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Flower Power! (124)


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Flower Power!

On their trip to Violet City, Ash & Co. come across a trainer with two Bellossom who are trying to participate in a contest but just cant get their rythmn right. Ash decides to try and help them out. Can they do it?

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Team Awesome
Although most of this episode is great (especially the part where Meowth does his bad standup bit), the one thing I really can't stand is that the twerps blast Team Rocket off FOR NO GOOD REASON. The fact that Team Rocket just wants to get in on the festivities early on the episode is no excuse for chasing them off. They weren't even going after any pokemon at the time!

Factory Head Noland

I know, a tiny bit of the time Team Rocket don't do anything wrong but they get blasted off! It's unfair to them....

Seijiro Mafuné

Well, this episode is great because it stars Bellossom in it. GO BELLOSSOM!

Anyone wants to argue pointlessly until the next topic dies?
One of the funny things here was Meowth's "lame" jokes, but I got them and they're funny


Well-Known Member
I enjoyed this episode it had alot of funny moments in it. I enjoyed seeing the Bellossom dance that was very nice and Pikachu learning to dance as part of battling. I cracked up seeing Meowth bomb with those lame jokes, and i'll admit it I snickered at a couple of them. It was nice to see that Bell and Bella finally were able to get that last move down I was happy for them.
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kiss my greens
I liked this episode, especially the bit where Pikachu danced with the Bellossom :D Trying to get Meowth to speak before a huge crowd was also pretty interesting... I'm kinda glad he didn't ^^;

Though it's a big filler, I thought the episode was okay overall.

pokemon fan 132

Well-Known Member
A decent filler,i must say.While this episode wasnt that exciting packed with a lot of action in it,there are some good moments in it.Like Meowth jokes which were funny and seeing Pikachu dancing in battle was cool and interesting too.Not to mention we get to meet Bellossoms in this episode,and im glad that Bell and Bella managed to get the last move right.Overall i was satisfied with this episode.

Poor Team Rocket even when they do nothing wrong they got blasted away.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
I liked this episode, i think that Pikachu actually learned quite a bit from the Bellossom.


I loved it, it was epic in terms of cuteness. :)

I thought it was an epic filler mainly because of Bellossom. Not one but too <3. I squealed when I saw it first. XD Bella and Belle were adorable. I was like wow Bailey nicknamed one of her bellossoms similar to me. <3 I loved the singing and dancing in it. Some of the team rocket bits made me LOL.

liked this episode, especially the bit where Pikachu danced with the Bellossom
^ I loved that part.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice


Grass Pokemon Expert
I really liked this episode for introducing Bellossom (mainly because grass pokemon are my favorite). I don't think that Team Rocket should of been blasted off simply for trying to enter the contest, only when they try to do something wrong like take Pikachu. I wish Ash would have tried to make Charizard learn to dance...that would be pretty funny.

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
A Tamagawa episode is just what I need to cleanse my palate after that stodgy Takeda episode I just watched. Now this is what I call animation! And with all the dancing going on, it helps to have an AD who knows what they're doing. Rei and Hana dancing out of the way of Utsubot's Leaf Cutter is especially well done. There's actual squash and stretch here, which is something I almost never see in anime, let alone on this show in particular!

The animation also really benefits Musashi and Kojirou's first attempt at a stage show. Poses and facial expressions are hysterical throughout, and there's a lot of perfectly timed smear animation when they run on and off the stage. I'm surprised they hadn't really taken advantage of the fact that Nyasu can talk before now, and I love when the poor cat gets stage fright and just shouts "Nya~!" while striking that weird "paws up" pose that he always used to do.

This is the third episode in a row to deal with a Pokémon who can't master a certain skill. We had a Donfan that couldn't sniff out agate, a Hoho that couldn't detect ghosts, and now a Kereihana that can't perform a complex dance move. Already, Jouto is showing signs of digging itself into a rut. But at least this episode proves that the show can be entertaining, even if it sticks to a formula as restrictive as this.

One scene I really liked in this episode is the one right after the commercial break, where we see Musashi-tachi eating dinner in an alley. It's a rather pathetic view of them that makes you realize what terrible Rocket-dan agents they are - Sakaki keeps sending them all these funds, and they blow it on giant mechanical robots and stuff, and they don't leave themselves enough left over to even be able to afford to eat indoors. In fact, it could even be inferred that they got their dinner out of the trash. And really, they bring it all on themselves, if you think about it. But somehow, it's still funny. Kojirou and Nyasu arguing over the last bite, only for Musashi to eat it when they're not looking, is really well done.

This is a very Rocket-heavy episode. In fact, Satoshi-tachi don't seem to get as much screen time as them, and when they are on screen, they don't do much and they don't come across as very compelling characters. All I'll say is thank goodness for Houen.


Great filler.

I loved the Bellossom, it was cute. and Pikachu was amazing, of course....