotton hoodie over it if it's cold enough. On the bottom, he wears a pair of blue jeans held up by a black belt with a metal buckle, and purple and white high top sneakers on his feet. He carries around a purple messenger bag to carry his things in.

    When in Lantern mode, he wears an outfit that's just as revealing as the female members. It's supposed to be violet, but it can sometimes look pink under certain lights. It consists of a sleeveless, skintight, crop top that shows off his abs. It has the Star Sapphire insignia proudly displayed on his chest. On the bottom, he wears tight violet pants that are held up by a belt with a large buckle. He has knee high purple boots on his feet, and purple gloves on his hands that go up to his elbows. He gets a purple visor over his eyes, that does little to conceal his identity. It is really there because it looks cool. He also gets a violet tiara on top of his head. Her wears his Star Sapphire ring on his right ring finger. Max has the ability to alter the appearance of his uniform whenever he needs or wants to.

    Personality: Max is a cheerful, optimistic guy who doesn't like to be bogged down with unpleasant thoughts. He enjoys laughing and making jokes with others, even in inappropriate situations. He is easygoing and friendly, which makes it easy for him to befriend people. He is really good at understanding other people's emotions, and is an emotional guy himself. He is not embarrassed to show his feelings. He cries when he is sad, and is openly affectionate towards those he cares for. Max considers himself a hopeful romantic. He has an idealistic view of love, and is passionate about these views. It was one of the reasons why he was chosen by the Violet Power ring in the first place. Max has a lustful side to him as well. He is openly gay, and doesn't bother hiding it, since he's spent too much time having to repress his sexuality already. He is often fawning over attractive men. He often makes teasing and flirty comments to other guys he finds attractive, as well as even outright touching them, even if he knows they're not gay. He just sees it as being friendly, and doesn't see any harm in it. If he is in a committed relationship, he won't do this as much if he knows it upsets the other person. (At least, not in front of his boyfriend anyway.) He truly believes in love, is driven more by his emotions than logic, and tends to act impulsively as a result. It is something he has always done, and even moreso since he became a Star Sapphire. He does not think about how his actions affect others until it is too late, and winds up feeling bad about it afterwards if something goes wrong. Someone not responding to his friendliness the way he expects makes him try harder to make that person his friend. He doesn't mind occasional teasing from friends, so long as they're laughing with him, not at him. When someone does become his friend. he gets attached to that person very easily, and can be clingy and overly dependent. He will always be in your business, will constantly call/text you, and do things for you whether you want it or not. He also doesn't take rejection very well, he'll usually deny the rejection, or come up with excuses to avoid feeling heartbroken.

    Max is very sensitive, and is willing to be a shoulder to cry on, and give you some words of encouragement when you are down. It is very easy to get him to like you, and once he is your friend he will remain your friend for life. He will keep your secrets a secret, and will do what he thinks is best for you. When something bothers him, he will keep that to himself for fear of hurting someone's feelings. For him, hurt feelings hurt worse than a hurt body. If there's one thing Max can't stand, it's being forced to do something he doesn't like. He can usually respect authority, but it becomes a problem when he feels that the authority is unfair.Trying to control him is the fastest way to get him upset. When he gets upset, he will lash out. Max is the type of guy that lives in the moment, and isn't one for planning for the future, prefering to deal with things as they happen. He doesn't really like schedules or routines, finding them boring and restrictive. He can keep appointments well enough most of the time, but he tends to take on a lot of tasks on a whim, and then becomes overwhelmed when there are too many things to do, and then he'll forget things, or rush to get things done and wind up producing bad results.

