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Follow Your Heart Pearlshipping (Ash/Dawn) Mature/Adult

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Bubbles18, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Bubbles18

    Bubbles18 The Crazy Eevee Lady

    Title: Follow Your Heart

    Characters: Ash/Dawn Ash/Misty Dawn/Kenny

    Rating: Mature/Adult

    Disclaimer: I do not own anyone or anything. Everyone and everything belongs to Pokémon who belongs to 4Kids and Nintendo. I do not make any money/profit or credit from creating this fan fiction.

    Summary: Ash and Dawn, while travelling together, had a relationship that only four people knew. They broke up due to going in different directions with the occasions of meeting up every now and then.

    Now, Dawn is dating Kenny, Ash is dating Misty but their partners is jealous and their nagging is driving Ash and Dawn back together – will they succumb to their initial desires or will they deny themselves of what their heart truly wants?

    A/N: This was inspired as a future fic. I decided to go with it – obviously Pokémon will changes due to travels but they will still have the same Pokémon.

    Warning: Sexual themes, Jealousy, Flashbacks and Violence

    This is NOT related to Through Time and Space!

    Chapter 1: Home Sweet Home…

    Dawn sighed as she opened the front door to her mother’s house and stepped through, smiling when Glameow, her mother’s Pokémon, greeted her with a purr and sliding his body over her legs.

    “Hey, it’s good to see you too,” Dawn bent over at the waist, scratching Glameow’s ears, eliciting a louder purr from the cat before she straightened up as her mother came out of the kitchen.

    Johanna Berlitz smiled brightly when she saw her tired but happy daughter and she embraced her.

    “Welcome home dear.” Dawn wrapped her arms around her mother’s waist.

    “It’s good to be home,” Dawn mumbled into her mother’s shoulder and Johanna smiled as she pulled away and kissed her daughter’s forehead.

    “How were your travels?” asked Johanna as Dawn pulled off her bag and placed it off to the side before removing her hat and jacket and called out her Pokémon.

    Piplup was still the same as ever, he had refused to evolve, liking the way he was. Buneary was also the same. Pachirisu couldn’t evolve but was happy as she ran about, exploring the place once more. Mamoswine was called out into the garden as he was too big to be inside the house and Milotic made her way out of the house and into the back garden to where there was a shade for her to lie under.

    “It was good, May and I had a really good time,” Dawn told her mother as they made their way into the kitchen and Dawn sat down at the counter as her mother returned to her cooking.

    “Where is May?” Johanna looked at Dawn from over her shoulder. “I thought she was planning on coming back with you.” Dawn nodded.

    “She was but she bumped into Drew and some other coordinators and went with them to catch up. She said she will come by once she found out the routes for the next contests.”

    “Ah, that makes sense,” Johanna nodded as she turned back to her cooking; tasting it to make sure they were seasoned properly. She nodded once more when they tasted ready before pouring the soup out into the bowls and placed one in front of Dawn and two off to the side, getting a confused look from Dawn at the extra bowl.

    “I have a surprise for you,” Johanna said before she looked over Dawn’s shoulder. Dawn, confused, turned around only to meet the brown eyes of her former travelling partner standing in the doorway with a bright smirk.

    “Ash!” greeted Ash as she threw her arms around his neck, hugging him. Ash laughed as he stumbled slightly before he straightened himself and hugged her back.

    “I missed you too.” He kissed the side of her head before letting her go. “You look great.” Dawn rolled her eyes, amused.

    “So do you,” she took in the changes of his outfit, he wore a white shirt and black jeans with boots. Ash took in her changes; she wore a white skirt and a light blue shirt with a white tank top.

    Both of them moved over to the table and sat down, tucking into the bowls of soup while they exchanged stories of their travels when Dawn moved on to their old friends.

    “How is everyone?” Dawn asked.

    “Brock is doing great, he is dating someone,” Ash told her and Dawn grinned.

    “Really? Who?” asked Dawn but got a headshake.

    “He won’t tell us, says he wants to make sure it’s going to be serious before he does,” explained Ash and Dawn nodded in understanding. “My mom and Professor Oak are fine – they have a party coming up soon and you’re invited.” Dawn nodded. “Tracy and Gary are still doing research and everyone is doing pretty well.”

    “That’s great – I’ve kept in contact but we didn’t get to communicate as much,” Dawn explained and Ash nodded.

