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I've got an Eeveelution team in training and I'd like to know what a good EV spread would be for my Flareon.

Flareon (M) @ Salac/Leichi Berry

Shadow Ball

Agility will be BP'd to it by a Jolteon. <.<


Well-Known Member
Woah, this is an odd Flareon. It isn't worth using those berries on. Especially since your using it in-game, unless you can clone them.

Yami Marius

Pokémon Wizard
Flareon @ Leftovers
Flamethrower/Fire Blast/Overheat
Curse (if you can breed it)/Iron Tail
Shadow Ball

Crypted Wolf

Well-Known Member
It not worth it. Flareon isjust too slow it isnt work BPing agility too. Use blaziken or heracorss it you want and enrev pokemon.

If you soo fixed on using Flareon, use CB set or curse.

Crypted Wolf

Well-Known Member
please ignore about user,
Flareon @ Choice Band / Salac / Lechi
Nature: Adamant
- Fire Blast / Overheat
- Double-Eadge / Return
- Irontail
- Shadowball