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Flame Blizzard (PG 13/14)


Lover of underrated characters
Along time ago Ho-oh and Lugia protected Unova and helped keep peace. But now a mysterious team is trying to take control of the birds. Will they succeed or will they fail? There hope lives in one of the three trainers about to leave Newbark Town

700 years ago-
A large silver white bird which resembled a dragon with a blue belly flew through the air. It was flying towards a big tower in the distance.

"I must hurry and meet Ho-oh." he told himself as he soared above small buildings.

It landed on top of the tower and looked around. He couldn't see Ho-oh anywhere. He was about to go looking for Ho-oh when a big fire appeared above him.

A phoenix-like pokemon with a white belly and golden wings appeared out of the flames.

"Sorry i'm late Raikou and Entei were fighting over a part of their territory again." said Ho-oh.

"The time of peace is coming to an end." Lugia nodded.

Ho-oh sighed. "I wish we could do something about it."

"You know only Arceus can prevent it, but this might be too strong for him to stop." said Lugia.

Ho-oh shivered. "Don't say that! Arceus will never fail us!"

Lugia was about to argue when a lightning bolt struck the tower they were on. The tower started to catch on fire.

"My home!" shrieked Ho-oh, and flapped his wings trying to calm the fire.

Lugia joined in but it didn't seem to be enough. The tower crumbled towards the ground leaving the bottom floor barely standing.

"My home..... it's destroyed." said Ho-oh.

"I'm sure you can use the other one." said Lugia.

Ho-oh shook his head. "It wouldn't be the same." he said, then he noticed three dog-shaped shadows running away from the burnt tower. Ho-oh glared.

"They destroyed my home! They will pay!" said Ho-oh.

A small pink cat-like pokemon watched the two birds from a distance, sadness in its eyes.


Lover of underrated characters
Chapter 1-
Newbark Town was always the least popular town in the Johto region. Goldenrod had thousands of people living there while Newbark Town had less than twenty people. A new Professor has moved into the town and it looks like Newbark Town might get its chance.

The professor was tall had brown hair and wore glasses and a lab coat to complete the professor look. His name was Professor Elm. He sat at his computer in his lab and was chatting with his friend.

“Mr. Pokemon I’m afraid I can’t go and fetch whatever it is that you want to show me today.” said Professor Elm.

“But Elm, it is very important.” said Mr. Pokemon.

“I’m sorry but two new trainers are coming today for their Pokemon and then I have to catch up with my research. I’ve been distracted investigating the latest lightning, water, and fire problems happening around Johto. I don’t know what could be causing it.” said Professor Elm.

“Why don’t you have one of those kids come and get it?” asked Mr. Pokemon. “I could offer them something in return.”

“That’s fine with me.” said Elm.


A young teen woke up and yawned. He had been waiting for this day since he was very young. He got out of bed, raced down the stairs and tripped over a yellow cat on the way. The cat hissed and hid under a table.

“Sorry Meowth!” he said, and ran out the door. He ran a few houses over and knocked on the door. A girl with short brown hair opened the door.

“Hi Zach!” she said. “Are you ready to go already?”

“Yes, Lyra.” He said, smiling. He noticed a small blue mouse with a large ball at the end of its tail next to her. “Are you bringing Marill?”

“Yeah.” She said.

“Professor Elm probably has better Pokemon than Marill. I’m leaving Meowth at home.” he said.

“I can’t leave Marill here without me.” she said, looking down at her feet. “She’ll get scared.”

"Okay. You know Marill can't even beat a Rattata though, remember?" said Zach.

"I'm taking Marill." she said, firmly. "Let's go to the lab."

They walked past Lyra's house and passed a few other houses. They stopped at a building that was taller than the nearby houses.

"Here we are." said Lyra, smiling.

Zach noticed a red blur out of the corner of his eyes. He looked towards it and noticed a long red haired teen hiding in some nearby bushes.

"Whose that? I've never seen him before." said Zach,

Lyra looked at the red haired teen. "Me either. He must have just gotten here." she said, and opened the door to the lab.

There was shelves full of books all around the room, some of the books were even left on the ground carelessly. There was also a computer beyond some shelves with a big machine containing three poke balls inside of it.

