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Fishy's Poke-Emporium

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Fissurous, Apr 15, 2011.


What do you wish to see in the next Pokemon game?

Poll closed Jun 2, 2011.
  1. Pocket PCs (easily accessible PCs)

    33 vote(s)

    28 vote(s)
  3. Triple Pokemon Types

    16 vote(s)
  4. Double Move Types

    12 vote(s)
  5. Items that allow you to learn different moves

    14 vote(s)
  6. More Event Pokemon

    30 vote(s)
  7. Nothing. It's already great!

    3 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    Welcome to Fishy's Poke-Emporium


    This shop is advised to be viewed in the Serebii.net V9.0 forum style.

    Special thanks to Skiyomi for the banner, Virawl for the NyanNinetales, Nakashima for the Ninetales N, PikaPal_Lyra for the Poke fonts! Thanks to this site for the Nyan Cat (the post all the way in the bottom).

    Pokemon Black FC: 1119 9739 8739
    This shop works in conjunction with: Simba and Jeff's World of Pokemon, Muffin's Shiny Sea Shop, Gad's Trade shop, and Boby Mongoriums Wonder Emporeom. Give their shops a visit!
    League of shops ASSEMBLE!

    [Shop Status: Open-ish. Started school, click here for more info.]

    I DO NOT clone most of my shinies. However, I do clone most of my evens,
    Hi there! I'm Fishy (Mike) and I want to provide friendly service to all my customers~. This is mostly a shiny shop, and I have lots of "uncommon" shinies, so my shop is a great way to get those shinies that no one seems to have. However, I also stock in events, so there's something for everyone. Hopefully something in my shop will interest you and we can arrange a trade :).

    The few, the annoying, the rules!
    1) All other SPPf and trade shop rules apply (impolite behavior, spamming, etc.). Strikes vary from 0-3 This also includes not trading/offering me hacks. Unintentionally: 0 strikes, Intentionally: Perma-ban (5 strikes)
    2) POST YOUR OFFERS HERE. DO NOT PM/VM ME WITH OFFERS. I will PM you once we've agreed on a trade. Also, DO NOT PM/VM ME ABOUT POSTING! Strikes vary from 1-2
    3) If you have proof that the Pokemon I traded you is hacked, a trade back can be arranged. If I no longer have your Poke, you may pick any Pokemon from my list in replacement.
    4) We all make mistakes. If I make a trade with you, and the information is incorrect, such as the Poke not being UT or having different IVs, PM/VM me and we'll arrange a trade-back/another trade.
    5) Trade Limitations:
    -I can and will ONLY trade on Generation 5. I might be able to trade on 4th generation for a cross-gen. trade later though (but I'll need to get more money for fillers).
    -I don't do file trades.
    6) Please be patient and don't spam me, I will get to you eventually. If I do not get back to you within 48 hours, re-post (unless I haven't been on in a while). Constant offense will result in 1-5 strikes
    7) Feel free to offer things outside of my want list. I consider every offer. Do not, however, make unreasonable offers. I don't want your Lillipup.
    8) These aren't all my Pokemon, I have more. Don't ask me for Pokemon outside of this list (items and regulars are an exception)(RNG requests DO NOT count towards this rule. I will tell you some other Pokemon I can offer if I choose to. One strike
    9) Use good grammar and act mature. At least try. Seriously. "i'm interested in your shiny ___" is good, but "I'm interested in your shiny ___." is even better. However, "im interested in ur shiny __" is NOT good. Constant offense will result in a strike.
    10) Like I said before, I do not clone my Pokemon most of the time. However, I am perfectly fine cloned and RNG'd Pokemon.
    11) Don't waste my time. This includes making a trade with me, then backing out; listing the Pokemon you're offering, even if you're not interested in anything in my shop; and suddenly changing our trade after we already agreed on one and I got the Pokes cloned. Sadly, all of these things happened, and luckily, I was nice enough to not give them a strike >__>. 0 to 2 strikes
    12) *New* I would prefer for your Pokemon to have no Pokecheck ribbons. I consider Pokecheck-cloned Pokemon to be hacks.

    Breaking any of these rules will resolve in 0-5 strikes. How many strikes that can be given for breaking a rule are bolded. Strikes can be found here (all the way at the bottom).

    Other Information
    1) I live in the CST time zone, which is EST-1, PST+2, and GMT-5. Click this link to see what time it is right now.
    2) Feel free to ask me any questions you might have, such as clarification and other Pokemon info (HP, IVs, Genders, etc). Please note that I do not know how to calculate EVs, and the closest I can get to calculating IVs is using the Serebii/MetalKid IV calculator.
    3) This is mainly a shiny shop, which means that I'm most interested in shinies, but I will also be interested in events.
    4) This is my first trade shop, so advice and tips are always welcome ;).
    5) There will also be special events sometimes, such as giveaways. An event can last anywhere from 3 days to 30 days. I will post if there is a new event.
    6) All my Pokemon are Full Redis, meaning they can be traded to anyone, even after I trade it to you.

