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Flare Café- 'Cause we be Fabulous

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by thaislex, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. thaislex

    thaislex walking oxymoron

    Flare Café- 'Cause we be Fabulous

    Hello and welcome to Thais’ and McLuvn’s trade shop! CLOSED FOR NOW

    1.All of Serebii's rules apply here.
    2. I can and do clone my Pokemon, if you have a problem with this please do not trade with me :)
    3. PLEASE POST ALL FIRST REQUESTS IN THE SHOP. You may pm us after to talk about specifics :).
    4. All of my pokemon are legal to my knowledge, if anything looks suspicious please pm me and I will be sure to rectify the situation.
    5. I am a college student, and my brother and I can get busy with life sometimes, if you do not manage to catch us at a good time it may take a day or two for us to trade. Please be patient :).
    6. My lists do not always specify if something is UT, has HA, gender, IVs, pokerus status, eggmoves, ball, or any other question you may have. If you are interested in any of these please pm me.
    7. Breeding for specific IVs takes time. If you ask for IVs on a gender broken ratio pokemon (like asking for a female eevee or female starter) I will ask for more in exchange and it will take me longer to get ready.
    8. As I am just starting this shop I do not have set trading ratios in mind, however this may change with time :).
    9. Please don’t be rude, aint nobody got time for that. ;)

    • Movie14 victini
    • Feb2012 Mewtwo
    • WINTER2013 Garchomp
    • Pokémon Movie 2011 - Carlita's Hydreigon (shiny)
    • "eppie" shiny mew
    • Hayley’s mew
    • Japanese November 2009 heartgold soulsilver event Mew
    • V-create Rayquaza/populatiry poll rayquaza
    • Birth island deoxys
    • palkia (egg)
    • member card darkari
    • Popularity poll arceus
    • Birthday Togekiss (dream ball)
    • Pokemon fan Mamoswine (nicknamed; dream ball)
    • japanese guidebook porygon (dream ball)
    • Halloween Banette (dream ball)
    • Befriend a pokemon Flareon (dreamball)
    • GAMSTP pichu
    • WIN2011 Celebi
    • Channel Jirachi
    • SMR2010 Jirachi
    • GAMSTP Jirachi
    • Nobunga's shiny rayquaza
    • Liberty garden victini
    • SPR2012 reshiram
    • 10ANNIV raikou
    • "Sing" pikachu (with moves: sing,teeter dance,encore,electroball)
    • "fly" pikachu (with moves: fly, iron tail, electro ball, quick attack)
    • Kyushu Trains Event Sceptile
    • Japanese TCG starter Chimchar (dream ball)
    • Japanese TCG starter Monferno (dream ball)
    • Japanese TCG starter Piplup (dream ball)
    • Korean Pokemon Peer charmander (dream ball)
    • Target Lucario (dream ball)
    • ALMOS Darkrai
    • japanese shiny "movie" Entei
    • Pokemon Dream radar Landorus
    • Pokemon dream radar Giratina
    • TRU Regigigas
    • Celebrate Espion
    • pokeball vivillion
    • VGC10 eevee (evolved into jolteon and leveled up by 7)
    • E4ALL Manaphy
    kalos shiny:
    • Pancham: male/female, serious/naïve, nicknameable, no IVs, quickball
    • Noibat : female, modest, nicknameable, 2IVs, premier ball
    • (French) Noibat: female, timid, 5IVs, pokeball
    • clauncher: male, quiet, nicknameable, no IVs, dive ball
    • charmeleon, male, rash, 2IVs, ultraball
    • klefki, female, naïve, nicknameable, no IVs, quickball
    • gliscor, male, adamant, nicknameable, no IVs, luxury ball
    • lampent, male, relaxed, nicknameable, no IVs, dusk ball
    • (French) carbink, bold, 3IVs, pokeball
    • (French) trevenant, male, docile, 2IVs, premire ball
    • (French) Greninja, female, timid, (nicknamed black pearl), 5IVs, pokeball
    • (French) floette, female, relaxed, 2IV, premier ball
    • Metagross, docile, no IVs, pokeball
    • (Japanese) Cradily, male, relaxed, 3IVs, pokeball
    • Honedge, male, adamant, 5IVs
    • Aggron, female, careful, 4IVs
    • Helioptile, female, hardy, no IVs
    • Sevipre, female,
    • Vivillion (sandstorm), female, timid, 6IVs
    • Vivillion (monsoon), female, timid, 5IVs
    • Vivillion (high plains), female, nicknamable, 2IVs
    • Vivillion (ocean), male, timid, 5IVs
    • koffing, female, bold, 6IVs
    • Inkay, male, adamant, 6IVs
    • Fenniken, male, modest, 6IVs
    • Pumpkiboo, male, adamant, 5IVs
    • (german) Frokie, male,timid, 5IVs
    • Swirlix, female, naughty,6IVs
    • Meowstic, male, timid, 5IVs
    non-event legendaries:
    • Landorus
    • Heatran
    • Terrakion(shiny)
    • Virizion(shiny)
    • Cobailon (shiny)
    • Mewtwo (Shiny)
    • Kyurem (shiny/non-shiny)
    • Reshiram (nicknamed)
    • Palkia
    • Thunderous (nicknamed)
    • Landerous
    • Tornadus
    • Giratina
    • xerneas
    • palkia
    • Lugia (moon ball)
    • Zekrom
    • Articuno
    • Zapdos
    • Regice
    • Regsteel
    • Regrock
    • Heatran