"You two must be Lyra and Zach!" said Professor Elm.

Zach nodded. "Yes we are."

"Excellent. I got three Pokemon inside of those poke balls. They are very hard to find in the wild so please pick carefully. This Pokemon will be your companion for your journey." said Professor Elm, reaching for the poke balls. He pressed the button on all three and three shapes appeared on the ground.

A blue crocodile with red spikes on its back and tail came out, next came a bipedal pokemon with blue fur on top of its body and a milky color on the underside with flames erupting from its back, the last one was a pale green pokemon with a giant leaf sticking out of its head.

"Meet Totodile, Cyndaquil, and Chikorita." said Professor Elm.

Totodile looked at the two trainers then looked away. Cyndaquil shyly walked up to Zach and sniffed him.

Zach smiled. "I choose this one."

Elm looked at him. "Okay, now how about you Lyra?"

Lyra was looking at the green Pokemon. "I want Chikorita."

Professor Elm smiled. "Excellent. Here take their poke balls and here are your Poke Dexs." He handed them both a red rectangular electronic. "Now get going. You don't want to be found outside at night. You should get to Cherrygrove by dawn."

"Thanks Professor!" said Lyra, walking out of the lab.

"Yeah thanks." said Zach.

"Wait. I forgot can you go to Mr. Pokemon's house and retrieve whatever he has for me? I don't have much to offer but Totodile needs a home so maybe you could take him?" asked Mr. Pokemon.

Zach looked at Totodile. Totodile glanced at him then looked away again.

"Okay. I'll do it." said Zach, and left the lab.

Lyra smiled. "Well?"

"He wants me to get something for him at Mr. Pokemon's. I think he lives in Cherrygrove." said Zach.

Lyra turned red. "But I thought we would travel together! I've always liked you more than what a friend would."

Zach sighed. "Lyra I just want to be friends."

Lyra glared and ran off.


Lover of underrated characters
Chapter 2- Meet Silver

The red haired teen stared at the Totodile through a window at the lab. Totodile stared back at him looking fierce. Silver began to look around for a possible distraction so that he could steal Totodile. He noticed a trash can near the front of the lab and kicked it over. It banged against the wall and trash flew everywhere.

Professor Elm ran out of the lab and looked around. He noticed the trash can and sighed. "Damn Furrets always knocking over my trash!"

Silver climbed through the window and grabbed Totodile and its ball. He hesitated then stole the last Poke Dex. He climbed back out the window and ran into the woods behind the lab.

Professor Elm re-entered the lab after picking up all the trash and almost fainted when he noticed Totodile and the Poke Dex were gone. He got out his Poke gear and called the police.


Zach and Cyndaquil entered Cherrygrove City. Cyndaquil sniffed the air and walked towards a store that sold Pokemon snacks.

"Cyndaquil you can eat later." he said, and picked up Cyndaquil. He walked into a Pokemon Center and looked around. "Does anyone know where Mr. Pokemon lives?"

"You mean the old guy?" asked a bald headed man. "He lives a few minutes north of town."

"Thanks." said Zach, a bit scared of the man.

"Hey kid you aren't planning on entering the league, are you?" asked the man.

"Yeah, why?" asked Zach.

The man shook his head. "You and that Cyndaquil won't stand a chance against my Onix."

"Yeah right. I'll battle you when we're stronger." said Zach.

The man rolled his eyes and walked out of the Pokemon Center. Zach followed him then walked north out of the town. He stopped at Mr. Pokemon's house and knocked on the door. The door opened a a old man was inside.

"Hello. Did you come for the egg?" asked Mr. Pokemon.

Zach nodded.

"Here." said Mr. Pokemon, handing Zach a white egg with multiple blue and red squares on its shell.

Zach took the egg and decided to take a shortcut through the woods to get back to Newbark Town. He heard noises and noticed a large yellow dog Pokemon with electricity flowing around it run by. A started to run hoping the dog didn't come back. He bumped into the red haired teen.

"Hey! What where your going!" said the teen.

"Same to you." said Zach.

The teen glared. "My name is Silver and I challenge you to a battle. If I win you give me that egg you got. It looks valuable. If you win i'll give you this Totodile I found."

Zach looked at the Totodile. It looked very familiar. "You stole that!"