    Points System
    **Points may fluctuate if I really want your Pokemon**

    Here is my points system:
    Regular shiny = 1 point (may give more to you if I REALLY want the shiny (up to 3 points))
    Regular event = 1 point (may give more to you if I REALLY want the event or the event's rare (up to 3 points))
    NoK = 1-2 points (may give more to you if I REALLY want the event or if the event's rare (up to 3 points))
    Shiny flawless/near-flawless = 2 points
    Shiny legend (flawless or not) = 2 points
    Shiny DW (flawless or not) = 2 points (may give more to you if I REALLY want the shiny DW(up to 4 points))(DW Dratini, Vulpix, and Poliwag may be worth 1 point)
    Shiny EV'd = 2 points (not really looked on)
    Shiny event (that's not meant to be shiny) = 2-3 points
    Shiny XD/Colo. Poke = 2-3 points

    You may choose anything from my shop if it adds up to the points your Pokemon is/are worth. So, if you have a shiny legend for example, you have 2 points. You can choose whatever you'd like with that 2 points, be it 2 regulars, a shiny DW, etc. However, you may NOT choose 2 shiny legends or a shiny DW and a shiny regular.
    *IN CONSTRUCTION! Beware of the falling letters!*
    Here are the jobs I have people do. If you'd like to apply for a position, please fill out the designated form c:.

    Not looking for any more!
    **New** Hokoku
    **New** Lavaburst14
    -Shiny Porygon-Z
    -pokemonjeff - he's my personal cloner, he's not cloning as a service to most people...back-up cloner

    I would like to be one of Fishy's cloners!
    Price (what you would like to get in return for cloning):
    How do you clone? (AR, R4, IR-GTS, etc.):
    Time Zone (GMT +/- __) with a link to a clock, if possible:
    Time's Available:
    Have you cloned for anyone else before? If so, could you possibly give me an example of a satisfied customer?:

    RNGer (you will receive any 1-3 Pokemon from my shop, depending on the thing RNG'd)-
    -$h1ny Hunter - Busy, not open for requests
    I would like to be one of Fishy's RNGers!
    What rank do you think you fit in? (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced):
    What can you RNG? (shininess, IVs, etc.):
    How long does it take you to RNG?:
    How do you RNG? (Eggs, REs, etc.):
    Can you RNG in 4th generation, 5th generation, or both?:
    Will you accept requests from other customers, or only from me?:
    Time Zone (GMT +/- __) with a link to a clock if possible:
    Times you're available:

    *Soon to add an EV trainer*
    Please PM me the form instead of posting

    UT: Untrained (no exp gain)
    BT: Barely Trained (exp gained, but no lvl up)
    T: Trained (more than one lvl up)
    DCT'd: Exp gained in the Day-Care
    RC'd: Level gained using rare candy(s)
    NN: Nickname (NNable=Nicknameable, NN'd=Nicknamed, Un-NN'd=Not Nicknamed)
    EV'd: Effort Value; EV'd means EV trained.
    IVs: Individual Value(s)
    DW: Dream World
    HP: Hidden Power (or Health Points)
    EM(s): Egg move(s)
    Flawless: 31 IVs in each stat
    Master Ball: Caught in a Master Ball
    PKRS: Pokemon Virus, Cured of PKRS means it can't get PKRS
    NoK: Nintendo of Korea events
    Eng.: English
    Jap.: Japanese
    Kor.: Korean
    Spn.: Spanish (Spain)
    Ger.: German
    Fre.: French
    Eur.: Europe
    Aus.: Australian
    Itl.: Italian

    Pokemon/Items for Trade
    Flawless/near-flawless in Blue. IVs are omitted on a blue Pokemon if it's flawless.

    Pokemon are removed from this list every couple of days. A line indicates a new batch in the section if there's more than 1 batch).
    All UT unless stated.

    New Shinies
    Expect updates soon.

    New Events

    Italian EST2010 Jirachi Adamant (good offers)
    French ETE2010 Jirachi Relaxed (good offers)
    *All are UT unless specified*
    *All are English unless specified*
    *Shinies listed in numeric order*
    #015 Beedrill lvl 10 Impish (T)
    #023 Ekans lvl 18 Jolly
    #028 Sandslash lvl 49 Careful <German Name SANDAMER>
    #034 Nidoking lvl 16 Rash (T)
    #043 Oddish lvl 20 Gentle
    #049 Venomoth lvl 50 Bashful
    #052 Meowth lvl 1 Sassy
    #081 Magnemite lvl 28 Adamant
    #090 Shellder lvl 1 Quiet <Premier Ribbon>
    #100 Voltorb lvl 24 Hardy <ID#: 00000, may not be legit>
    #123 Scyther lvl 52 Hasty
    #137 Porygon lvl 1 Naughty
    #175 Togepi lvl 1 Naive
    #177 Natu lvl 1 Adamant
    #193 Yanma lvl 1 Modest
    #199 Slowking lvl 12 Modest
    #201 Unown "?" lvl 25 Sassy
    #203 Girafarig lvl 21 Adamant
    #222 Corsola lvl 50 Bashful
    #236 Tyrogue lvl 17 Docile
    #236 Tyrogue lvl 17 Docile
    #240 Magby lvl 55 Serious <Master Ball>
    #244 Distant Land Entei <Lonely><Sunny Day, Leer, Bite, Fire Blast>
    #246 Larvitar lvl 7 Jolly
    #247 Pupitar lvl 50 Serious
    #249 Distant Land Lugia <Naughty><NN'd XD001><Hydro Pump, Earthquake, Featherdance, Psycho Boost>
    #280 Ralts lvl 1 Naughty <Female>
    #292 Shedinja lvl 20 Modest
    #300 Skitty lvl 40 Hasty
    #320 Wailmer lvl 33 Rash
    #334 Altaria lvl 49 Relaxed
    #341 Corphish lvl 32 Gentle
    #358 Chimecho lvl 54 Adamant <German Name "Palimpalim">
    #361 Snorunt lvl 36 Sassy
    #368 Gorebyss lvl 1 Modest
    #377 Regirock lvl 100 Rash (T) <PKRS>
    #378 Regice lvl 40 Careful <Varius Ribbons>
    #379 Registeel lvl 40 Lax (BT)
    #381 Latios lvl 35 Modest
    #392 Infernape lvl 50 Modest (T)
    #421 Cherrim lvl 25 Modest (T)
    #440 Happiny lvl 18 Adamant
    #452 Drapion lvl 50 Sassy (T)
    #466 Electivire lvl 30 Brave (RC'd)
    #471 Glaceon lvl 30 Lonely (legit?)(T?)
    #484 Palkia lvl 1 Docile
    #488 Cresselia lvl 50 Hasty
    #516 Simipour lvl 1 Timid
    #518 Musharna lvl 30 Rash <Premier Ribbon>
    #533 Gurdurr lvl 28 Gentle
    #548 Petlil lvl 14 Serious
    #550 Basculin lvl 59 Bashful <Red-Striped>
    #568 Trubbish lvl 19 Rash
    #582 Vanillite lvl 22 Serious
    #633 Deino lvl 1 Jolly <Egg Moves: Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Dark Pulse><Need to clone>
    #636 Larvesta lvl 1 Gentle
    #638 Cobalion lvl 100 Jolly (T)
    #642 Thundurus lvl 40 Relaxed
    #646 Kyurem lvl 75 Quirky
    Gen 1
    #086 Seel lvl 1 Timid
    #115 Kangaskhan lvl 1 Adamant

