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Flabébé's White Flower (1155)


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Completely agreed. Media/fictonal depictions of male characters need to continuing, on an ever-ongoing basis, to allow them to be as emotional and vulnerable in healthy ways as they want and need to be. None of that "males can only be emotional when they're angry, enraged, or wrathful" or those outdated depictions of "stoic vulnerability".
Yeah, that makes womans think like this kind of things towards males.

J. D. Guy

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oh sorry, I meant to say, woman thinks males are always like this cause of theses kind of dumb things, that's all.
Oh, okay.

And in that case, it's really more that societies and cultures, especially patriarchal ones, push boys/men and girls/women into the positions and mindsets where these thoughts and actions are perpetuated. It's why depictions in works of fiction that debunk this and help normalize the idea of boys and men having a healthy range of emotions and vulnerability are as important as they are.


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Rewatched this episode recently in the dub and man is this episode the MOST UNDERRATED episode of JN, absolutely!!
The writing was so good here, the way they properly setup the episode and it's ending, how masterfully it adapted and added to the game lore into the anime, the bond it developed with flabebe in a short time, made the species of Pokemon so endearing and its release sad and most of all how well this episode was for Gohs character, making me love him so much more he's the sweetest!!! Such an underrated, well written beautiful episode