    Max is a creative individual. His favorite pastime is drawing and painting, and he often be found dooding in a sketch book when he has free time. In addition to his creative pursuits, he enjoys Video Games, Anime, and other things that most would consider geeky. He also has an affinity for cute things. Max doesn't care for sports all that much, after being forced to participate in them for so long. He's willing to play a few basketball games with friends sometimes, but he isn't all the serious about it. After spending years being scared of his father, and finally getting out of that situation, he has had enough of being concerned what other people thought about him. He is going to be himself, and if you don't like it, that's your problem not his. After everything that has happened to him, Max is able to empathize with others in a similar situations. He sees himself in them, and really wants to help them. This can drive some people nuts because of how overbearing he can be. He does genuinely care about people, it's just that he can go overboard sometimes.

    Max does not drink any kind of alcohol, at all. It has only caused him nothing but trouble in his life. He is also uneasy in situations where other people are drinking...

    History: Max Hudson was born and raised in Chromium City, where he has spent most of his life. His father is a retired athlete, while his mother was a successful businesswoman which allowed the family to live a very comfortable life. Max's father was a strict man, and had high expectations for his son. He had a low tolerance for failure, and Max was disciplined harshly when the expectations were not met. His father had always wanted his boy to follow in his footsteps, and from the moment Max could walk and talk, he pushed that dream onto him. He was sent to elite private schools to study, and was encouraged (or rather forced) to join the football team. His mother didn't agree on what her husband was doing, but the man wouldn't have any of it. Claiming that it builds character. Max hated football, but stayed with it in order to please his strict father. Over the years though, he started to develop and get stronger. That still didn't change the fact that he hated what he was being forced to do something he didn't want to do for stupid reasons. He also didn't agree with his father's ideas about how a man should act. Still, he kept his mouth shut, but resentment slowly started to build.

    Growing up, Max always had an interest in art. He was often doodling in his school notes when he should have been paying attention in class. While he excelled in art classes, he wasn't good in Math, and was average everywhere else. His mother encouraged his artistic talents, but his father chastised them. Claiming that art was for sissies, and that it would never do him any good. Naturally, Max was always closer to his mother than he was with his father. Naturally, Max was always closer to his mother than he was with his father. She was the one who told him bedtime stories as a kid, which is how his view of romantic love developed. She was also the one who encouraged his artistic goals where his father never did. His parents often disagreed on a lot of other things besides how to raise their child. It was not uncommon for the two to have very heated arguments on a regular basis. It all got to be too much, and when he was ten years old, Max's mom eventually filed for divorce. She got custody of her son, and they moved out of the home they shared with Max's father. Max also took this opportunity to quit the football team, and take a proper painting class to improve his skills.

    For a few years, Max was happy. He lived a comfortable life at home with his mother, he was popular in school and had a lot, and made a lot of friends. He still practiced his painting, and his grades improved. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to last. When he was sixteen, his mother was involved in a serious car crash that left her severely wounded. She ultimately died from blood loss on the way to the hospital. He breifly was forced to live with his father, and he dealt with him for two years. Max's father imposed his ideas just like before. He forced Max onto the football team, and took away all his art supplies. Max's grades started to suffer, and he was cut from the team. Max was disciplined much worse than before, but he was happy to be done with football at least. Max's father also had started drinking after the divorce, and as Max found out, he was an angry drunk, who would go berserk, and often hit him over the slightest things. It is because of his father, that Max refuses to drink any type of alcohol.

    Regardless of what was happening at home, Max still kept up a cheerful facade in front of others. Because of his resentment of his father, he tried to look for the affection he didn't get at home from others. He wanted people to like him, and tried very hard to please everyone. He constantly worried about what other people thought, and kept things secret from people that he felt would make them think negatively of him. (Such as the fact he likes My Little Pony, or that he didn't have care to listen to the guys talking about girls. He didn't find himself interested in them.) Despite feeling miserable inside, he kept smiling through the pain. Every night he cried in his pillow, and swore he would get out of this one day. Reading stories in the newspaper about Superheroes saving the world and helping people in need was one of the things that gave him hope. He always wished he could be one himself, but knew that would be impossible.

