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Flareon ex deck


Team Rocket Admin
This hl-on decks stratagy is to get flareion ex out,so I have 3 evees from uf.
1 Flareon ex ds
3 eevee uf
2 delta flareon ds
1 delta tyrannitar ds
1 delta pupitar ds
1 delta larvitar ds
1 delta salemence ds
1 delta shelgon[exoskeleton] ds
1 delt bagon [bite] ds
1 machamp hl
1 machoke hl
1 machop hl
2 hariama ds
2 makuhita ds
1 delta marowak ds
1 cubone ds
2 holon resercher ds
2 holon lass
1 dual ball ds
1 great ball ds
1 master ball ds
4 delta reaserch tower
12 fighting enerchy
16 fire energys
Any advice/opinions?
Your heart is in the right place, but this is just.... no.


4x Eevee (UF)
3x Flareon EX
1x Flareon Delta
2x Larvitar Delta
1x Pupitar "" ""
2x Tyrannitar "" ""
4x Jirachi DX

Is how you should start/.


Team Rocket Admin
But whats wrong with it? BTW I dont have dx jirachi and only have 1 flareon ex.