    Gen 2
    #183 Marill lvl 1 Adamant <EMs: Aqua Jet, Superpower>
    #239 Elekid lvl 1 Adamant <EMs: Magnet Rise, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Cross Chop (need to clone)(good offers)

    Gen 3
    #261 Poochyena lvl 1 Adamant
    #328 Trapinch lvl 1 Jolly
    #345 Lileep lvl 1 Adamant
    #363 Spheal lvl 1 Bold
    #371 Bagon lvl 1 Adamant <EMs: DD, Hydro Pump>

    Gen 4
    #403 Shinx lvl 1 Adamant <EMs: Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang>
    #443 Gible lvl 1 Jolly <EM: Outrage>
    #487 Giratina lvl 1 Timid

    Gen 5
    #554 Darumaka lvl 1 Jolly <EMs: Encore, Yawn>
    #557 Dwebble lvl 1 Adamant <EM: Spikes> **Popular!**
    #566 Archen lvl 25 Jolly
    #622 Golett lvl 30 Adamant <31/31/31/8/31/31/31>
    #639 Terrakion lvl 42 Adamant **Popular!**
    #642 Thundurus lvl 40 Timid <31|18|30|31|31|31><HP Ice 70>
    **Popular section!**
    ^ indicates it's an extra or there's a spare clone available. If there isn't a ^, I have to clone it.

    ^#060 Poliwag lvl 1 Bold <HP Electric><Jap. name ニョロモ>
    ^#147 Dratini lvl 1 Adamant <Cured of PKRS>
    #032 Nidoran M lvl 1 Modest <EMs: Head Smash, Sucker Punch, Poison Tail, Iron Tail
    #060 Poliwag lvl 1 Calm <Premier Ribbon due to Pokecheck><EMs: Encore, Ice Ball>
    #077 Ponyta lvl 1 Gentle <EM: Incenerate>
    #098 Krabby lvl 1 Jolly
    #123 Scyther lvl 1 Adamant
    #133 Eevee lvl 1 Timid <Active PKRS><Near-flawless, need to check IVs><EMs: Wish, Yawn, Fake Tears, Stored Power>
    #114 Tangela lvl 1 Impish <EMs: Leech Seed, Leaf Storm, Giga Drain>
    #131 Lapras lvl 1 Jolly <NN'd WaveRyder><Premier Ribbon due to Pokecheck><EM: Dragon Dance>
    #147 Dratini lvl 1 Jolly <EMs: Extreme Speed>
    #165 Ledyba lvl 1 Jolly <EMs: Bug Bite, Dizzy Punch, Drain Punch, Focus Punch>
    #172 Pichu lvl 1 Timid <EMs: Encore, Endure, Volt Tackle, Wish><31/30/30/31/31/31><HP Ice 70>
    #207 Gligar lvl 1 Impish <EMs: Agility, Baton Pass, Doube Edge, Poison Tail><31/31/31/1/31/31>
    #211 Qwilfish lvl 1 Adamant <31/31/31/31/31/16><EM: Aqua Jet>
    #318 Carvanha lvl 1 Mild <Premier Ribbon due to Pokecheck>
    #357 Tropius lvl 1 Calm <Premier Ribbon due to Pokecheck><31/29/31/31/31/31><EMs: Leech Seed, Synthesis>
    #555 Darmanitan lvl 35 Timid <Desert Resort>
    * = shiny
    ^ = doesn't need to be cloned
    All DW events do NOT have OT Mat 30160 unless stated.
    All UT unless stated.
    Feel free to ask for details about any events.