    He did some rebellious things behind his father's back, like sneaking out after school to go to parties, and not coming home until very late into the night. It was at one of these parties that he met a very special guy named Robert that was close to his age. The two of them started to hit it off very quickly. After Max found out they went to the same school, the two started spending a lot of together. They had a lot of things in common, including the fact that they were both artists, lthough, Robert was more into Computer Art, while Max was into more traditional drawing and painting. It soon became clear that there relationship was more than just platonic. Max couldn't stop himself from thinking about how handsome his friend was, and had feelings about him that he never felt about anyone before, let alone another guy. He found out the feeling was mutual, and started growing closer until they eventually had their first kiss.

    Max was excited about the status of his relationship, but also scared. He knew his father would never approve of him dating another guy. He definitely couldn't invite him over to his house. He kept his relationship a secret so his father wouldn't find out. It was exciting at first, but all the sneaking around had a negative effect on the relationship. Robert was openly gay, but Max was still in the closet. He wanted to be able to be public with his boyfriend. Max was worried about the reaction people would have if people found out he was dating guys. He occasionally would pretend to go out with girls so people wouldn't get suspicious, which upset Robert more. Robert gave him an ultimatum to come out, or their relationship was over. Max couldn't do it, and Robert left. Max was devestated.

    Throughout all this, he was able to bring his grades up during his last year of high school, and managed to graduate. He had applied, and was accepted to a local art college behind his father's back. Of course, his dad eventually found out about this, and he was livid. A loud argument ensued at the dinner table that night, which ended up with Max coming out as Gay. Max's father was drunk at the time, and proceeded to punch him in the face a number of times, threaten to kill him, and use several gay slurs before passing out. After that, Max had enough, and ran away from home. He went to the only place he could think of to go, his ex-boyfriend's house. After knocking on the door, and explaining to Robert's parents, and Robert himself, what had happened, the family took the boy in for a while. In that time Max's father was arrested for DUI after he went to find his son that same night, Max discovered he had inherited a large sum of money from his deceased mother that his father had been keeping a secret for some time, and Max and Robert rekindled their relationship. After everything that had happened, Max stopped trying to hide parts of himself to please people. It just wasn't worth the effort. Now, he was going to live life the way he wanted, and no one was going to stop him. Max and Robert had planned to attend the same art college together, even though they majored in different things.

    But before they could go through with those plans, Robert was involved in a fatal car accident with a drunk driver. He had lost his boyfriend, in the exact same way he had lost his mother. He put off starting classes, and spent a lot of nights crying alone. The sudden loss left a hole in his heart he was unable to fill. On one particular day, he was a approached by a... talking ring? It was a lot like the one Green Lantern uses, except this one was glowing with Violet energy. The ring told him that he was capable of great love, and that it would be able to grant him great power to bring love into the world, and fight against hate and fear. Max immediately accepted, and once the ring was on his finger, he was encased in a Violet Crystal in suspended animation, and sent off to the planet Zamaron. When he emerged from the crystal some time later, he was now donning a Star Sapphire uniform. He felt confident, powerful, and a lot better than he did before he got the ring. He now had a renewed sense of purpose.

    Once the transformation was complete, the ring told him to do what he had always done, to follow his heart. He remained on Zamaron to train for a while, which was a bit strange considering he was the only male present on the entire planet. Nevertheless, after spending a few months there, he returned to Earth, where he spent his time fighting crime, and dealing with matters of love. Somewhere along the way, he received an invitation to join a new team of Teen Titans in Chromium City. Max happily took the offer. Thinking he could do more good as part of a team then he could alone. He also thought it was a good opportunity to meet cute boys in tight spandex suits.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2017
  3. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Super Name: Nightmare
    Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Lucas Spenser Moncrief
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19

