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Flygonzilla's sig pic request thread!

Marty MC

could u plz try to draw arbok killing pichu
tnx in advance


**_ IS FEMALE _**
the slowpoke was another one of those things that are hard to resize without mutilating it, lol.

full size:
sig size:

edit: aaak! another bout of 'too many requests'! now i'm editing in another rule: if you post a request when i've already got two requests to do, then you shall fear the wrath of my DE-REP BUTTON! unless it was posted while someone else was posting or something like that. the people above this post get away with it because they did it before i made this rule.

another edit: groudon is done!

full size:

sig size:
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ca you make me a blastoise, charizard, feraligtr and swampert. all seperate pics please.

Oh and take you time on them.


Yes I use MS paint
Can i have a Squirtle riding on a Dewgong


**_ IS FEMALE _**

thats the sound of me shouting at you for flooding me with requests.

anyways, i've done the charizard. i had lots of fun doing the fire. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v702/eyesandearsmouthandnose/charizard4.png

woot! i got my old laptop back! yay... now i can have slightly better features.

the pair of lati@s are coming... but it'll be a while because i cant think of a pose.


**_ IS FEMALE _**
well, it took ages, but i did the lati's!

full size: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v702/eyesandearsmouthandnose/latis3.png

sig size: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v702/eyesandearsmouthandnose/latis4.png

pidgeot is coming!

edit: pidgeot is here! i hope its not too fat... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v702/eyesandearsmouthandnose/pidgeot3.png

another edit: oops! it seems only now do i realise that bmps aren't allowed... i've deleted the old bmps and replaced them with pngs! all those that were done before i got my laptop back shall be notified by PM!

another another edit: torchic is finished! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v702/eyesandearsmouthandnose/torchic3.png

woot! i finished the first page of requests. now as for the arbok + pikachu... should there be blood in it or not?
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Can you make me a Vaporeon with a silver bracelet on her tail & make her have two silver rings/piercings on either side of the fin on the end of her tail? ( ----| the end of her tail) no background and in Black & White? and please make her standing, then your sweet :) thanks


**_ IS FEMALE _**
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i know there are more than two requests so this is majorly take your time but if i dont post it now i proably wont get another chance because theyre really cool XD

when your finished with others can i have a baby groudon hitting a baby kyorge with a rattle and could they be like really cute and could the kyorge be wincing with the text saying: The creation of hoen