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<Fly High Graphics>

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Brutaka, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

    PokemonMegaBeast: Don't accuse me of things because you didn't bother to check the first page. I had the first post updated just before I denied the first two requests. Before I even said the shop was open - before I even made a post here after Sweet May reopened it - the first post was already edited.
    I also don't see how being on a laptop would be any different than a desktop, as they use the same operating systems, thus not effecting the browser. And if the browser is the same, so is serebii. Laptops and desktops work in the exact same way. I know technology; I built my own desktop. I might believe you if you were on your phone, but not a laptop.

    I'll Accept your request for now, but watch yourself - you've already annoyed me.
  2. Blaziken10285

    Blaziken10285 The Dojo Master

    Fade Banner
    Subjects(up to 6): Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip
    Small Text: None
    Large Text: Rebirth
    Color Scheme: Green, Red, and Blue
    Notes: I'd really like if you used the new artwork of the three starters. I can link to it if needed, but it didn't ask for it on the subject tab and should be pretty common. Thanks!
  3. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

    Blaziken10285: Accepted!

    Requests completed:

    @PokemonMegaBeast: [​IMG]

    @Blaziken10285: [​IMG]

    Sorry 'bout the way guys. Had other stuff going on. /excuse

    5 Spots Open

    Oh. I suppose I should mention I changed the designs of the front of the shop.


    Kinda neat. They also don't utilize any brushes that are made by other users. Just the Basic Brush that's literally just a circle / blurry circle anyway. So if you have concerns with using special brushes made by users, check these out. They still look great anyway!
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2014
  4. PokemonMegaBeast

    PokemonMegaBeast Im Still Here!

    Hmm Thanks Brutaka :) It looks pretty good. :)
  5. Clone™

    Clone™ Ded

    Vector Banner
    Subject Image (only 1):http://media.pldh.net/dreamworld/628.png
    Color Scheme: something patriotic
    Text: idk do i have to have text? cuz i cant really think of anything. if i do then you can choose something i guess
    Notes: thanks
  6. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

    Cloneblazer12: No, you don't need to have text. Most people want it though. Either way, Accepted!

    Request Completed!

    5 Spots Open
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2014
  7. Clone™

    Clone™ Ded

    It looks amazing Bru, thanks a ton! Your vector banners in general are really well done.
  8. ~Emolga~

    ~Emolga~ Just A Crazy Fangirl

    Simple Banner
    Subject Images (up to 3):This
    Background Image (1 only): This
    Text: Shiny Glaceon
    Dimensions: Same as in sig
    Notes: Can it look like my profile picture? Thanks in advance!
  9. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

    Cloneblazer12: Vector, Shade, League, and Saturation Banners are my favorite banners types, and I like to believe that it shows! I'm just glad you like it! :D

    Shiny Glaceon!: Accepted!

    Request Completed:

    @Shiny Glaceon!
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2014
  10. ~Emolga~

    ~Emolga~ Just A Crazy Fangirl

    Thanks Bru! I love it! If your wondering where the credit is click the banner!
  11. fitzy909

    fitzy909 Just another guy

    Hello peoples. I am seriously impressed by you work, so I'm here to request a banner, please.

    Fade Banner
    Subjects(up to 6):Melia, Dunban, Shulk, Reyn, Sharla, Riki
    Small Text:We Stand
    Large Text:United
    Color Scheme: Whatever you think works.
    Notes:Large text before small text. (Should read 'united we stand')
    Please feel free to do what you think looks best. You are the artist, so I trust your judgement.

    Yeah, I'm a Xenoblade fan, could you tell? Oh, and thank you in advance.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2014
  12. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

  13. Snivy18

    Snivy18 Well-Known Member

  14. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

    Snivy18: Accepted, though I have to ask - Yellow for color scheme? With a red and blue background? Red and blue already clash enough as it is, adding yellow only makes the problem worse D:
    And the program I use is Photoshop CS3.

    3 Spots Open
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2014
  15. Cosmic Fury

    Cosmic Fury Evil Overlord

    Hey Brutaka, it's been a while! The time has finally come for me to request a banner, for a trade shop I'm opening. :)

    Tech Banner
    Subject Image: Your choice -- Preferably a Pokemon using its signature move, or a battle scene of any sort. (It just needs to look cool.)
    Text: Strategic Solutions (in a prominent area of the picture)
    Color Scheme: Your choice -- I just need the colors to clash in a way that makes the image itself flow.
    Notes: As this banner is for a trade shop, I need this image to be very large -- preferably around the size of your own thread's main banner. (If I can have the image to where I'm able to downsize it to signature size, that'd be awesome as well!)

    Thanks again!!!
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2014
  16. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

    Cosmic Fury: I suppose I never came in here to officially accept this one after I got clarification. But I suppose I'll see what I can do.

    2 Spots Open
  17. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess

    I would like a Vector Banner please.
    Subject Image (only 1): Kirlia
    Color Scheme: Green
    Text: Crash & Charm
    Notes: Make it awesome
  18. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

    Crash & Charm: Accepted!

    Apologies to my Waiting List! College started again and Ive been running around like crazy ^_^' Ill get to it as soon as I can!

    1 Spot Open!
  19. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

  20. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

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