    Powers, Gadgets, and Skills:
    - Umbrakinesis: Shadow manipulation, to put it simply. He can create physical manifestations of darkness to aid him in travel or fighting, similar to Raven's or Green Lantern's powers. He can also "vanish" into existing shadows and move around from there. However, once he's there, he's trapped if the room gets too bright as to not have shadows. Loses some effectiveness in bright light.
    - Dreamy Stuff: I have absolutely no idea what to call this. Fight Me. So. Lucas has a passive power to manipulate dreams. He is also able to put people to sleep by touching his fingers to their temples. How his Dreamy Powers work is the person he'll be manipulating is asleep, obviously. (If they're not asleep, well, then how is he supposed to do the thing? He can't.) Lucas will start out awake. He concentrates hard on the person he's manipulating, and once he's made contact, falls into a sleep-like state as well. From there, he "taps" into the person's dreams, and virtually becomes the overlord and can warp the dream as he pleases. He does have to be careful though, as he can wake the person up, and them waking up while he's still in their dreams is a painful experience. Will this ever pop up in the RP? Who knows.
    - Superhuman Durability: Self explanatory.
    - Hand-to-Hand Combat: Lucas is especially proficient with his fists if shadows fail. (And let's be honest, Luc just likes punching things.)
    - Manipulation in general: What can I say, the kid's good at lying. Like, really good at lying.
    - 1965 Volkswagen Beetle: He's black with sick spikes running up the hood. His name is Emmerich. While he should not be used for combat, he exists.
    - Other: He's bisexual which TOTALLY counts as a power, and is also fluent in German and English. (German is his first language.)

    Personality: Lucas is an upbeat kind of guy, kind and always has other's best interest at heart. He adores making friends and being surrounded by people. He usually has a smile on his face, and is always happy to help his friends. He loves the attention, he loves the lights, he loves being loved. He's incredibly romantic and spontaneous, coming up with activities on the spot is a natural talent of his. He's passionate about everything he does, even the small things. Lucas is an incredibly talented musician, and can play nearly any instrument he tries because of how long and how hard he's worked at it. He's especially proficient in viola, guitar, and vocals, and is usually humming one tune or another. If you watch him fight, you'll notice he fights to a rhythm, and you might even see him counting the beats out. He's also quite responsible, and very good at managing finances. Lucas is empathetic, incredibly empathetic, and can easily figure out what others are feeling, and his emotions will match theirs.

    He enjoys a wide variety of pursuits besides music, athletics being one of them. Though he's never been good at sports involving a ball, he's a talented ice skater and ballroom dancer, and he's also very good at fistfighting. He likes going to the gym, especially when he's in a bad mood, because working out and getting stronger helps him feel again, and get his mind off things. He loves the delicateness of ice skating and ballroom dancing, and has become very strong through a lot of lifting other people up in both areas. He does enjoy a good video game from time to time, but he prefers storyline over anything else. Pokemon has always been a favorite for him because of this, and he adores Banette, having one on every game possible. He hates alcohol, as it makes his symptoms worse, and refuses to drink it. He also hates coffee. He's also a cuddler, and can be very very touchy and huggy and "dude let's hold hands aw ye."

    However, he's easily annoyed, and his annoyance is usually shown by explosive anger. His emotions are extreme than normal (i.e. he gets really angry by simple annoyances), especially the more negative emotions. His reactions with other people tend to be more intense also, and he doesn't handle criticism, unkindness, or rejection well. He's clingy and dependant, often having a "favorite person" who he's always trying to get attention from. Though Lucas is incredibly skilled at emotional empathy (knowing and feeling what others are feeling), he lacks cognitive empathy (knowing what others are thinking basically). If someone around him is upset, he'll automatically believe himself to be the cause even if he's done absolutely nothing. He's sensitive to sudden changes in attention (be it an increasement or decreasement), and if there's a sudden decrease in attention he often starts panicking. Lucas can't focus very well, and is also very impulsive, never really thinking things through. He can also be very moody, and occasionally goes through periods of "swinging," usually an hour or so of extreme mood swings. He has absolutely no sense of self, and clings to the things he's good at or praised for in hopes of keeping some personality he can call his own.

