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Flabébé's White Flower (1155)


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I mean….I thought this episode was pretty cute. One good thing about Goh is that his huge collection can serve as filler fodder, although it’s kinda sad that releasing a Pokémon is now a boring, filler-esque episode when they’re usually very heavy moments. If I recall correctly too, we never actually saw him catch the white Flabébé, just chasing after it, so this episode could possibly be their first on-screen bonding episode. Bummer that it’s when she’s being released.

Not like that matters, since he has FOUR more of them left. At this point, Goh’s pokemon are better off being caught for the dex and left in the wild. At least the white Floette will be doing something.

Also, didn’t Grookey have the same ability as Florges to make flowers bloom? Remember when it helped Bellsprout, whose reappearance today felt like it should have been a reminder of Grookey’s ability? Even if they just explained that Grookey wasn’t strong enough, that would have been nice to see it try so we could see Bébé and Grookey bonding more.

Overall though, while I do agree with the general sentiment here that Goh’s barely-seen “close” relationships with his non-starters made this episode feel like it was trying to wring tears out of people, I still thought it was cute. Goh didn’t have any other agendas in his head besides helping Flabébé. We saw a Dedenne and two Noibat and we could have easily gotten two still frames of him lobbing Pokeballs at them, but he remained focused on the fairy pulling his hair. I thought it was a lovely change of pace.

Next week though…

Pikachu: I thought that Lopunny was level 18, Jenny! She just REALLY loved her trainer and evolved early!


It was a nice episode.

The Flabebe evolved more suddenly than I expected, and I thought there would be a bit more from the bug couple given their names in the VA list, but it is always nice to see Goh's other Pokémon, and his Floette are now 1 step closer to being fully evolved.

Sakuragi park gets bigger by the day.

Some cute Grookey moments and a more traditional camping episode.

Goh always shines when we get him bonding with his Pokémon, but him and Flabebe were especially cute.

This is also one of the rare episodes where we see wild Pokémon. lol

The episode was well paced, unlike the usual rush that most episodes have, it was nice to see the writers take their time and give the episode room to breath.

Floette leaving was sad, but the completionist that is Goh makes me hopeful that we will see her return as a Florges in some future kalos plot.
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I watched Pokemon anime for 20 freaking years
This is rigged logic.

How is an opinion or logic rigged?

I tell you what I see and what I feel. What is rigged about that.

I'm not saying I do not like the episode, I'm saying that I don't care about a Pokemon that has done nothing and was probably going to do nothing.
This forum is full of salty people unfortunately who love to carry torches and pitchforks about anything journeys related

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Why I should care about a Pokemon that never actually appeared (or did anything useful) outside of it's capture?

*checks notes*
*checks script*
*checks writer's room trashbins*

...I'll get back to you when they figure it out themselves
What is rigged about that.
Truth is, the series was rigged from the start


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The episode was cute but that’s all I really have to say about it. I kind of liked White Flabebe’s personality, it’s very much a go getter so it’s a bummer that the one standout Flabebe is the one that gets released lol!

I don’t know why the writers chose this specific Pokémon to release as opposed to like, I don’t know, a Pokémon he’s actually been seen on screen with for more than 3 seconds lol but hey whatever I guess. I’m really surprised that Go didn’t cry for once, that was the real bombshell for me.

Overall, meh episode. My thing is why didn’t Grookey just restore one of the petals with its stick? Did Go forget that it could do that lol?


-The one who FINALLY got some vacation-
This episode was meh and makes me think more about why the heck they just don't make a AZ's Floette episode with a AZ tease instead. This at least would've been more interesting than what we got. Come on we don't want to wait the 3000 years for that to happen.


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Finally somebody other than Ash suffers a release, it's been done a million times now and was completely unnecessary in XY and SM(Did they replace the team member? No! Did the Pokemon have to leave to let lesser focused on members of the team grow? No, Poipole needed focus unlike Rowlet and Lycanroc. Plus Ash was his family :rolleyes: )

Releases work best when you know the Pokemon well and it leaving actually serves a story purpose. Butterfree was Ash's first capture so it leaving pulled at your heart strings and also showed development for Ash as he let it go, and we actually saw how much he cared for him with his immediate trade back of Raticate.

Lapras was better off for it as it was evident they can't write sea worthy Pokemon on land at all, right Horsea and Goldeen? Plus he turned into the leader of his herd. Had he stayed he'd likely have been another Kingler, he served his purpose and his story was complete.

Weezing and Arbok were the TRio's literal first Pokemon like Ash and Pikachu, May/Torchic, Brock and Onix.... Misty and Staryu/Starmie? Them leaving them behind hurt a lot and still does. Chimecho got sick so James left him so he could recover, Cacnea got left behind as James wanted him to get stronger and couldn't do it himself, Dustox got released much like Butterfree and ironically got something Jessie regularly seeks after in filler episodes, love. I still cry watching Team Rocket say their goodbyes, Arceus I miss when they were allowed to bond with Pokemon....

Cut to now and oh look, Flabebe. You were caught then dumped at the lab and now only brought back simply to evolve and get released! K'bye!
....if they wanted to release a Pokemon of his, why not one of the Bugs or Dewgong? Something that actually showed up and could believably have a bond(as little as it'd be) with him. Why the **** should I give a damn about Flabebe?

How they should have handled a release was Dewgong falling in love yet again and they attempt at helping him instead of it being played for laughs. Dewgong winds up winning the girl in the end but has to be released in order to be with his true love out at sea where they'd be happy together, cue goodbye and it's gone! There, fixed it.

This episode was meh and makes me think more about why the heck they just don't make a AZ's Floette episode with a AZ tease instead. This at least would've been more interesting than what we got. Come on we don't want to wait the 3000 years for that to happen.
We'll never get that event. Stupid thing is that it still exists in the code while notched Pichu is forever stuck in HGSS