    eggmove pokemon:
    • Feebas: dragonpulse
    • Klefki: switcheroo
    • Eevee: wish, yawn, curse (dream ball)
    • frokie: toxic spikes
    • pancham: storm throw
    • Azumerill: aqua jet, super power
    • skarmory: stealth rock, whirlwind
    • goomy: irontail, acid armor, curse, counter
    • Tentacruel: knock off, rapid spin
    • swinub: icicle crash, take down
    • chimchar: thunder punch
    • shuppet: destiny bond
    • shellos: yawn
    • mudkip: curse, yawn
    • gligar: counter, baton pass, agility, feint
    • pawniard: pursuit, stealth rock, sucker punch
      All of these can be bread with 5IVs, and if you want a specific ball, I can either:
      • see if I am able to catch one with your chosen ball
      • or you can give me a no IV, no egg move female in the pokeball you want
      Also, if you do not see the egg move pokemon you desire, pm me and we’ll see if we can work something out :)
    5IV pokes:
    • I am able to breed almost any nature/pokemon with 5IVs however it may take me a day. If you want a specific ball see my policy listed in the egg move area.
    • some of my legendaries/shines are 5IV/6IV however atm I did not take the time to go and individually check all of them.

    Special Ball pokemon:
    • Piplup (male, see events)
    • Charmander (male, see events)
    • Chimchar (male, see events)
    • porygon (see, events)
    • Bellsprout (female, HA)
    • Audino (female, HA)
    • Exeggcute (female, HA)
    • Pawniard (female, no HA, see eggmoves)
    • Gligar (HA, female, see eggmoves)
    • eevee (HA, female, see egg moves)
    • Arceus (see events)
    • Murkrow (HA, female)
    • Duskull (HA, female)
    • Giratina (see events)
    • Banette (HA,female, see events)
    • Blaziken (HA, male, Japanese)
    I own both a copy of heart gold and soul silver, if you would like a female (that is catchable in either of those generations) in a specific apricorn ball, I will most likely be able to catch it for you ;).

    • ganlon
    • grepa
    • hondew
    • kee
    • liechi
    • Maranga
    • Petaya
    • Pomeg
    • Qualot
    • Salac
    • Tamato
    coming soon :)
    please pm to ask about gender/nature/if something is UT/abilities/eggmoves/pokeball/ext of pokemon you are interested because its too much for me to list at this time :p

    • (Level ball/dream ball) 5IV adamant Mawile w/ pain split and sucker punch
    • Happy hour inkay
    • Celebrate/birthday pokemon :)
    • pokemon center- mega evolution distribution pokes :)
    • CoroCoro March Gift Charizard
    • VGC pokemon
    • Plasma Deoxys
    • Movie14 Darkri
    • Sing eevee (Mewtwo Awakens - Event at Lalaport Toyosu Mall
      Pokémon Centres eevee)
    • any 2014 events
    • Event dream ball pokes
    • Rare ball females [I LOVE DREAM BALL FEMALES ;D]
    • egg move pokemon
    • Kalos born shinies (prefer actual kalos exclusive pokes)
    • Events that I don’t have
    • Try me :) I like most things I don’t have/ are interesting!
    • Lansat
    • Starf
    • Apricot
    • Kelpsy
    • Wild encounter berries
    try me :)
    I really do like battle items though ;)
    Thank you for stopping bye~​

    SO SO SORRY for such a long between updates. Recently moved out of state for college and just now got a semi-stable internet connection that my 3ds decides to work on. If you have a pending trade with me please pm me. It may take me a while as i am out of the house for 10 hours of my day but i will definitely try to get back to all of you!​
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2015
  2. McLuvn

    McLuvn New Member

    Hey this is McLuvn, the guy from the title!!! We have some new events and we will update soon!
  3. *Kyurem*

    *Kyurem* Call me Pollyanna!