    Lucas's greatest fears are being alone and being abandoned. Lucas will usually try to make friends wherever he goes because of this. He cannot stand being alone, and insists he always has someone with him. He doesn't sleep well if there isn't someone nearby. Due to terrible, violent nightmares, he has to take medications to suppress his dreams. If he is alone (he isn't alone as long as he can see someone, whether known or unknown), he tends to do either one of two things- dissociate himself, or throws a fit of crying, screaming, and cutting. Lucas can sometimes feel hollow or empty, which hurts quite a bit for not being able to feel anything during those periods. Lucas occasionally cuts himself. Though he's gotten a lot better, it's still a reoccurring problem for him.He's triggered by anger, feeling "hollow," sadness, rejection, or being alone. Sometimes he does it for the heck of it.

    Though Lucas struggles with mental illness (PTSD and BPD, specifically), he has made great strides in keeping it all under control, and to most people it would seem nothing was ever wrong in the first place.

    Appearance: Lucas is gorgeous. In my opinion, anyway. He stands tall at 6' 3", has some build to him. His head is triangular, with a well defined chin and angular features. He has short, pitch black hair that he spikes up in the front, and thin, well trimmed sideburns. His eyes are expressive and emerald green. He has thin lips that are usually drawn up in a smile and an angular nose. His ears are pierced, and he usually has black studs in. His body is fairly proportional, with toned arms and legs. His hands are averaged sized, and his feet are a little larger than average. His core muscles are very well defined, and he's been told he has very nice biceps. His collarbones and hipbones are very well defined. He has several self-made scars. On his left wrist he has the X scar, as well as two other horizontal scars just above them. He also has a couple on his left bicep. The rest of them are on his upper thighs, and they're pretty long. He also has two longer scars, one on his left pectoral and the other on his right hip, though they are very faded.

    When he's not all dressed up, Lucas is honestly pretty lazy in dress. He's typically wearing some tank top or another, usually in shades of either green or gray. He has a collection of various skinny jeans and shorts, and switches back between the two often. He likes wearing converse, or no shoes at all. He does, however, put effort into his appearance when he needs to dress fancily, and has a collection of assorted Interesting Ties (also known as his Dad Ties. He really likes ties, okay.).

    I would love to say that Nightmare has a very fancy costume... but Lucas honestly just doesn't care for over-the-top attire besides his Ties. When he's Nightmare, Lucas goes shirtless, and wears slim black pants. He might wear shoes. You'd think the kid just doesn't think about it, but in reality his aesthetic is just too simple for anything else. He realizes it's a bad idea to be shirtless, but he'd rather be a bada** than worry about bad ideas.

    History: Trigger warning for abuse, self harm, suicide, murder... suffice it to say that Lucas Moncrief's history is likely the worst out of all of my characters.

    Lucas was born to Luana and Isaac Maxwell. Isaac and Luana were an arranged marriage -- Luana was the heir to Cranford and Company, Isaac the heir to Morningstar Incorporated. As part of the agreement, neither could take on the other's last name, but they chose a middle ground. Maxwell was chosen because it was an English name, the origin of Cranford, and it began with M, for Morgenstern. Due to Isaac not wanting Lucas to grow up overly pampered and sheltered, they moved from Germany to America where Lucas would enjoy a relatively normal life (though, let's be honest, they were so well off they could live just about anywhere they wanted). Isaac loved Lucas very much, and spent a lot of time with him. A couple months before Lucas started school at five, Luana became pregnant with her second child. Tragically, it ended in a miscarriage. After that, Luana was never the same. She started to be more introverted, spending more time with herself than with Lucas or Isaac, and she started to be much more violent and unpredictable, yelling at Lucas for the silliest things. Isaac started to worry about Lucas, but unfortunately, work got in the way. Due to Isaac being poised to take over both Morningstar and Cranford, he had to spend increasingly more time overseas in Germany. This, sadly, allowed Luana to get worse. The abuse got worse and worse, and while I, Sketchie, know what happens to this poor boy, due to its incredibly disturbing nature will not be revealing past Luana beating Lucas nearly every day. The scar on his pectoral and side were both created by Luana. Luana created a system of warped rules, that Lucas strictly followed (punishment could range from another beating, to being forced to stay up all night, to being starved a day or two). He lost his voice, never speaking a word at his house. But he would sing. In the dead of night, when he was certain his mother was asleep, he would make up little melodies for himself. And he sang songs of hope for the future. "But Sketchie!" someone from the corner whines. "Child Protection Services!!" Oh, sweetie from the corner, worse things happen that go right past CPS. With Luana's incredible knack at being motherly when everyone was watching (including her own husband, who mostly lived in Germany due to work), everyone thought the problem was in Lucas, not Luana.

