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First try at a competive team


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Spelled competitive wrong and don't know how to change it ~_~

So far I have;

Rampardos -
Zen Headbutt
Stone edge
Fire Punch
EVs: 250 attack, the rest are undecided (input?)

(I have an adamant with 30 IVs in HP and a Jolly with 23-31 IVs in everything besides attack, which is 6-11, should I keep trying?)

Haxorus -
Dragon Claw
Brick Break
Aerial Ace/Shadow Claw/Night Slash
EVs: 250 Attack, 200 Speed - the rest are undecided (input?)

(Rampardos and Haxorus are my hard attackers. Looking for the right move set for Haxorus?)
Accelgor -
Bug Buzz
Focus Blast
Giga Drain
EVs: 200 speed, 200 special attack, the rest in defense

Chandelure -
Shadow ball
Energy Ball
EVs: 250 in special - the rest in defenses?

(These two are my special attackers with Accelgor being a speedy special. Don't know if I should change Giga Drain on Accelgor or if I should Change Chandelure with another pokemon? I need a grass move somewhere for water/ground pokemon.)

Jolteon -
Thunder/Volt Switch
Yawn/Hidden Power
Magnet Rise
Evs -252 SpA / 252 Spe / 4 SpD

Aggron -
Iron Defense
Iron Head
Dragon Claw
Ice Punch
EVs - 200 defense, 150 in attack, the rest in sp defense?

Looking for suggestions and wondering about which held items I should use - not good at all in the item department!
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Herr Wailord
Pokemon @ Item
EV's (if applicable)
- Move
- Move
- Move
- Move

It would help people be able to read it better if you use this format. :)

Chandelure @ Leftovers
Modest / Timid
(252 SpA / 252 Spe / 4 SpD)
-Shadow Ball
-Energy Ball
-Calm Mind

Calm Mind is for special attack boost, Flamethrower offers an extra STAB move and Energy Ball allows Lure to handle Water-types and the like, as well as offer more coverage. Anyone feel free to offer other suggestions though.
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Fire Blast is a risk-reward move on Chandelure, consider it instead of Flamethrower.

Shadow Bal instead of Thunder on Jolteon. If you can breed, use Hp [Ice] instead of Magnet Rise and Volt Switch instead of Yawn.


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Alright! Thanks for the input!

EDIT/ Also hatched an Adamant Cranidos with 28-31 possible IVs in attack (and in HP)
I finished EV training him and right now he's at 38 with attack @ 180!
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