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FMA: Rebellion

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Any state alchemists should get to Central within 2 or 3 posts. Any vigilantes need to be around the area of a major military command outpost within 2 or 3 posts as well (there is central, north, east, south, and west). This will be fairly open ended, please don't kill any out people unless you contact me if it is a major NPC, and please do not dismember another RPer unless you contact them and me. Also I appaulogize for any and all conveniance caused by the delay of this RP.

The sun shone on the back of Maj. Regults chair though one of Wetern Command' many windows as he scanned over the letter he had just received. The message was embroydered in the seal of the Fuhrer, meaning that it had to be important. He tossed the letter onto his desk after skimming it and went over what is said. "So I have three days to be in Central and I will be under Colonel Mustang, maybe I'll get the chance to see the Elric brothers since they to report to him. Well the train takes a day and a half so I might as well go today and some time to look around the shops of Central. I guess it would be best to go incogneito as to not attract attention." Andre phoned his secretary, "Hold my calls and tell them I am being transfered to Central and can reach me in three days," he hung up and changed into his civilion clothes.

Andre walked out of Western Command and headed twords to train station. As he neared the station a man blocked his way as Andre aproached. "Hand over your money and nobody get hurt," the man said as he drew a gun. Andre laughed at the man and walked cloer. The man pointed the gun at Andre but andre ducked under the man's line of fire, drew a switchblade and stabbed him in the arm. The man let out a loud yell of pain while Andre removed the knife.

"Next time you mug someone, don't choose a high ranking officer in the military." With that he left the man on the ground and went to the train station. As he walked to the platfrom the final call for his train sounded. "Uh-oh," Andrea said as his eyes widened, "isn't that just my luck." He sprinted to the departing train and jumped inbetween two cars that were near the back. "That was too close, I wonder what else could happen today." Hewalked into the train car and sat down by himself and stared at the clouds as the train went.
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The wind was picking up, but Remi knew that he was getting closer to Central City. He had taken this road before, and though it was short he knew it was a very hard road. There were sandstorms at random times, and many small marauders hung out there to rob unsuspecting travelers.

Remi was just making his way down one of the larger sand hills while drinking some whiskey out of his flask. Expectingly eventually a group of marauders did find him and did try to take what money and valuables he did have with him.

The group was small, only of 4 marauders, but they all seemed prepared with ammunition and machetes. They had covered Remi from all four corners, and Remi didn't want to waste the use of his arms on the rough terrain so he just transmuted some rocks into a few battered knives quickly so he could have something to fight with.

"Hes mine" The first marauder said in a very raspy and childlike voice. He jumped and drew his machete as the others acknowlodged his desire and backed out. First the marauder charged at him, but Remi made a quick dodge easily. He knew that they fought with little strategy and maybe over cockilly thought that it would be an easy counter defeat.

When the marauder missed he was angered and he drew his rifle, loaded, but before he could fire Remi was already on the run. After the marauder missed Remi took one of the knives and threw it at the marauder. It hit in the heart and the marauder slowly fell to his knees and then to the ground as the blood started to leak out of his upper chest.

"Who else wants me?!" Remi yelled as the other marauders left with no consideration for their fellow marauders. "Damn marauders, they need to get a life, or at least some skill. Now I need to get to central," Remi said to himself as he planted the remaining daggers in a small bush as he continued his way to Central City.


Chuka chuka chuka

It would take two days and one train stop to get her destination, and Amnis does not have alot of time so if she missed a stop, she would be late. There was barely space between the people in the train, and everyone seemed to be in a hurry. Amnis wondered if alot of people were just as desperate as she was to be in such a hurry, Maybe they were just looking for seats, as they were all taken up and it would not be comfortable to stand all the way from destination to another.

Chuka chuka chuka

She felt an awkward feeling in her stomach, and there was certainly nothing wrong with her body. Maybe her conscience was telling her that she should not have gone on the train because something highly unfortunate might happened. Or maybe she should not have been a State Alchemist after all even though she had learned so much about alchemy and the people behind it, because Amnis felt wronger and wronger with each chuka of the train. She somehow felt wrong to accept this mission because anything could happen, and it was of course not pleasant because if she backed down now, the lieutenant would think she was a coward, and she would not want that.


Meanwhile, in the town of Charon a white skinned, green eyed, brown brown haired adult, wearing a black sleeveless shirt, black pants that matched with his boots, and a circle, a star in the middle with wave symbols touching the star's stips and the lining of the circle, on his forehead, lied on top of the brick clock tower. his name is Jason

Then, all of a sudden, he saw something come. It was blurry because it was a mile away.

Why could it be?

Jason jumped off the tower, tapped his boots, and wind came from the boots and softened the landing.

He tapped his boots once more and walked up to the shadow figure who is walking to town and as they got closer, Jason found out that the figure is.....

Trystus Kurashina

Above the train on its way to Central, a young woman decended through the clouds on her silent angel wings. She landed at the rear of the train, shivering from the cold and moisture of the clouds. The girl, Mira, flapped her wings once to rid them of the droplets of water and allowed them to dry in the sun for a bit before folding them and tucking them into the back of her military uniform.

"I hate getting this uniform wet. It's so hard to dry off...if only I hadn't missed the train..." she muttered. Taking out a towel, she dried off her clothes and hair and then knocked on the back door. A rough, bearded man answered.

"Eh? Who're you?" he asked.

"Umm...I'm with the State Alchemists," Mira answered quietly, pulling out her State Alchemist medallion from her pocket and holding it up for the man to see. "Would you please let me on the train?"

"State Alchemist or not, we don't take well to stowaways." The man advanced, meaning to knock her off the moving train. Mira nimbly dodged around him and unfurled her wings, touching the wingtips to the man's clothing. Blue light glowed as the cloth hardened and the man found himself unable to move. With a whispered, "Sorry," in the man's ear, Mira quickly gagged his mouth with the towel she'd just used to dry off. She folded her wings and pocketed her medallion before she shoved the man's frozen body inside and closed the door behind her.

Leaving the man in the rear car, Mira moved into the rear passenger car, which was rather empty as most of the passengers had gotten off at previous stops. She stepped into the next car and found it much more crowded. She returned to the emptier one and sat down in one of the several empty seats.

Summer Wolf

Akito sat boredly at his desk in Central HQ, balancing a spoon he had salvaged from the Mess Hall on his nose. The many officers walking by stared at him strangely for a second, but they had no right to complain. They were all lower than the Major rank.

There was a stack of paper the golden haired boy was suppose to read and sign, but he felt little desire to do such a thing, more content with balancing a curve oval part of a spoon on his nose.

"Major, shouldn't you be doing your paperwork?" A Sergent dared to ask, staring at Akito with the spoon hooked on his nose. He shrugged, placed the spoon on his desk, and hunched over his paperwork with a pen at hand.

"Yeah, I should Sergent..." There was a pause as Akito tried to figure an excuse to get out of the room. "All right, I'll do the acursed paperwork."

Satisfied, the sergent coninued with his duties, leaving Akito to lazily mark the papers with his signature and skim through the letters.

It was just an ordinary day in Central for Akito, the Land Alchemist, state certified. How he hated doing paperwork...


Jason found out that the figure is.....

It was a bald, brown-eyed, blond-bearded man. He was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt and blue overalls. His white shoes were scratched and dirty.

Jason approached the man and asked him, "Is it time?"
"Yes," The bald man said, "Let's go."

The man gave Jason money. So he went to the town's train station, bought a ticket to Train #777, and went to the way back seat and to Central City, where he begins the mission of his life, for his town.