"Maybe I did." said Silver. "Totodile use bite!"

Totodile bit Silver's hand in frustration.

Silver glaed at Totodile. "Use bite on Cyndaquil."

Totodile shook its head.

"Why are you not listening?" asked Silver, angrily. He kicked Totodile.

Totodile growled and used water gun at Silver's face. Silver glared. "Fine! You stupid Totodile. I'll steal that egg instead."

Cyndaquil shot flames at Silver and his clothes caught on fire.

Silver screamed and dropped Totodile's poke ball then ran off towards the river.

Totodile pressed the button on the ball and went back inside. Zach picked up the ball and continued to head towards Newbark Town.

He entered the town and headed towards the lab. He noticed policemen were standing outside of it.

"Hey you!" shouted one of the policemen.

"What?" asked Zach.

"Why did you come out of the woods?" asked the policeman.

"I was delivering a egg to Professor Elm. Mr. Pokemon wanted me to deliver it." said Zach.

"Okay, i'll see if you are telling the truth. Be aware though, I got my eye on you." he said.

Zach walked into the lab and noticed Professor Elm talking to a policeman. "All I know was that he had red hair. He looked like he might be a teenager."

"His name was Silver." said Zach.

The policeman turned around. "That sounds like the Silver we know. He is a master thief and has recently become obsessed with winning the pokemon league."

"Can you guys catch him? He stole my Totodile and Poke Dex." said Professor Elm.

"I got Totodile here." said Zach.

Elm smiled slightly. "At least he is safe. You can keep him now. Where is that package he wanted to give me?"

Zach handed Professor Elm the egg.

"It looks like a rare pokemon is in this egg. I will study it until I am sure. You may go now." said Professor Elm.

"Thanks!" said Zach, walking out of the lab. He got out his poke gear and looked at the map. He noticed a gym was in Violet City so he decided to go towards Cherrygrove city so he could avoid seeing Silver. He noticed some of the police running into the woods as he left town.


Silver relaxed as the flames died away in the water. He wanted revenge on that kid but chances were he'd never see him again. He got out of the water and looked at a big tower in the distance.

"I'll go steal the Bellsprout Tower's treasure then i'll challenge the gym leader to a battle for a badge." he said to himself, and ran off.


Lover of underrated characters
Chapter 3- First catch
Zach looked at a sign in front of the entrance to Violet City.

"Welcome to Violet City. Home of Bellsprout Tower." it read.

Zach went through the entrance and entered Violet City. Bellsprout Tower looked even bigger up close than it did at a distance. Zach looked at the tower for a few minutes then decided to go find the gym.

He found the gym in the middle of the city and walked inside. The ceiling of the gym was very high up and had plenty of space for flying type pokemon to fly around.

"Hello?" he asked. "I've come to battle the gym leader."

A blue haired teen walked out of a room across the gym. "Oh, hello. My name is Falkner. I was healing my pokemon back there. The fight against Onix tired them out. How many pokemon do you got anyways?"

"Just two." said Zach,

Falkner shook his head. "I'm sorry but you need three pokemon to face me. There is a patch of tall grass near Bellsprout Tower, you should try catching something there. I will gladly accept your challenge afterwards."

Zach quickly ran out of the gym and ran towards Bellsprout Tower. He looked around for the tall grass and found it, He walked around in it trying to find a pokemon. Some tall grass nearby was rustling.

"Cyndaquil use Tackle!" said Zach, calling out Cyndaquil

Cyndaquil charged at the rustling grass and a pokemon was pushed out of the grass. It had brown fur, a bushy tail that was cream-colored at the end, and a furry cream collared collar.

"Eevee" it said.

"Cyndaquil use Ember!" said Zach.

Cyndaquil shot a small flame at Eevee. Eevee took the hit then shot a dark shadowy ball at Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil dodged it.

"It knows Shadow Ball. It must have had an owner." said Zach. "Cyndaquil use Ember again!"

Cyndaquil shot another small flame at Eevee. The flame hit Eevee and Eevee fell down. It started to look tired.

Zach threw a poke ball at Eevee and Eevee was absorbed into the ball. The ball shook back and forth then dinged announcing the capture. Zach smiled and picked up the poke ball.