    -Jap. Movie 11 Satoshi's Reshiram <Timid><Cured of PKRS>
    -Jap. Movie 11 Satoshi's Reshiram <Modest>
    -Jap. Movie 11 Satoshi's Reshiram <Docile>
    -Jap. Movie 11 Satoshi's Zekrom <Adamant>
    -Jap. Movie 11 Satoshi's Zekrom <Jolly>
    *-Jap. Pokemon Movie 11 Janta's Golurk <Brave>
    *-Jap. Pokemon Movie 11 Karita's Hydreigon <Modest>
    -Jap. Movie 11 Victini <Jolly>
    -Eng. Liberty Garden Victini <Timid><31/x/31/31/31/31>
    -Eng. SMR2011 Zoroark <Quirky> [Greece]
    ^-Eng. SMR2011 Greece Zoroark <Quirky>
    -Jap. Pokesmash! Cubchoo <Bold>
    -Jap. ANA (5th Gen.) "Flying" Pikachu <Naive>
    -Jap. DW Charmander <Jolly> (OT: Mat 30160)
    -Eng. DW Espeon <Mild> [My OT, stupidly caught it in a premier ball .__.][Can give proof if you want it]
    -Eng. DW Glaceon <Mild>
    -Jap. DW Togekiss <Modest>
    -Jap. Singing わっしょい Pikachu <Sassy>
    So special it needs a different layout.
    Trades pending.
    Spanish VER2010 Jirachi Hardy (good offers)(transferred with correct date and location via Pokecheck)
    Italian EST2010 Jirachi Adamant (good offers)
    French ETE2010 Jirachi Relaxed (good offers)

    Trades pending.
    Trades pending.
    European [French] Pri2010 Pichu Jolly

    Trades pending.
    European Movie11 Shaymin Jolly
    European Film11 Shaymin Sassy
    Spanish Peli11 Shaymin Timid
    -Kor. NoK Glaceon <Hasty>
    -Kor. NoK Manaphy <Adamant>
    -Kor. Pikachu Cafe Magmortar <Hardy>
    -Kor. Pikachu Cafe Tangrowth <Brave>
    -Jap. GCEA Totodile <Bold>
    -Jap. GCEA Mawile <Docile>
    -Jap. Christian's クラウン Raikou <Rash><31|30|30|31|31|31 (HP Ice)> <~YOU MUST GIVE USERNAME CREDIT IF YOU WISH TO REDITRIBUTE IT!
    -Jap. Christian's クラウン Entei <Adamant><31|31|31|6|31|31> <~YOU MUST GIVE USERNAME CREDIT IF YOU WISH TO REDITRIBUTE IT!
    ^-Eng. MICHINA Arceus <Adamant>
    ^-Eng. ALAMOS Darkrai <Brave>
    -Daisuki Club Jirachi <Adamant>
    ^-Eng. GAMESTP Jirachi <Calm>
    -Eng. Oblivia Shaymin <Hasty>
    -Eigaken Shaymin <Modest> (T)
    -Jap. Pokepark Celebi <Modest>
    -Jap. Mitsurin Celebi <Modest>
    -Eng. WIN2011 Celebi<Lax><Used for event><Obtained myself>
    -Eng. Ash's Pikachu (Barely DCT'd) <Naughty><Obtained myself>

    *-Eng. GAMESTP Pichu <Jolly>
    *-Jap. Shokotan Pichu <Jolly>
    -Jap. Stamp Pichu <Bashful>
    -Eng. DUKING Plusle <Quirky>
    -Eng. DUKING Larvitar <Serious>
    -Eng. HORDEL's ZAPRONG (Elekid) <Hardy>
    *-Eng. Distant Land Entei <Lonely><Sunny Day, Leer, Bite, Fire Blast>
    *-Eng. Distant Land Lugia <Naughty><Hydro Pump, Earthquake, Featherdance, Psycho Boost><NN'd XD001>
    ^-Eng. XD Scizor <Relaxed><Morning Sun>
    -Eng. XD Surskit <Impish>
    -Eng. XD Trapinch <Timid>
    -Eng. XD Wooper <Adamant>
    -Eng. Hayley Phione <Brave>
    -Eng. Hayley Mew <Lonely>
    -Fre. EULALIE Phione <Naive>
    ^-Eng. Hayley Aerodactyl <Jolly>
    -Jap. Baba's Flygon <Naive>
    -Jap. Yukina's Mewoth <Jolly>
    -Jap. Golgo's Octillery <Serious>
    -Eng. VGC09 Milotic <Timid>
    -Eng. VGC10 Eevee <Hardy>
    ^-Eng. WORLD10 Crobat <Timid>
    -Eng. Pokemon Box Swablu <Gentle>
    -Eng. Pokemon Box Skitty <Gentle>
    *-Eng. SAPHIRE Zigzagoon <Adamant>
    *-Eng. RUBY Zigzagoon <Brave>
    -Jap. Hadou Regice <Brave>
    -Jap. Kyocera Starly <Mild>
    -Jap. Kyocera Bidoof <Lonely>
    -Jap. Susumu Mew <Impish><Cured of PKRS>
    -Jap. Susumu Mew <Hardy>
    -Jap. Buikore (PC) Eevee <Lonely>
    -Jap. Konsata "Concert" Chatot <Jolly>
    -Jap. Mizunotami Manaphy <Quiet>
    -Jap. Batoruyama Ho-Oh (Jap. MATTLE Ho-Oh) <Hardy>
    -Jap. Shokotan Tropius <Jolly>
    -Jap. Ryuuta Magikarp <Modest>
    -Jap. Pokepark Whismur <Docile>
    -Jap. Pokepark Skitty <Impish>
    *-Kor. Summer Festival Milotic <Timid>
    -Jap. GCEA Chimecho <Careful>
    -Jap. Taiwan Pokepark Jirachi <Hasty>
    -Kor. Mikena Pichu <Jolly>
    -Jap. Stamp Pichu <Bashful>
    -Jap. Stamp Absol <Lonely>
    -Kor. Times Square Shaymin <Adamant>
    -Kor. Character Fair Shaymin <Mild>
    -Kor. Pikachu Cafe Electivire <Serious>
    -Jap. Onemuri Pikachu <Relaxed>
    -Jap. Kyoto Pikachu <Naughty>
    -Jap. Yamamoto Whiscash <Gentle>
    Read my shiny/event ratios
    Got involved with the Global link a bit, not really interested in breeding DW. All Pokemon here are probably lvl 10. For these, any DW I don't have or any items I want would be nice.
    *(Pokemon Name) lvl (pokemon lvl), (nature), (ability)*

