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First World Problems


today my feet were cold, so i put on my slippers, then my feet were hot, so i took them of, now my feet are cold again

I'm out of deoderant.

my neighbor is a nosy prick that keep his nose out of my buisness.

I share that same problem.
...stupid neighbor.

edit: #firstworldproblems
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I have school tomorrow and I don't want to get up that early.


intergalactic platypus

Only rescues maidens
Today I was annoyed that I blew the whole weekend doing homework for my university education that is paid for by my parents in full and will allow me to keep my American middle class lifestyle. #firstworldproblems


Be Wise, Tell Lies.
First World Pains is one of my favourites on Twitter!

I wouldn't read it regardless, but the fact that a free newspaper isn't delivered to my door everyday makes me feel left out #FirstWorldProblems
I don't have enough money in my Steam wallet for some new hats in Team Fortress 2.



**** this, i'm out
My eczema's eating up my neck and face right now and I don't have the cream to stop it atm.

I look like a fucking reptile.


There it is.
I feel crappy because I have a non-lethal virus that I can afford to take care of because I'm upper middle class.



i went to in-n-out last night and my fries were chopped into miniature sized fries there were like 800 of them but they were all so small it sucked


King of the bastards
NASCAR was on Saturday
Same day i had stuff to do for school


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There's no Clementine Izze's at Stop & Shop here at School. Looks like I have to wait until I go home for Winter Vacation to have those Awesome Beverages



**** this, i'm out
I feel like shit because I feel so subordinate compared to the rest of my family...

2 of my younger cousins are amazing streetdancers.
1 of them is the guy from Sum 41's niece.
1 of my older cousins is an amazing pianist.
3 other older cousins of mine are really good actors, one of them in Holby City and one was in a Bond film.

And what is my life worth compared to all that?
Jack shit, that's what.

#firstworldproblems XD


burning it down
I can't get comfy on the couch and it's driving me mad.


I got kicked out of school =(