"Good job Cyndaquil." he said, petting Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil smiled and nuzzled his hand.

Zach got out his Poke Dex and looked at Eevee's moves. Shadow Ball, Iron Tail, Dig, and Tackle. That was a great catch He saw red hair out of the corner of his eyes and ducked. He quickly returned Cyndaquil to its ball and made sure he couldn't be seen.

Silver glanced around before entering Bellsprout Tower.

What are you up to now? thought Zach, and followed him into the tower. He stayed behind Silver from a distance and hid behind corners whenever Silver looked behind him.

Silver began to climb the ladder to the top of the tower.Zach waited until Silver was out of sight before climbing up after him. When he got to the top he noticed Silver standing next to an old man.

"Where is the treasure, old man?" he asked.

"There is no treasure. The only thing we have here is the TM Flash." said the old man.

Silver glared at the old man. "Really! You call that a treasure?"

The old man looked scared. "Please take it and go. Don't hurt me."

Silver sighed and got out his poke gear. "Hello. It's me. How much will you pay for the TM Flash?" Laughter was heard from the other side.

"You know what? Forget it, I quit!" said Silver, hanging up the poke gear. He glared at the old man then opened a nearby window and jumped out. The old man looked out the window and sighed. "He's gone"

Zach climbed back down the ladder and left the tower. He headed back towards the gym. He noticed the yellow dog from a few days ago in the distance, it was watching him.

Zach quickly gout out his Poke Dex. "Raikou, the Thunder Pokemon. It hasn't been seen for years and it is said it will watch who it trusts."

Zach looked at Raikou again. Raikou smiled slightly and ran off into the distance. Zach looked around, nobody else seemed to have known that Raikou was there. He ran towards where Raikou was standing and looked around. He headed back to the gym after awhile and went inside.

"I'm ready now, Falkner." he said.

Falkner smiled. "Alright. Pidgey!"

A small brown and cream bird came out.

"Totodile!" said Zach.

Totodile came out and used bit Pidgey without waiting for a command. Pidgey flinched from the pain then fainted.

"Pidgey return." said Falkner. "Hoothoot!"

A small brown and cream-colored owl with big red eyes came out.

"Totodile use Water Gun!" said Zach.

Totodile hesitated then squirted Hoothoot with a small stream of water. Hoothoot hooted with protest as its feathers were messed up. Hoothoot started to peck Totodile, Totodile tried to shake Hoothoot off but fainted.

"Totodile return!" said Zach. "Eevee use Tackle!"

Eevee popped out and tackled Hoothoot. Hoothoot flew backwards then pecked at Eevee. Eevee dodged and his tail glowed like steel. He hit Hoothoot with it and Hoothoot fainted.

"Hoothoot return." said Falkner. "Pidgeotto."

A bigger version of Pidgey came out except this one had long red feathers at the top of its head.

"Pidgeotto use Quick Attack!" Falkner commanded.

Pidgeotto flew quickly towards Eevee and hit him. Eevee flew back into a wall and fainted.

"Eevee return!" said Zach. "Cyndaquil use Ember!"

Cyndaquil came out and shot a small flame at Pidgeotto, it successfully hit and Pidgeotto fell to the ground. Pidgeotto moaned then it fainted.

Cyndaquil smiled then flashed white. Its body grew slimmer and the flame on his back went to the top of his head and where a tail would be.

"Quilava." it said, and smiled at its trainer.

Falkner smiled and handed Zach a badge. "Here. Its the Zephyr badge."

Zach smiled and took the badge. He returned Quilava to its ball and left the gym.


Blazing Flowers
Awesome, but I can't wait for the next chapter! But you need to extend in your stories a bit on detail though. That's all I can say.


Lover of underrated characters
Awesome, but I can't wait for the next chapter! But you need to extend in your stories a bit on detail though. That's all I can say.

Thanks! There will be more detail on the next chapters. I will be starting a new chapter soon and try to finish it within 7-10 days.


Lover of underrated characters
Chapter 4- Team Rocket
Zach walked west out of Violet City and noticed a crowd of people standing in front of a tree that was blocking the path.

"What's going on?" he asked.

A man turned around. "You again? I'm surprised you got a badge." said the bald man, laughing.