    Exeggcute lvl 10, Careful, Harvest
    Lotad lvl 10, Impish, Own Tempo
    Ponyta lvl 10, Quirky, Flame Body w/ DW Move (also egg move) 'Thrash'
    Kangaskhan lvl 10, Docile, Inner Focus w/ DW Move 'Drain Punch'
    Taillow lvl 1, Docile, Scrappy
    Igglybuff lvl 10, Timid, Friend Guard (evolves into Frisk Wigglytuff)
    Vulpix lvl 1, Naive, Drought

    Gligar lvl 1, Sassy, Immunity (evolves into Poison Heal Gliscor)
    Poochyena lvl 10, Careful, Rattled (evolves into Moxie Mightyena) w/ DW Move (also egg move) 'Poison Sting'
    Bellsprout lvl 10, Timid, Gluttony w/ DW Move 'Seed Bomb'
    Surskit lvl 10, Adamant, Rain Dish (evolves into Unnerve Masquerain) w/ DW Move 'Giga Drain'
    Taillow lvl 1, Naive, Scrappy
    **All are uncloned**

    Amulet Coin x1
    Choice Band x1
    Choice Scarf x2
    DeepSeaTooth x1
    Destiny Knot
    Electirizer x1
    Exp. Share x4
    Focus Band x1
    King's Rock x1
    Lucky Egg x3
    Lustrous Orb x1
    Macho Brace x1
    Magmarizer x1
    Razor Claw x1
    Razor Fang x2
    Ring Target x1
    Scope Lens x1
    Up-Grade x1
    Wide Lens x1
    Zoom Lens x1
    Heart Scale x6
    Nugget x2
    Pearl x2 *costantly getting more
    Stardust x3 *constantly getting more
    TinyMushroom x3 *constantly getting more
    Thunderstone x2
    Water Stone x1
    Rare Candy x6

    Lots of others, just ask. I probably do not have evolution stones/items and battle subway items I'm willing to trade. Just make an offer for items.
    *All Pokemon are UT unless specified with a (T)*
    *I have more, just ask!*

    #144 Articuno lvl 50 Mild/lvl 50 Serious
    #145 Zapdos lvl 60 Hardy (T)(Heat Wave and Roost)/lvl 51 Careful (T)
    #146 Moltres lvl 52 Sassy (T)
    #377 Regirock lvl 40 Jolly
    #378 Regice lvl 40 Impish
    #380 Latias lvl 50 Impish (legitness is questionable)(T?)
    #481 Mesperit lvl 100 Modest (T)
    #483 Dialga lvl 65 Timid (T)/lvl 70 Serious
    #485 Heatran lvl 50 Quirky
    #487 Giratina lvl 66 Gentle (T)
    #639 Terrakion lvl 42 Gentle/lvl 45 Brave (T)
    #644 Zekrom lvl 50 Adamant
    #645 Landorus lvl 70 Brave
    -TONS OF OTHERS, JUST ASK! I can catch almost any regular Pokemon, be it on D/P/Pt, HG/SS, or B/W! However, it may take time to Pokeshift some, and I'm not interested in regulars. I can also evolve them for you if necessary.

    **For these, just make an offer!**
    Pokemon I’m looking for
    Pokemon have to be English, unhacked (this includes being caught in hacked Master Balls and hacked PKRS), UT (with a few exceptions), and unnicknamed (with some exceptions). If it is not, please tell me! Gender (unless it has to be a certain gender), level/training, nature, stats, etc. doesn’t matter unless specified.
    1) It has gained no experience (not even 1!) and no EVs (this includes Rare Candies and Day Care)
    2) It doesn't have any ribbons. In the case of an event, it should ONLY have the ribbons it's meant to have.
    3) It has the same moveset (with the exception on special HM events)
    4) It is not editted with Pokesav or whatever
    5) It is not nicknamed

    I personally don't care that much about PKRS, but I'd prefer it not to have it. If it does have it, make sure it's not hacked!
    **There may be specific wants on a Pokemon I want**
    Pokemon bolded are my big wants.

    A slash through a want = Pending Trade
    RC'd or DCT'd do NOT count as UT. Feel free to offer them, though.

