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<Fly High Graphics>

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Brutaka, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Chidzz

    Chidzz Well-Known Member

    Oh, my goodness! I never expected that to look so good! Thanks so much
  2. Everlasting

    Everlasting Everything stays.

    Wow, that was fast, Brutaka! It's wonderful, thanks! :p
  3. Novaray

    Novaray New Member

    Looks awesome! Any chance you can make it say Tyranitars? Made a typo in my original post
  4. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

  5. DevilFruit

    DevilFruit Good Kitty

    Oh my goodness! It looks awesome!
    And I remember reading in other artshops to save the artwork if it was from photobucket. What sites or programs can I use to save it?
  6. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

    DevilFruit: Photobucket, Imageshack, and ******* all work.
    They usually say to save it if its from Photobucket because PB has a limited bandwidth. But I have a Plus Account, so I have unlimited bandwidth. So you don't have to if you don't want to.
  7. DevilFruit

    DevilFruit Good Kitty

    Okay, thanks for the reassurance! I don't have any of those accounts but thanks for doing that.
  8. Chayra

    Chayra Claws of Fury

    TCG Fade Banner
    Pokemon(Up to 7): Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Shaymin, Meloetta
    Small Line Text(Keep at minimum): None
    Large Text(Use 1 or 2 words for best effect): Events
    Text Glow(*Color*//none): Yellow
    Image Outline(*Color*//Default): Yellow
    Notes: Please scale down to a size similar to the League Banner (my previous request)

    As a second request, my previous request (the League Banner), if you still have that saved is it possible for you to turn that into an Avatar by cutting just above the bar? Not sure how to request that using one of your forms and my PS skills don't even reach that far >.<
  9. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

    Aranox: Completed!

    EDIT: New Banner type!

    Gear Banners
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    So I've been a bit behind the ball on Gear Banners compared to other shops, but I wanted to make sure that I could get my own style down and working before I revealed them. But now I finally did and they are completely ready to request! Aren't they just so dang cool looking!?​

    Also, I updated the examples for the TCG Fade Banners to fit the new style I was giving out recently.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2013
  10. Floette

    Floette Fennekin

    It is perfect! Thank you so much :)
  11. Chayra

    Chayra Claws of Fury

    Aside from my earlier request;


    Background(2 Colors//Or an Image): White/yellow
    Subject(One only, *Pokemon*//*Trainer*//*Image without a background*): Jirachi
    Animated(Y//N, Pokemon only): Yes
    Pokemon Position (be descriptive): Right side
    Text(Keep Small): Ara's Cavern
    Transparent Pattern Type(Stripes/Tech/Checkerboard/None): Tech
    Notes: Hope it's not too much text :)
  12. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

    Last edited: Jul 20, 2013
  13. EonDragonFTW

    EonDragonFTW Well-Known Member

    Clan Userbars
    Length(Long//Short): Long
    Popout(Y//N): No
    Background(2 Colors//Or an Image): Black and Blue
    Animated(Y//N, Pokemon only): Yes
    Pokemon Position (be descriptive): More towards the right edge
    Transparent Pattern Type(Stripes/Tech/Checkerboard/None): Tech

    Subject: Charizard
    Text: Dracoea Division- Learner's Rank
    Subject: Aerodactyl
    Text: Dracoea Division- Stormer Rank
    Subject: Aggron
    Text: Dracoea Division- Blitzer Rank
    Subject: Flygon
    Text: Dracoea Division- Draco Rank
    Subject: Salamence
    Text: Dracoea Division- Supernova Rank
    Subject: Garchomp
    Text: Dracoea Division- Apocalypse Rank
    Subject: Latias
    Text: Dracoea Division- Legend Rank
  14. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

    EonDragonFTW: Completed!
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2013
  15. Jdrawer

    Jdrawer ...

    Pokemon to be fused together: Machamp, Mamoswine, Gyarados, Alakazam
    Who shall be the base: None. I would like for this to be able to stand as its own creature.
    Notes/Extras: If you could PM me when complete, that'd be great. I'm fine with anyone here completing this or the next request.

    Pokemon(1): Ditto
    What type shall it become: Fighting
  16. Blackjack the Titan

    Blackjack the Titan It’s been a while

    Big request for you, Brutaka. Well not big in quantity, but maybe difficult is a better word.

    Pokemon to be fused together(Up to 4): Drifblim, Ho-Oh, Blaziken, Infernape
    Who shall be the base: Drifblim
    Notes/Extras: Use Infernape's colour scheme. Replace Drifblim's bows, with Blaziken's arms. Attach Ho-Oh's wings to the top-left and top-right parts of Drifblim. Infernape's head flame will replace Drifblim's cloud and come out of the bottom of Drifblim (a flame spewing out of the hot-air balloon basically).
  17. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

    Jdrawer: Accepted, but I'm probably gonna pass this one onto Shadow, since you don't mind. That way I don't have to deny the next person.

    BAP Blackjack: Completed!
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2013
  18. RedDragoon

    RedDragoon New Member

    Hey bro i want a PokeRider

    Pokemon (only pokemon that have backs/can be ridden): White Kyurem
    Trainer sprite: Blue
    Facing right or left: Right
  19. Mochi10

    Mochi10 MEWsic <3

    RedDragoon: Accepted, but next time add the artist's name (in this case, me) so we know who should do the request.


    Requests Completed


    Last edited: Jul 15, 2013
  20. Volcer

    Volcer Shur'tugal

    Decon Tech Banner
    Subject(Link to an Image, or in a Spoiler): http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/de/646Kyurem-Black2.png
    Subject Position(Left, Right, or Center): Center
    Tech Brush Color*: WHat you think looks good with the image
    Glow Color*: What you think looks good with the image
    Text Line One: Valaraukar
    Text Line Two: TSC Dragon Sector Co-Leader
    Notes/Extras: Could you put an accent above the "u" in Valaraukar, like in my username?

    Hope I filled this out correctly, and thanks!

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