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Flamethrower or Fire Blast

120 Power and bad acc and PP or 95 in Power and good acc and PP?

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Flamethrower is the way to go. All Fire Blast-type attacks I use tend to miss almost as often as they hit.
If a Pokemon has a horrible Special Attack and still wants to use Special Attacks, Fire Blast is the right option.


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Flamethrower is much better. It's a strong attack. And he doesn't miss much.
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Not necessarily.

Flamethrower is good for special sweepers who do require the accuracy in battle. Fire Blast on the other hand is better on physical sweepers like Blaziken or things like Weezing so they don't get walled by steel types and other physical walls a.k.a. Skarmory. In this case Fire Blast is prefered over Flamethrower because you really need to take out that wall fast, or it will start to wreak havoc on your physical sweeper.
D/P makes this argument useless

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I would rather use Flamethrower, especially because many pokemon have the ability Pressure, and if I were to use any of those powerful, yet low PP and low accuracy moves, there may be a chance that I won't even hit due to the usage of 2 PP instead of 1. If you don't want to succumb to Pressure easily, use Flamethrower, unless your Special Attack is low, like below 200.
Flamethrower, Kyogre+Thunder/Rain Dance+Thunder, Ice Beam, Surf I'm kind of shaky on for D/P, I'm only using it for HM slaves, not one of my team pokemon will have Surf.


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In my opinion,I think that Flamethrower is the best.Flamethrower has 100% hit percentage and good damage.Fire Blast is okay in my opinion but only for pokemon that have lower Special Attack.


I prefer accuracy, so Flamethrower.


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Flamethrower...the better accuracy on flamethrower makes it better.


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I go for accuracy but fire blast's accuracy is higher than most 120 damanging moves.


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More PP, More Accuary but a little weaker > Stronger, Low accuary, low PP


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This is another pointless thread >_> everyone with half a brain knows that flamethrower is better, and seriously people, everyone's post is pretty much the same.


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It depends really. If i am in a tight situation i would rather the accuracy, but if it is like a final option i would use fire blast