    -flawless DW shinies: Luvdisc UT, Luvdisc UT, Smeargle UT, Skitty UT, Natu UT, Swablu UT (Pachirisu and Luvdisc are worth any 2 DW shinies OR any 2 NoKs (and select flawlesses) plus another shiny/event OR any 3 other things; Smeargle and Skitty are worth any DW shiny AND one other thing (not DW); Swablu is treated as a regular DW shiny)(THESE MUST BE FLAWLESS OR AT LEAST NEAR)
    -shiny Box Skitty UT, shiny Box Swablu UT, shiny Box Zigzagoon UT (willing to do 1:3!)
    -shiny Beautifly (MUST BE UT), worth 2 points!
    -Distant Land shiny Pokemon that are UT besides Entei, Lugia, and Zapdos (2-3 points)
    -The following shiny Pokemon (MUST BE NNABLE):
    • shiny DW Vulpix UT or shiny DW Ninetales UT NN'd Pyrope
    • shiny Cresselia UT NN'd Chromatic
    • shiny Beldum UT or shiny Metagross RC'd NN'd Zion
    • shiny Trapinch UT or shiny Flygon RC'd NN'd Zeta
    • shiny Porygon UT NN'd BetaJr
    • shiny Porygon2 UT NN'd Beta
    • shiny Porygon-Z UT NN'd Alpha
    • shiny Zorua UT NN'd Zephyr
    • shiny Rotom UT NN'd Enigma
    • shiny Phione UT NN'd Royale
    • shiny Wooper UT NN'd Biscayne
    • shiny Snorunt UT NN'd Acadia
    • shiny Smeargle UT NN'd Palette
    • shiny Electrike UT NN'd Stark
    • shiny Regigigas UT NN'd Behemoth
    • shiny Oshawott UT NN'd Scania
    • shiny Snivy UT NN'd Windia
    • shiny Tepig UT NN'd Bera
    • shiny Woobat UT NN'd Stirge
    -shiny Stanler UT
    -shiny Magcargo UT
    -shiny HG/SS Sudowoodo UT
    -shiny flawless Clamperl UT
    -shiny Dustox UT/T
    -shiny B/W Pokes:
    *In order of want-level from highest to lowest
    • shiny Ledian UT
    • shiny Metagross UT
    • shiny Crobat UT
    • shiny Tyrannitar UT
    • shniy Mandibuzz UT
    • shiny Braviary UT
    • shiny Butterfree UT
    • shiny Sunflora UT
    • shiny Vespiquen UT
    • shiny Bisharp UT
    • shiny Gliscor UT
    • shiny Riolu UT (CANNOT BE HATCHED)
    • shiny Tangrowth UT
    • shiny Clefable UT
    • shiny Amoonguss UT
    -shiny White Forest Pokemon: All except Wurmple and Happiny
    -shiny Unowns: All except "!", especially 'M' and 'A'
    -shiny DW Pokes, must be UT, must be flawless/near-flawless...I already have: Gligar, Vulpix, Growlithe, Dratini, Eevee, Poliwag, Darmanitan (found in-game), Carvanha, Nidoran♂, Wooper, Tangela, Lapras, Ledyba, Tropius, Krabby, Marill, Yanma, Drifloon, Burmy, Qwilfish, Electrike, Scyther, Anorith, Pichu, Ponyta, Mareep. I am ONLY offering the ones in my "Offering" section.

    I only want the Pokemon in the evolution I want them in (unless I say I'll accept previous/future evolutions).
    -Red and Green Anniversary Pichu UT (must be hatched in a Jap. game)(worth 3 points!)
    -GCEA Seedot UT, GCEA Delibird UT (worth 2 points!)
    -GCEA Aipom UT
    -shiny Box Skitty UT, shiny Box Swablu UT, shiny Box Zigzagoon UT (willing to do 1:3!)
    -shiny Navel Rock Ho-Oh UT and Lugia UT
    -shiny Mystery Egg Axew UT, shiny Mystery Egg Pidove UT, shiny Mystery Egg Pansage UT (both English and Japanese, willing to do 1:2)
    -Korean Goon Scizor UT (worth 2-3 points!)
    -Distant Land shiny Pokemon that are UT besides Entei, Zapdos, Lugia, Magcargo (2-3 points)
    -Summer Regigigas: EUETE09 UT, ESTEU09 UT, EUVER09 UT, EUSMR09 UT
    -Fall 2010 Mews: FAL2010 UT, HRB2010 UT, AUT2010 UT, OTO2010 UT
    -Summer 2010 Jirachis: SMR2010 UT (06260), SO2010 UT, SMR2010 UT (06030)
    -shiny Pichus: FRu2010 UT, SPR2010 UT
    -JEREMY Oddish UT
    -Korean DW Naver Togekiss UT (worth 3 points, or 2 NoKs)
    -Shinsegae Munchlax UT
    -Battle Series 2009 Arcanine UT
    -Korean DW Piplup UT, Korean DW Torchic UT, Korean DW Mudkip UT (all worth 2 points, or 1 NoK)
    -Korean DW Naver Mamoswine UT (worth 2 points, or 1 NoK)
    -NPower Pikachu UT
    -Ario Pikachu UT
    -Colosseum Togetic UT
    -DUKING Shuckle UT, DUKING Meditite UT
    -GTS Events: All Ralts, Psyduck, and Heracross events (all must be UT)
    -E-Card: Togepi UT, Scizor UT, and Mareep UT
    -Hayley's: Hayley's Yanma UT and Hayley's Wynaut UT
    -Foreign Hayley's: Any except Mew
    -All Pokepark events besides Celebi, Jirachi, Mew, Whismur, and Skitty; especially a: Pokepark Cacnea, Pokepark Surskit, Pokepark Wynaut, Pokepark Minun, Pokepark Plusle. Worth 2-3 points each! MUST NOT HAVE ID#51493!