    Life continued like this until around the time Lucas was ten years old. Lucas had had it with his mother's behavior, and one day, while Luana was gone and Isaac was home, Lucas gathered up the courage to tell Isaac. You would think this is where we get a happy ending, but I'm merely writing a history planned two years ago, and alas, there is no happy ending for the Maxwell family. Isaac had a handgun. It had been passed down for generations and would go to Lucas when he came of age. It was truly gorgeous, blue tulips adoring an ivory grip. It was kept in a safe that only the eldest of each generation knew the code to. Unfortunately, Isaac made a fatal mistake. He left the safe unlocked, giving Luana access to the gun only two months prior. December 18th. Two days before Lucas's tenth birthday. Lucas tells Isaac all. Isaac is heartbroken, racked with guilt at being such a neglectful father for five years. Isaac waits for Lucas to go to bed, before confronting Luana. Everything snaps. Luana pulls the gun from somewhere nearby (she had been using it to scare Lucas only a few days earlier) and begins to fire. One shot through the lightbulb. One shot through the floor. One shot through the piano. One shot through the window. One shot through Isaac's knee. Isaac cries out. A neighbor has been awoken. They are afraid, but for all the wrong reasons. Luana, calm and collected and insane, sets the gun down on the table. She walks into Lucas's room, takes him by the ear and slams him out of bed. She then drags Lucas into the dining room, and sets Lucas across from his father. Luana goes off on some rant, though her speech is slurred and incomprehensible. One shot through the lightbulb. One shot through the kitchen floor. One shot through the piano. One shot through the window. One shot through Isaac's knee.

    One shot through Isaac's head.

    In one quick motion, Luana had grabbed the gun, and shot her husband through the temple. She walked over to Lucas and placed the gun to his head. A neighbor awoke a long time ago. They are afraid, but for all the wrong reasons. They called the police, afraid for the Maxwell household. The trigger is pulled. The gun never fires. Police break down the doors. They rescue a dead father, a disowned mother, and a broken son.

    With Isaac dead, and Luana in prison, Lucas couldn't stay in his home. Both of Luana's parents were dead, and Isaac's parents were living in Germany dying. The caseworker decided it wasn't suitable for Lucas to travel all the way to Germany, so Lucas was put into foster care. He went to a couple houses around the city, before coming to the Moncrief home. Elaine and Ollie Moncrief were a nice couple, and had been married for seven years. They already had a child, five-year-old Matthew, and Elaine was pregnant with another son, to be named Markus. Elaine was a mechanical engineer, and Ollie was a doctor. Elaine and Ollie took Lucas into their home gladly, and after a few months Lucas was adopted. Lucas abandoned the Maxwell name, and took on the Moncrief name. But, the years of abuse and the traumatic night of his father's death had taken a toll on the boy. He refused to speak unless spoken to, and cried if anyone raised their voices too loud. Elaine, an abuse survivor herself, aided in Lucas's recovery. One month after Lucas arrived at the Moncrief home was the first time he said a word unprompted, and you could see the relief and joy in Elaine's and Ollie's eyes. However, around this time began the nightmares. Turbulent, terrorizing, violent nightmares that shook Lucas to the core, leaving him tossing and screaming night after night. Though Lucas had already been seeing a psychiatrist, they took him to a specialized doctor to see what was going on. Everything pointed to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Lucas was put on medication to suppress the nightmares.

