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Flaming Vengenance (Modified HL-On)

Discussion in 'Rate My Deck' started by Alakazam, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. Alakazam

    Alakazam I like cheerios.

    3 Larvitar (POP1)
    2 Dark Pupitar (TRR)
    1 Dark Tyranitar (TRR)
    3 Houndour (EM)
    2 Dark Houndoom (TRR)
    3 Sentret (TRR)
    2 Furret (TRR)
    3 Cubone (TRR)
    2 Dark Marowak (TRR)
    3 Slugma (UFO)
    2 Magcargo (DX)

    2 Pokemon Retriever
    2 Professor Elm's Training Method
    2 Rocket's Mission
    2 Potion
    2 Energy Search
    2 Lady Outing
    2 Ancient Tomb
    1 Solid Rage
    1 Scott
    1 Dual Ball
    1 Life Herb

    7 Fighting
    3 Fire
    2 Holon FF
    4 Darkness

    Any changes will be needed. It is a damage-builder deck.
  2. Avegaille

    Avegaille ジャッジメントですの!

    Hmm, is it too late to give advice? o_O;;;

    Let's see...

    You seem to have a little problem with evolution lines. I recommend at least two to three to get the cards faster. And if Dark Tyranitar is going to be your main Pokemon in your deck, you should consider addingo ne more, just in case this one gets Knocked Out or to make it come out faster. But since you have the Pokemon Retriever in your deck, I doubt you won't have a problem on your Tyranitar staying in your discard pile for the rest of the game. It's jsut the draw problem is what bothers me.

    Hmm, Energy Search, waste of space in a deck. Lady Outing is good, a substitute for Mr. Stone's Project if you're a dual-type but can't seem to get yourself a hold on Mr. Stone's Project. Just remember that Lady Outing only searches for three different basic energy cards. And you might wanna consider getting more Life Herbs replace them with Potions, although it's a bit risky... I doubt Dual Ball will have a purpose in your deck unless you have more than one in it. You can replace it either with Rocket's Mission or another type of draw card. Hmm, you mgiht also want to add in mroe Solid Rage cards in your deck if you want ti to appear more often. I think you can't attach it to a Pokemon with Dark in its name (check the descrption for me, please), so I dunno if you can use it. But if in case it's applicable to Dark Types, then you might consider having mroe than one in your deck.

    And I don't think you have problems with Energy cards, as long as you have the draw cards. Furret's Quick Change can get those energy cards, but it's sometimes a bit risky if you don't have the Furret in play.

    Hope this helps... o_O;;;

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