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Flamethrower or Fire Blast

120 Power and bad acc and PP or 95 in Power and good acc and PP?

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Malachite Treecko

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I can't see why people abandon surf. It's a great move, and all battles aren't double battles. Also a pokemon with Water Absorb would be great for those battles.


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You said something completly diffrent earlier :/ are You sure you have an opinion, or do you just repeat what everybody is saying?
hey dude...i know what i am saying...and i have changed my mind...flamethrower isnt powerfull but it always works...


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i think flamethower is better.. you get almost the same fire power with 3 times the PP


I used to like Hydro Pump better. Until my Feraligatr lost to a Dragonite because it missed 8 times straight.

I was 9 at the time.


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lol...u are right like hydro pump..but u are a bit unluky...


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Well basically the better overall are the more accurate ones (flamethrower, ice beam, thunderbolt) that doesn't mean that they are the only choice however.

Fire Blast ends up making better use for pokemon that need a fire attack, but have terrible special attack stat. examples: ninetailes, arcanine, weezing, rapidash.

Thunder is pretty much only good with a kyogrue on your team, or a rain dish/swift swim pokemon, generally water teams.

Blizzard sucks....don't use it, unless of course you're playing red and blue version ^_^


Questshipping 4ever!
I use Fire Blast on Legends only. Otherwise, Flamethrower all the way.


Salingerian Phony
Fire Blast could also conceivably be better for Pokémon that aren't of the Fire type but can learn both, such as Clefable. (Also, Arcanine's Special Attack is 100, which is pretty good, and Rapidash can make up for its inferior Special Attack with Flare Drive.)


Wi-fi name is Spice
Some friends and I argued about which was best, Flamethrower or Fire Blast.

I think Flamethrower is better, as it has 100% accuracy and 15-24 in PP, while Fire Blast has bad Accuracy and 5-8 in PP.
So which one is the best? Discuss.

Also, Thunderbolt VS Thunder, Ice Beam VS Blizzard and Surf VS Hydro Pump would be something more. (and I know the Rain Dance + Thunder combo)
I prefer moves with accuracy over moves with power. What's the point of having a powerful move if it can't even hit your opponent? So I prefer flamethrower over fire blast, ice beam over blizzard, thunderbolt over thunder only if you don't use the rain dance combo and surf over hydro pump.


<Soto the Quilava!
Flamethrower. Fire Blast is stronger, but its accuracy and PP suck. Probably about 3/5 will acctually hit, whereas you can use Flamethrower up to 15 times and don't need luck to avoid missing often. And, fire moves aren't really good for anything but what they're uper-effective against, which you shouldn't need a Fire Blast to beat. Flamethrower is perfect.


Shinx <3
Flamethrower, because you can't sacrifice a turn to faint the enemy in a tight situation, then your Fire Blast misses and then you'd unexpectedly lose.


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u are right.....flamethrower is always works...
Flamethrower is way better.
Fire Blast may be powerful, but if you can't connect with it, it doesn't matter.


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I'm one who prefers accuracy, thus why I HATE hustle.
Unless it's Kyogre and Thunder, then it's thunder all the way.
Thunder is only good if you can get a Rain Dance trick in there.
Blizzard is just crap. 70% acc?


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Blizzard Must Have Low Acc. But Its Power Is Awsome...