    **This is what I really want, feel free to offer other things c:**

    What I DON'T Want
    Regulars (normal or legendaries)(doesn't include EV'd/flawless)
    Items (unless I state that I want it)
    Things I already have (which is hard to keep track of since I don't clone most of my Pokes)
    PCNY Pokemon (unless in my wants list)
    JEREMY Pokemon (unless in my wants list)
    10ANIV (and any foreign 10ANIV) Pokemon (unless in my wants listed)
    DW Pokes that aren't shiny
    Egged-moved Pokes that aren't shiny
    Regular level 100s
    Shiny level 100s (unless EV'd)

    Offering anything here will result in a strike. If you offer something on my Offering list, that'll cost you a strike.

    Happy customers (successful trades)(I think I missed some...):
    Khybon, AusDon, uprockingdude, a person, Guywhoiam, FILIP22, Aim06, CrobatOwns, Gad, viaddie, Sutoraika, #1TreeckoFan, TheBluePorygon, Don Masto, PaxRomana, Regiultima, Confusious, Palkiacatcher, whenkinglerattacks, Trench, akasnowwolf, Dion_delpino, MuffinSkullzFTW, Matt36, Vest, ImmatureSponge, Itck, Ginji, toawest1, J-myc, Simbacyde, pokemonjeff, Liegekiller, Keldeo 647, theblaze, Pittbull, cheetochee, Epicpokemonprotector, jakmaster1, Reagan, Redphienix, Frij, JhonJhonFrankFrank, Afwan, a person, Hi There, Goatmanjaro, RulerOfUnova, lucario44444444, Blackacer, Nomik18, ShadowKyogre443, WhiteWisper, anferneee, PolioParalyzer, craig87, billybobjoefizz, Mudkips, wargle18, Valth001, PokeManMonster, Murka101, zac4564, Wardek, Rairyan, BlazikenGuy, Road, A Carmine FTW, rennir, Shiny Porygon-Z, lavaburst14, $h1ny Hunter, Miyac, Flash2010, CoachDozier, MonkeyMuffinsRBLX, PokemonMasterDylan, leppy420, jaisey89, Swampert is my homeboy, ShadowVictini, thejt, Pokedex101, warrior777, shiny pichu, Kaorusquee, TheMaster327, Azap, Swampert94, Surfmasta, Azel, evan0913, 2rsa, child911, Venom Hitman, Lady Snow, Benefactor, hotcoldyay, xxh0wlw0lfxx
    Pending Trades:
    [Username] - [my poke] for [trader's poke] [[status]]

    pokemonjeff - my shiny DW Krabby, shiny DW Scytger, Hadou Regice for your shiny DW Taillow, shiny DW Lileep
    Gad - 7-8 trade [check VMs]
    Dion_Delpino - 6-6 trade [check shop]
    Benefactor - my Mitsurin Celebi for your shiny DW Goldeen

    *If we had a pending trade for more than a day and you don't see your name here, please PM/VM me and tell me so. If the trade is incorrect, also PM/VM me.*

    I look forward to trading with you guys! c:​

    Last edited: Sep 20, 2011
  2. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    Thanks to Gladeshadow for the following trophies.
    TOP 3 TRADERS (in terms of Pokes traded)!
    Trophies will be awarded soon.
    [​IMG] Simbacyde/PokemonJeff (shiny Gastly, Turtwig, Torchic, DW Dratini (flawless), NWS Manaphy (not shiny), Bulbasaur, Aerodactyl, Cacnea, Patrat, Joltik, Bagon, Eevee, Horsea, Ralts, Cobalion, Sandile, Huntail, Foongus, Kricketot, Cherrim, Numel, Beldum, Scraggy, Vanillite, Slakoth, Metapod, Beedrill, Kricketot, Golett [Flawless], Numel [Flawless], Mantyke [Flawless], Rufflet [Flawless], Yanma [Flawless], Swablu [Flawless], Petlil, Happiny, Bonsly, Cleffa, DW Marill [Near Flawless], Archen [Flawless] (all of them shiny) ^^)
    [​IMG] FILIP22 (shiny Ferroseed, Zorua, Cryogonal, Golett, Spinarak, Phione, Solrock, Cresselia, Relicanth, RUBY Zigzagoon, Articuno, Whismur, Baltoy, near-flawless Thundurus, Beheeyem, Purrloin, Surskit, Trubbish, Vanillish, Chimecho, Shaymin, Alomomola, Mantine, Chimecho, Whiscash, Jap. MATTLE Ho-Oh, Stamp Absol, GCEA Mawile ^^)
    [​IMG] DarkStar66 (shiny DW Eevee 31/x/31/31/31/31 + HP Dragon 70, Yamask, Carita's Hydreigon, Chinchou, DW Lapras 31/31/31/x/31/31, DW Tangela Flawless, Larvitar, Girafarig, Dwebble (flawless), Red Basculin, Ekans, Ludicolo, Voltorb, Spheal, DW Tropius [Flawless], Palkia, Natu, Teddiursa; Events: Alamos Darkrai, World08 Lucario, World09 Weavile, Oblivia Heatran, Hayley Mew, Birthday Togekiss, TFE Haunter, TFE Karablast, TFE Shelmet, Bday Audino, Searcher Axew, Colos. Pikachu ^^)

