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Flash Games.


De Ibwis Twigga!
Lets discuss them. Right here, right now.

When it comes to flash games I play certain games when I'm in a certain mood. Sometimes I really like a good round of Pandemic, Infectonator : World Dom or any version of 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself. Other times I prefer a game of flOw, Small Worlds or Time Fcuk. And Sometimes I just want to play a simple round of Canabalt or the ever-so-harmonious Robot Unicorn Attack.

So what Flash Games do you like to play?




De Ibwis Twigga!
I knew what the flash game was before I even clicked on it Slick.

Broaden your horizen a little.


Super Mario Crossover is the best non-harmonical flash game.

Eternal Darkness

Eternal Evil
We're supposed to like them?


Petal Paladin
i like the avant garde kind that arnt meant to be games, but thats the only way to show it to others.....like these:

Everyday The Same Dream
Dont Look Back
Passage (its a download)
The Illusionists Dream
and others, but i cannot remember them