    “Neither did I, I tried to keep in contact but my battles kept taking over – people kept asking me for battles on my travels,” Ash told her and Dawn grinned.

    “And you’re surprise?” she took a sip of her drink, “You are a pretty famous battler considering your big win at the leagues.” Ash shrugged, scratching the back of his head. Dawn’s smile faded. “Have you seen Paul?” Ash shook his head with a sigh.

    “Not since our last battle, Reggie assures me that he is around…he’s just not that into battling at the moment,” Ash explained and Dawn sighed as she cupped her hands around her glass.

    Paul and Ash had a big battle that resulted in Paul losing big time to Ash and losing one of his Pokémon. He had exerted his Pokémon too much that it had been drained of energy and died. It had been such a big shock to Paul as he trained his Pokémon to be the strongest there was but seeing it die in front of him had caused a huge crack and none of them had seen Paul around any longer.

    “I hope he is okay,” Dawn whispered, “I mean, I know we didn’t really get along with each other but losing a Pokémon like that must have been hard on him.” Ash nodded in agreement, there had been a few times he almost lost Pikachu but he had been lucky, Pikachu had always fought back.

    “I’m sure he is,” Ash whispered and both of them shared sad smiles before they looked up at Johanna as she made her way back into the kitchen, she had left after Ash and Dawn caught up.

    “How was the soup?” she asked with a smile.

    “It was great, Johanna,” Ash told her and she waved it off.

    “I’m just glad that you two are eating proper meals, especially now you don’t have Brock travelling with either you,” Johanna reminded before shuddering, “I dread to think about what you are eating now.” Dawn grinned.

    “May has a fantastic nose for food, we have been eating out different places,” Dawn assured her mother and Ash nodded.

    “My travelling partners are the same – some of them could cook and others had found good places to eat,” Ash said before shrugging. “You know me, food is food,” he grinned at the giggles he got from mother and daughter.

    “Yes, I know you,” Johanna told him, fondly, as she took the bowls and headed over to the sink. “Why don’t you two go on? I’m going out to catch up with Delia.” Ash and Dawn nodded as they stood up from the table and headed out of the kitchen.

    Delia and Professor Oak had bought a small house in Twinleaf Town as the two women ended up creating a friendship due to their children becoming best friends and later, lovers. They still held out hope that Ash and Dawn would get back together but it would all depend on their children.

    Ash and Dawn made their way into Dawn’s room and Ash grinned when he saw the pictures all over her wall. Dawn had been taking pictures ever since she started travelling with him, wanting to take memories as much as she could.

    Dawn kicked her shoes off and climbed onto the bed. Ash did the same, rising to his knees to look at all the pictures before one of them caught his eyes and he laughed.

    Dawn was on Ash’s back, her face buried into the back of his head while he was hopping all over the place due to the Sharpedo that Dawn had inadvertently caught while fishing.

    “Are you sure this is safe?” asked Dawn as she looked at the water with a wary look, “I mean, the last time I went fishing, I caught Buizel who knocked out nearly all of our Pokémon.” Ash and Brock grinned at Dawn’s obvious fear.

    “I’m sure it’s fine Dawn, I mean, it’s a lake…what harm could there be?” Brock asked only for Dawn’s line to tighten and she looked toward the water with an excited look.

    “I caught something!” she tugged on the rod and a large grey and dark blue shark Pokémon came out of the water, it’s jaws open wide to show its rows of sharp teeth.

    Dawn screamed and ran over to Ash, jumping onto his back as Sharpedo jumping over to them, jaws clamping as it tried to bite someone.

    “I didn’t want a Sharpedo!” wailed Dawn, her hold on Ash’s neck tightening as Ash jumped onto a large rock, out of reach of the Sharpedo while Brock was off to the side, laughing as he clutched his stomach.

    “Brock!” shouted Ash, “Don’t just stand there laughing!” Sharpedo was now hopping in circles around the large rock, trying it’s hardest to jump up, causing Dawn to whimper even more as her grip on Ash tightened even more.

    “Okay! Okay!” Brock held up his hands, pulled out a Pokéball and threw it into the air. Croagunk came out of his ball and looked toward the sharp. “Use Poison job!” ordered Brock. Croagunk hurried over to the shark, his paw a bright purple colour and jabbed it into the side of the shark.

