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Flygonzilla's sig pic request thread!

Shiny Venusaur

Internet Relic
insain could i have a shiny veunusaur?


Shiny Master
Stop requesting now, please! She hasn't posted for a while, and all you're doing is bumping and old thread. ><


**_ IS FEMALE _**
*sigh* It's been months since I last visited... well, if you all haven't been reduced to skeletons in my absence, I've finished the kopu v pikachu pic:


Now since my updates have become few and far between, I've decided to make some changes to this thread. I even thought of closing it down at one point, but I guess I can keep it alive as long as the thread doesn't get automatically pruned.

First off, I'd like to say that when I made this thread well over a year ago, I basically had nothing better to do. This was the only place I had posted art, and I started the thread because I wanted something to fill in the time. It worked - thanks to all you wonderful members of SPPF (and some of the ones that aren't so wonderful), I always had something to do when I would have otherwise been sitting idle at my computer.

Things have changed since then - I've become part of quite a number of sites - neopets, deviantart, and various others. I've been drawing a lot better, with a wider range of mediums (I used to be tied to ms paint ><), and at the same time schoolwork has become harder. Next year I'll be in year ten and the workload will only increase. Sorry to sound corny, but I have my own ambitions to pursue now. I'm entering art competitions and this and that and I've only been keeping this thread alive because of a sense of "duty".

Changes made:
- The number of requests I can take at a time is no longer fixed; it will depend on what my last post says
- I can choose to use whatever medium I like unless specified - I do this coz I'm sick of using ms paint in every single one of my pieces
- Umm... hopefully, although the requests will be much, much fewer, they'll be better quality. And there'll probably be both large and small (200 x 200) versions posted; that way I can fit more detail into them and if you want to put them in your sig you can use the smaller one (or crop the bigger one)
- I'd also ask you to spend a good lot of time writing your request (if I'm open). I don't enjoy one or two-line requests very much (where's the creativity in "draw me a X!"?). Probably will update the form some time. This is so that the finished product will look better - it's so much fun drawing from a complicated and thorough request!

Don't worry, if you've already sucessfully requested (i.e. requested when I was actually open), I'll finish your requests, but it may take a while :)

To do: Recoloured grovyle, baby groudon

I am currently closed.