    -Imperviousman (shiny DW Ledyba [flawless], DW Nidoran [flawless], DW Yanma [flawless] ^^) He is GOD at breeding
    -Phetty (shiny Litwick and shiny Elgyem ^^)
    -Azel (shiny DW Electrike, DW Scyther, DW Qwilfish, DW NidoranF, DW Ponyta ^^)
    -Gad (shiny Dwebble, Jirachi, Combee, Zigzagoon, Latias, DW Togekiss (not shiny), Dustox, Luvdisc, Slugma, Shuppet <Flawless>, Burmy, Qwilfish, Aipom; EVENTS: Susumu Mew, EUALIE Phione, shiny CHANNEL Jirachi, Times Square Shaymin, Ryuuta Magikarp, Pri2010 Pichu ^^)
    -$h1ny Hunter (shiny Metang, Chimecho, Litwick x4, Fraxure, Duosion, Gurdurr, Krokorok, Nosepass, Corsola ^^)
    -ShadowKyogre443 (shiny Diglet, Makuhita, Swinub, Venonat; Kyocera Bidoof, Kyocera Starly, NoK Tangrowth, NoK Magmortar, Character Fair Shaymin, NoK shiny Milotic, Film11 Shaymin, GCEA Totodile ^^)
    -Confusious (shiny Tentacool, Phanpy, Sandshrew, Torkoal, Vullaby, Sewaddle, Taillow, Spiritomb, Munchlax, Skorupi, Archen, Karrablast ^^)
    -MuffinSkullzFTW (shiny Rotom, Larvesta, Starmie, Pawniard, Electivire, Umbreon ^^)
    -Vest (shiny Pachirisu, Butterfree, DW Gligar ^^)(my first ever SPPf trader! :D)
    Do not post in this shop if you are banned or you will get another strike. Do not argue with me, you'll get another strike.
    1 Strike: Warning
    2 Strikes: 7-day ban
    3 Strikes: 14-day ban
    4 Strikes: 30-day ban
    5 Strikes: Perma ban

    Afwan- [x][x][ ][ ][ ] Ban, strike #1&2 given 8/27/11. Rule #02/09. Offering things in my don't wants and haves list. Banned until 9/3/11.
    Leafeon1Sakura - [x][x][ ][ ][ ] Ban, strike #1&2 given 8/17/11. Rules #8,11,9. Ban lifted.
    EddieVanHalen- [x][x][ ][ ][ ] Ban, strike #1&2 given 7/19/11. Rule #13. Ban lifted.
    ShadowVictini- [x][x][x][x][x] Used chat speak, didn't reply to my PMs, took forever to trade, only finished 1 of our trades, gave me the wrong Pokes. He also said to meet him at 7PM GMT, and he wasn't even on. When he did come on, he ignored me! Perma Banned
    Current strikes:
    Slowking12-[x][ ][ ][ ][ ] Warning, strike #1 given 6/20/11. Rule #08.
    Dark13Sceptile- [x][ ][ ][ ][ ] Warning, strike #1 given 7/19/11. Rule #02/#09.
    livinitup17- [x][ ][ ][ ][ ] Warning, strike #1 given 8/25/11. Rule #01.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2013
  3. deoxysdude94

    deoxysdude94 I'm gonna miss my boi Deoxys...

    I know this isn't on your list, but... would you trade your landorus for my event celebi from soul silver? VM or PM me.
  4. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    Skiyomi: Profile picture
    かんな (Pixiv): Avatar
    Brutaka: FC signature
    matfer92 (DA): Trainer in FC signature

    モーモー: shiny recolors of dream world Ninetales, Litwick, and Yanma (should I be using them)
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2016
  5. Khybon

    Khybon Rub My Belly?

    I have a Lots of Shinys that are listed in my sig. I am interested In your Shiny Electrivire and Shiny Smeragle. PM Or VM Me please TY
  6. badmanjaro

    badmanjaro In pokemon your.....

    Hey whats up my friend :D

    What do you want for a shiny Absol?
    I don't have any shines. But I do have legends
  7. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    *Reserved* :D
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2011
  8. FILIP22

    FILIP22 Original Member since 2007

    Hi there, I just wanted to post my offer here for now. I`ll be back probably tonight or tomorrow.

    I offer my shiny Zangoose Lv48 UT (Adamant) for your shiny UT Magneton

    PS: The pikachu`s with Surf and Fly cannot exist in 5th gen since you have to delete HMs before transfering them ^^
  9. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    @PS Oh right. I forgot about that ;__;.
    Anyways, I'll send you a PM.
  10. AusDon

    AusDon New Member

    A shiny Infernape interest you at all?
  11. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    It might. Depends on what you want for it.
  12. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    1) I don't really prefer lvl 100 Pokemon :l.
    2) I already traded the Nincada. Sorry.
  13. PRboyz

    PRboyz 3482-1872-9142


    do any of the pokemon in my sig interest you?
  14. AusDon

    AusDon New Member

    Shiny Mareep?
    Mostly want it because it's extremely cute. lol

    And don't worry, I'm not cloning the Infernape. (If that bothers you). I don't even think you can with Gen 5.

    EDIT: Can you also get me a leafstone? It's fine, if you can't.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2011
  15. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    The shiny Milotic does. What do you want for it?

    Sure. I'll send you a PM.
  16. Musharna

    Musharna New Member

    Would you be interested at all in a shiny Blissey?
  17. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    Current Hunt:
    [​IMG] Shiny DW Igglybuff - MM
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2011
  18. badmanjaro

    badmanjaro In pokemon your.....

    He's trading me the shiny miliotic already ^^
  19. MGOShockWave

    MGOShockWave Club Paradise

    Arceus for Ash's Pikachu!
  20. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    Ah, all right then.

    I'll send you a PM.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2011

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