    The nightmares stopped. Lucas simultaneously got better and he got worse. He began to talk more. He stopped singing solely at night, and began to sing whenever he felt. Elaine bought him a guitar and a viola for his 11th and 12th birthday, hoping music would help heal the pain. And it helped to an extent. Lucas got better. Lucas got worse. As time went on, it was evident something was seriously wrong. He was so incredibly irritable and moody. And reckless. Mostly in terms of sexuality. He lost his virginity when he was only fourteen, and since has had partner after partner after partner. Life was a game and Lucas was too angry and in so much pain that he didn't care what happened to him. He just wanted to play. Needless to say, Elaine was concerned, and began to take him to another psychiatrist. After months of evaluation and attempted therapy, they reluctantly diagnosed him with Borderline Personality Disorder. Over time and with several therapy sessions, Lucas was able to straighten things out again, and learned how to control his emotions. To a point. It's a process. During this whole mess of mid teen years, he and four of his friends decided to start a band. They named it Russian Roulette, partially because of a band member's nationality, partially because of the role guns have played in Luc's life, and also because of a Bring Me the Horizon song.

    Around the time Lucas was 15, he noticed strange things happening around him. He found himself able to control shadows to an extent, even create shadows as he worked at it. It was fun, though he wasn't quite sure why or how it was happening. Lucas's life went on as normal as it could be until he was 17. One fateful night, when the rest of his family were out of the house, and Lucas was alone, he started to go into his panic mode. Trying to suppress it, he made himself a nice warm bath, and just soaked. Then he started to think, and his thoughts spiraled out of control. He started thinking that he was truly alone, that he had been abandoned by everyone. Not having people in the house made it worse. Somehow, his mind found a conclusion - it would be better if I didn't exist. In his state of cloudy thinking, he grabbed his razor from the counter, took a deep breath, and cut two slits in his left wrist. He leaned back, watching his blood color the water red, and fell asleep.

    When Lucas woke up, he was in the hospital, an IV in his arm and his family gathered by his bed. Elaine told him that when they had come home, Matthew had found him unconscious in bloodstained water. Freaked out, Matthew told Elaine and Ollie. From the time Lucas slit his wrist to the time the rest of the Moncrief family found him, Lucas had lost a lot of blood, and was as pale as snow. Ollie found a way to stop the bleeding, bandage the cut, and dress Lucas quickly. They took him to the hospital where Ollie worked, and were able to give him a blood transfusion. After a few days, Lucas was able to go home. After a long talk with his parents, Lucas retired to his room to think. As he thought, he realized something. The pain he felt when he cut himself... felt good. Secretly, he took the razor in his hand again, and slid it across his shoulder. And to him, it felt wonderful. Cutting became a drug to him. He knew it was going to destroy him, but he felt himself coming back again and again.

    Eventually, he graduated high school. In secret, throughout his high school career, he had worked on his shadow manipulation skills until they were quite good. He never really brought it up around anyone, but during his senior year of high school, he began to take on some vigilante work. Mostly out of boredom, but there was that twinge of recklessness and that thirst for feeling. Shortly after turning eighteen, he met Robin out of sheer luck, and joined the Teen Titans under the codename of Nightmare. It seemed fitting, as he had figured out how to tap into the dreams of others, as well as the reason for his own lack of dreams. At nineteen, he was asked if he would join a temporary tower in Chromium City. Not having any better to do, he accepted, and joined with the rest where he is today.

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