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Flamethrower or Fire Blast

120 Power and bad acc and PP or 95 in Power and good acc and PP?

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Malachite Treecko

Well-Known Member
Some friends and I argued about which was best, Flamethrower or Fire Blast.

I think Flamethrower is better, as it has 100% accuracy and 15-24 in PP, while Fire Blast has bad Accuracy and 5-8 in PP.
So which one is the best? Discuss.

Also, Thunderbolt VS Thunder, Ice Beam VS Blizzard and Surf VS Hydro Pump would be something more. (and I know the Rain Dance + Thunder combo)


The new tuxedo look!
Flamethrower is better. Less damage is better than no damage.

FireHead Hank

Matt Fanboy
It depends on the Pokemon. Sure, Flamethrower is better in general, but Pokemon like Rapidash or Arcanine, whose spAttack isnt that great, need Fireblast(or Overheat) to deal some damage.

In the 4th gen, we have Flare Drive and FireFang to solve this.


Darkrai's servant
But Fire Blast gives you an advantage over foes that either have a protection or none against fire moves


Umbreon 4 President
Also, Thunderbolt VS Thunder, Ice Beam VS Blizzard and Surf VS Hydro Pump would be something more. (and I know the Rain Dance + Thunder combo)
Flamethrower ! :eek:

I'm not 100% sure on surf vs hydro pump anymore with D/P.


He's Back!
Flamethrower. I don't like to take risks of accuracy for the sake of 25 more damage, plus you have 10 more PP to play with. Same with Thunderbolt and Surf.


better safe than sorry...so Flamethrower is better than Fire Blast because flamethrower has greater accuracy...hehehe

Malachite Treecko

Well-Known Member
Using Surf will be good in Double Battles sometimes. Let's take two Pokemon out with Water Absorb. While they hurt the opponent, they also heal their ally.

Ed Phoenix

Pesky Boy
Flamethrower, first and always.

Same goes with surf, ice beam and thunderbolt.

Blobby Lugia

< My bishie
Flamethrower, surf, thunderbolt and ib.


somewhat backwards.
Accuracy and PP > Power.

Only exceptions are Pokemon without much Sp.Attack that need the extra power. And even then I still probably wouldn't use Thunder or Blizzard, way too inaccurate.


Well-Known Member
i think that fire blast is the best...but none of my party pokemon has fire blast,only flamethrower..........


Although Fireblast has a ton of power, I'd rather go with a powerful move that has good accuracy. Because I wouldn't like it if I lost a battle because fireblast missed.
Flamethrower is way better. Against a foe than can kill you in one attack, risking a miss is dangreous. Plus, you sometimes don't need that extra power. and against a staller, the 5 pp will run out quickly.


Well-Known Member
Flamethrower >>>>>>>>>> Fire blast
Heh...Everyone thinks the same.