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Flygonzilla's sig pic request thread!


**_ IS FEMALE _**


mostly lurking
You'll try fakes? Thanks!
could I have a picture of geotor and pachiflame, the mammoth and raptor in my sig, fighting please? If you will, please don't make one of them be losing, just them fighting. Thanks!

Marty MC



**_ IS FEMALE _**
sneasel! i love the thing ... 's appearance! not its stats or movepool or type combo, though.

deefunx said:
im not pushing but how far are you into the requests?
umm... i've just finished the sneasel, and i'm going to do the vappy, then the umbreon, then the fakemon, then yours.

and you're all welcome yukitsukai, Xeno lugia, golden houou, hockeydude, charizard3, Swellow_ and leader Marty (plus others that i may have missed) :) im a bit slow...

edit: and heres the vaporeon! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v702/eyesandearsmouthandnose/vappy3.png

another edit: aaand umbreon is done! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v702/eyesandearsmouthandnose/umbreon4.png
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could I have a mew and celebi together picture please?

thanks in advance^^


can i have lugia and ho-oh flying over the ocean at night time
thx in advance


mostly lurking
Wow! Thank you SO much! *hugs the piccy* Im gonna go put it in my sig now...



Mewtwo holding a shadow ball plz.

If it's not too much trouble, could you give me a 100 x 100 version along with the original? THANK YOU.


**_ IS FEMALE _**


could you do another for me now that youve finished my other one

could i have a baby attack deoxys with 3 of his tentacles around his legs andthe 4th as if its being sucked like a thumb(even though he has no mouth lol) in like a cave please and im putting the creation of hoen in my sig


Thank you so much for the vaporeon :)
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**_ IS FEMALE _**
Lildevil92 said:
no to sound rude but how is my ho-oh lugia pic goin?
i'll be starting it in a sec; i do these pictures one by one and they take a while.

suicune is done!

edit: and heres the ho-oh and lugia flying over the ocean pic!

full size: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v702/eyesandearsmouthandnose/holugia2.png

sig size: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v702/eyesandearsmouthandnose/holugia3.png

mewtwo shall be next (whoa, i'm really going through those ubers)!
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Silver Wind

..blissfully unaware
Since you couldn't do Sabrina, I'd like to request a Shocked Looking Weedle. Finish it whenever, theres no real rush.

Thanks. :)