    I am looking for a Bold 5IV Zapdos (Missing Atk) that's Kalos native. Do you have one?
  4. McLuvn

    McLuvn New Member

    hey sorry we do not happen to have that. we do have a zapdos lvl 72 sassy and it has defense special attack and speed but a 0 in atk
    tell us if you are interested
  5. Citygaragehero

    Citygaragehero Mr. Shadow

    If you could get a Shaymin I can trade a Keldeo.

    Well I have one curiosity. Is the Pumpkaboo a large shiny?
  6. McLuvn

    McLuvn New Member

    what kind of shaymin and keldo
  7. Citygaragehero

    Citygaragehero Mr. Shadow

    Legit Shaymin is all I ask as I am almost done filling the dex.

    As for Keldeo it's an event Keldeo.

    Lv. 15
    sp att-44
    sp def-36
    Attacks-Aqua jet, Leer, Double Kick, Bubblebeam.

    No changes to anything.
  8. thaislex

    thaislex walking oxymoron

    Alright :) We will be able to trade momentarily. McLuvn will pm you when he is ready. Would you be interested in the free Movie14 Victini ^_^?
  9. Citygaragehero

    Citygaragehero Mr. Shadow

    Sure. I'll trade something I have an extra of if it's okay.

    Do I register McLuvn or both of you?
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2014
  10. Pokeman Man

    Pokeman Man The Real Slim Shady

    IVs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
    Egg moves: Pursuit, Sucker Punch, Stealth Rock
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Defiant
    Poke Ball: Luxury
    Gender: Female

    Dream Ball Kangaskhan
    Dream Ball Slowpoke
    1x Enigma Berry
    1x Lansat Berry
    (The Kangaskhan and Slowpoke have 5 IVs, but in the wrong places)
  11. thaislex

    thaislex walking oxymoron

    Just McLuvn would be fine as he will be the one taking care of your trade :)
    That is great can i ask if the slowpoke and kangaskhan are females?:) I will be the one breeding for you so i'll message you when you're done :D
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2014
  12. Citygaragehero

    Citygaragehero Mr. Shadow

    Alright got his FC. Ready when he is.

    Edit:Going to have to head to work soon. Don't give away my Victini or Shaymin. When I come back we will finish this.

    Edit 2:Unless I can get a break to use nearby wifi.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2014
  13. thaislex

    thaislex walking oxymoron

    No problem. We'll have it waiting here for you ^_^
  14. McLuvn

    McLuvn New Member

    hey im ready now :)
  15. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    Hi, I'm interested in the following GL events:

    Popularity poll arceus
    Birthday Togekiss (dream ball)
    japanese guidebook porygon (dream ball)
    Halloween Banette (dream ball)
    Befriend a pokemon Flareon (dreamball)
    popularity poll rayquaza
    Japanese TCG starter Chimchar (dream ball)
    Japanese TCG starter Piplup (dream ball)
    Korean Pokemon Peer charmander (dream ball)
    Target Lucario (dream ball)

    Could I know their OT/TID? Thanks :)
  16. Citygaragehero

    Citygaragehero Mr. Shadow

    Thank you very much. Good service from fabulous people.
  17. thaislex

    thaislex walking oxymoron

    Certainly :)
    • Arceus: Gertjan, 42110
    • Togakiss: Fynn, 27931
    • Porygon: (japanase name i can't type), 24462
    • Halloween Banette: Shannon, 50865
    • Flareon: Shannon,50856
    • chimchar: (japanese name i can't spell), 48955
    • charmander: (korean name i can't spell), 06074
    • Rayquaza: (japanese name i can't spell), 02102
    • lucario:Andy, 42700

    I have misplace my piplup atm so i'll have to get back to you on that :/
  18. thaislex

    thaislex walking oxymoron

    Don't you know it ;). Thanks for your business! please come back soon! ;D
  19. Cobalt2

    Cobalt2 Some Random Guy...

    I was wondering, does your Birth Island Deoxys have BW2 Move Tutor moves?
  20. McLuvn

    McLuvn New Member

    no it does not, and it will not for the foreseeable future.

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