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Focus Sash + Shedinja?

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If Shedinja were to hold Focus Sash and constantly be at full life but last life, would Focus Sash work every time and make him unkillable?


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First time it is hit is will survive,
second time Shedinja is hit it will die,


~Flames of Passion~
No - it guarantees that for one hit, it will remain at full health. That's it.

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Although, this still makes a good combo, it will tell you if your Shadninja is threatened by this pokemon, so you can switch out your Shadninja unharmed. At least, IMO...
No Pokemon is invincible, just put it that way.

It'd make for a good countering situation though, as in, use the Sac=sh to find out what attack the opponent will use, then you'll pretty much know that's to be the next attack, so switch successfully into a good counter and huzzah you've completed a cool combo.

Horn Drill

Considering there's Sandstorm, Stealth Rock, Spikes, ect. running around all over the place these days, FS Shedinja isn't as good as it sounds. It probably is the best item for Sheddy, though.


ninetales thug 4life
only if skill swap were to work between sableye and shedinja


not the color
It wouldn't work.

In order for the Focus Sash to work, I'm pretty sure you need to have more than 1 HP, just like the Focus Band.

I could be wrong, but I get the feeling it wouldn't work anyway.

And if it's possible with Shedinja's 1 HP, then at maximum, it'd work only once. After the Focus Sash saves it, it won't work again--so no, it won't be "unkillable".


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Um, no.

It'll ensure that one hit is landed with out killing it, but the next hit will kill it.


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It is still a good idea, and I might try it out.


gone gently
Focus Sash is a once-off item. It would save Shedinja once and then be gone.

Question answered.
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