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Flygon debate for my team...

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by Clockworkz, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. Clockworkz


    Should I get a flygon on my team? I was debating another overpowered Salamence or a Kingdra, but Flygon seems neat... Is it really worth it to get one? If so, why?
  2. 9voltdude

    9voltdude Behold! More Corn!

    you should use dragonite insted.

    (thats what helped me win my last tournament).
  3. chaos952

    chaos952 NSFW

    LOL. Salamence and Kingdra overpowered? No. Overrated? Maybe.

    If you do choose to use Flygon, go:

    Adamant Nature @ Choice Band
    Rock Slide
    Quick Attack
    Fire Blast
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2006
  4. Prof.BIG

    Prof.BIG Marsh Trainer

    It depends what kind of team you want. So if you want like one type of team or a balanced team? We'll need to know the rest of your team.
  5. PersianKing

    PersianKing Guest

    I would Choose Kingdra.
  6. Horn Drill

    Horn Drill ヘタリア!

    Kingdra is poopy. Use chaos952's Flygon with 252 Atk/252 Speed/6 HP.
  7. For InGame, I suggest Return over QA on chaos952's Flygon.
  8. Spectre

    Spectre I'm the Juggernaut!

    QA is for an always first hit. Not just a normal move.
  9. Good point, but there aren't many things that will threaten Flygon InGame if they outspeed it. If something will threaten it, there's always the switch option.

    I could, of course, be wrong on that.
  10. Spectre

    Spectre I'm the Juggernaut!

    Battle Frontier has plenty of endrevers. Gets annoying, so a QA will take it out.
  11. jindahouse

    jindahouse Water Pokemon Master

    go for flygon i tryed to raise a salmence it is so overated but kingdras are good and are only weak againsts dragons
    good moves for flygon are
    dragon Claw
    Iron Tail/Crunch
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2006
  12. aipomkong

    aipomkong prophecy fulfilled

    no you are crap

    and hyper beam is also crap
  13. 9voltdude

    9voltdude Behold! More Corn!

    hyper beam REALLY sucks.
  14. Horn Drill

    Horn Drill ヘタリア!

    lol at Salamence being overratted.

    lol at Kingra being good.

    lol at "dragons breath" and Hyper Beam on Kingdra.

    Crunch is probably better on Flygon than Hyper Beam.
  15. Hemp Man

    Hemp Man Soul Trainer

    crunch flygon sucks.

    kingdra is good, but overrated ._.
  16. Horn Drill

    Horn Drill ヘタリア!

    So does Hyper Beam anything. =/

    I would probably just leave it at "mediocre". Good is a bit much.
  17. Hemp Man

    Hemp Man Soul Trainer


    it has ONE flaw, movepool, might as well say tarous is medicore due to its movepool.
  18. Horn Drill

    Horn Drill ヘタリア!

    Aaaaand we're really gonna be using Flygon a lot in RBY. >_>;

    "Movepool" is a pretty big flaw.

    Kingdra's stats aren't all that great either.

    Tauros can CB, Kingdra can't do anything special.
  19. Hemp Man

    Hemp Man Soul Trainer

    Kindgra can Swift Swim ._.

    tarous = 490 total base stat
    kindgra = 540 base stat
  20. Horn Drill

    Horn Drill ヘタリア!

    Which requires rain, which pretty much always requires Kyogre, which requires an uber battle.

    Tauros' stats are placed better than Kingdra's are. =/

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