Zach glared at him. "Why is that tree there?"

"We don't know. It appeared out of nowhere. It looks like a Sudowoodo and it acts like one too. It won't budge. We tried water, fire, even my Onix couldn't move it." said the man.

Zach walked up to the tree and kicked it. One of the branches moved slightly.

"I'm going to go ahead to Azalea Town. Maybe by the time I get the badge someone would have moved this tree." the man walked back towards Violet City.

Zach looked at the tree then looked around. He noticed a sign pointing to the Ruins of Alph and followed its direction. Maybe I can find a new pokemon.


A man with long blue hair and an eye patch stood next to three men. All four of them were dressed in a black outfit with a big red R on the shirt. The blue haired man was obviously the leader of them.

"How long until that machine we stuck in the ruins deciphers the symbols we need for our quest?" he asked.

"In a few minutes Commander Doom." said one of the grunts, looking at a poke gear.

Commander Doom looked around nervously. "I don't like this. The researchers could go down there anytime now."

"You worry too much." said one of the others, blonde hair was visible from under the hat he was wearing.

Doom looked around. "Flash you will take the blame if we get caught. Boss is counting on me to not get us caught."

Flash mumbled under his breath.

"What?" asked Doom, angrily.

"Nothing." said Flash, staring at him defiantly.

Doom glared. "How I got stuck with you as my partner I will never know."


Zach walked into a small building in the ruins and noticed an ancient puzzle. He recognized the ancient text from somewhere. "Whoever can solve this puzzle will be known as the hero of Johto."

He stared at the puzzle. It was an empty square with lots of puzzle pieces to the side. He moved the pieces around the square for awhile then sighed. He had no clue what the thing he was making was supposed to look like. He pushed a few pieces to the side and they formed together into a shell. His eyes widened. He knew of an ancient pokemon who looked just like that.

He got out his Poke Dex and looked for it. It stopped at a picture of blue pokemon with tentacles that wore a shell on its back. Omanyte.

He moved the pieces around to form a picture of Omanyte and the ground underneath him started to shake. A hole opened up underneath him and he fell down into the ruins below.

"What was that!?" asked Doom, racing into the ruins. "Oh no! Someone found our machine."

"So he doesn't know what it does." said Flash. "We can't hurt him because of that."

"Of course, I can kill him though." said Doom.

Flash's eyes widened. "No!"

Doom smiled. "Rhydon!"

A large rhino-like pokemon came out, standing on its hind legs. It roared.

Zach stood up quickly. "Totodile use Water Gun!" he said.

Totodile shot out a small blast of water at Rhydon. Rhydon was hit but it didn't do enough damage. Rhydon kicked Totodile into the nearby wall and Totodile fainted.

"Cyndaquil! Eevee!" said Zach.

Cyndaquil came out and shot flames at Rhydon while Eevee shot out a purply ghostly ball. Rhydon fell down backwards, trying to get back up.

"Yes!" said Zach.

Rhydon jumped and smashed through the roof of the ruins and came back onto its feet.

"No!" said Zach, backing up.

Doom laughed. "So long kid. Rhydon use-"

A big blast of water shot at Rhydon from the hole in the roof. Rhydon was critically hit and fainted.

"What the?!" asked Doom, looking up.

A blue dog pokemon with white spots growled at Doom.

"Suicune!" said Doom, calling back Rhydon. "Run!"

Flash looked at Suicune then ran after his commander.

Suicune looked at Zach then ran off into the distance.

Zach called back his pokemon, then looked around the room. What was it he was supposed to have found? He noticed a yellow gleam in the corner and walked towards it. He noticed a golden poke ball in the corner and picked it up. It had the letters G and S carved at the top.

Zach tried to open the poke ball but it wouldn't work. He shrugged and put it in his pocket. He then walked out of the ruins before someone thought he did all the damage.


Doom and Flash were inside of a deserted building. They were talking to someone with their poke gears.

"Boss somebody found us at the ruins and I tried to kill them but failed. The legendary beast Suicune saved him. He must be the hero all the symbols are talking about." said Doom.

"We'll deal with him later." said the voice. "I want you two to start preparations for Operation Rage. Operation Slowpoke has begun."

"Understood, Team Rocket out." said Doom.

Flash stared at the wall. Was Team Rocket really worth working for?


Zach was traveling towards Azalea Town, his legs were starting to hurt from when he fell a few hours ago. He tried to deal with it but he started to feel dizzy and he fell into unconsciousness.


Lover of underrated characters
Chapter 5- Bugsy
Ho-oh flew through the air above Newbark Town and shot big balls of flame down below. A yowl was heard from one of the housesas it caught fire. Ho-oh flew off into the distance after watching the flames.

"Meowth no!" moaned Zach, he woke up quickly and noticed that he was no longer outside anymore. He was in a small house. He got up quickly and ran towards the door leading outside.

"Where am I?" he asked, getting out his poke gear. He used the GPS and noticed he was in Azalea Town. He looked around wondering who brought him here.

He gave up after while and walked towards the gym. He went inside and glanced at spider webs on the wall. There were trees there as well giving the gym a feeling like whoever entered it entered a forest.

He started to walk around the gym, trying to find the gym leader. "Hello?"

"Oh hello." said a little blue haired boy. "I'm the leader of this gym. Are you here to battle me?"

"Yes." said Zach, nodding.

"Okay then. Kakuna go!" said Bugsy.

A yellow cocoon with black eyes came out.

"Quilava use Flame Wheel!" said Zach.

Quilava turned into a fiery ball and charged at Kakuna.

"Kakuna use Harden!" shouted Bugsy.

Kakuna stayed still and Quilava hit him. Kakuna fell over in defeat.

"Kakuna return, Metapod go!" said Bugsy.

A green cocoon came out and stared at Quilava.

"Use Flame Wheel again!" shouted Zach.

Quilava turned into a fiery ball again and charged at Metapod. Metapod stared helplessly as Quilava came closer and closer. Quilava hit Metapod, making him fall over in defeat as well.

"This is easy." said Zach.

"You won't think so in a bit. Scyther!" said Bugsy.

A human-sized praying mantis came out.

"Scyther!" it said.

Wow I want one of those, Zach thought. "Quilava use Flame Wheel."

Quilava turned into a fiery ball again and charged at Scyther.

"Scyther use Rain Dance!" said Bugsy.

Scyther jumped out of Quilava's way and moved its arms. It started to rain heavily inside the gym. Quilava's flames started to shrink down.

"Quilava return!" said Zach. "Totodile!"

Totodile came our and charged at Scyther right away. He bit Scyther's nose and Scyther shouted in pain.

"Totodile use Ice Fang!" said Zach.

Totodile's teeth turned icy blue and he bit Scyther. Scyther flinched and got frozen solid.

"Nice job, Totodile. Now finish with Water Gun!" said Zach.

Totodile shot a small blast of water at Scyther and Scyther's expression changed through the ice.

"You beat Scyther!?" asked Bugsy, in shock. "Here take the hive badge."

Zach took the badge, which resembled a lady bug then he left the gym with Totodile following him.

"We're going to heal Quilava then we're going towards Goldenrod, okay?" he asked.

Totodile nodded.

"Bulba" said a voice.

Totodile growled and looked in the direction the voice came from. A nearby bush started to rustle and a light blue reptile with a bulb on its back appeared.

"Bulbasaur!" it said, vines appeared out of its bulb and it hit Totodile with them. Totodile flinched from the heavy hit.

:Totodile use Ice Fang!" shouted Zach.

Totodile's fangs turned icy blue and he bit Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur was frozen solid.

"Yes!" said Zach, smiling. "Go poke ball!"

Bulbasaur was absorbed into the ball in a beam of red light. The ball shook for a few seconds then dinged announcing the capture.

"Not bad kid." said a familiar voice.

Zach turned around and noticed the trainer who owned an Onix. "What do you want?"

The man smiled. "You still catch pokemon with regular poke balls?"

"Yes I do." said Zach, glaring.

"You do know there is a man here who will make you special poke balls for free." said the man.

"Really?" asked Zach.

The man nodded. "Yep. You better hurry or he'll run out of supplies."

Zach glared at the man, then went to heal his pokemon at the Pokemon Center.

He thought the man could be lying to him but he didn't want to give up the chance that he could be some better poke balls. He began to look around the city for the man who could make poke balls