    Sharpedo shook its head before falling down, limp. Brock hurried over to Sharpedo and pulled it over to the lake by its tail before healing the wound and pushed it into the lake before it could fully recover and attack them once more.

    Sharpedo slapped its tail on the water, spraying water toward Brock as it swam away, not impressed that it had been captured and that it had failed to get a bite out the people who had tried to capture it.

    Dawn lifted her head up from her pillow and looked at Ash to see what he was laughing at only to roll her eyes when she saw the picture. Ash turned to face her, grinning when he saw her annoyance.

    “How long did it take me to go back near the water?” Dawn asked.

    “Three days,” Ash lay down next to her, resting his head on his hand, looking down at her. “We had to drag you over to the water, telling you it was the only way for you to get over your fear.”

    “Oh yeah, and it worked out great,” remarked Dawn, sarcastically, “especially with my second catch.” Ash grinned at the memory before looking at the photo that Dawn had of that moment – the look of horror and fear as a Feebas flew out of the water toward her.

    “I hope another Sharpedo doesn’t come out,” Dawn looked at the water warily. Ash grinned as he slid an arm over her shoulders.

    “I don’t think so,” Ash assured her. Dawn looked at him before she gave a short nod, comfort for the moment before she felt the line tightening on her rod and she looked toward it with wide eyes.

    Tugging it gently, she screamed when a fish flew out of the water and hit her on the chest, sending her flying backward with the fish still on her. Dawn landed on the ground with a hard thud before she groaned and looked at the fish that was on her chest only to flinch when she saw it was up way too close to her.

    Ash snickered as he walked over to her and pulled the Feebas off her and into the small shallow pool that was next to Dawn before he helped her up. Dawn noticed his grin and glared at him.

    “Bite me,” she snapped, turning away. Ash just smirked, amused.

    “Don’t tempt me, sweetheart,” Ash leered. Dawn glared a lusty look at him over her shoulder. Ash just grinned wider, hardening from the sight she made when Brock coughed, breaking into their sexual haze and both of them looked at him.

    “What do you plan on doing with Feebas?” he asked and Dawn turned to look at the fish that was now looking down-casted over Dawn’s reaction to it, mistaken it for disgust and Dawn felt her heart melt and she knelt down beside it, placing a hand on it’s forehead.

    “It’s kinda cute,” Dawn admitted as Feebas closed its eyes, obviously unused to being treated kindly. Brock grinned.

    “You know, Feebas evolve into Milotic,” Brock pointed out. “And it looks like Feebas has an attachment to you.” Dawn looked down at Feebas before giving it a gentle smile.

    “Would you like to travel with us?” Dawn asked and Feebas nodded. Dawn grinned as she pulled out her Pokéball and hit Feebas on the forehead with it. It was enveloped in a red light before it was called inside the ball. The button blinked red and white for a few moments before it stopped, staying white, signalling that Dawn had caught a new Pokémon.

    Dawn spun around into standing up and thrusted her hand, with the Pokéball, into the air, “I just caught a Feebas!”

    “She evolved into Milotic pretty soon after I caught her that I was shocked,” Dawn reminded. She was now in between Ash’s legs as he reclined against her headboard, his arms around her waist, holding her close as she rested her head on his chest. Ash nodded at the memory.

    “Yeah, I know. Brock did say that Feebas must have been waiting for the right person to come along and give her that last push she needed to evolve,” Ash reminded with a sigh.

    “She was happier though,” Dawn said.

    “You did a good job with her,” Ash told her before grinning. “Remember how p****d Jessie/Jessilina were when she found out you had a Milotic?” Dawn rolled her eyes.

    “And that what tipped us off that they were the same person,” Dawn shook her head at the memory. “I’m glad that the judges allowed her back on the contests – she is a really good coordinator.” Ash snorted.

    “I’m just glad that they disbanded Team Rocket, it was getting annoying having to fight them nearly all the time because they kept trying to steal Pokémon,” Ash muttered. “Even Infernape got so p****d that he actually took matters into his own hands and taught them a lesson that they would never forget.” Dawn grinned as she looked up at him.

    “At least they have moved on,” reminded Dawn. “You don’t have to deal with the stupid motto or having to rescue Pokémon from them anymore.”

    “The only good thing that came out of that day,” Ash said. “Pikachu was able to rest from that day onward without having to worry that he would be captured and Staraptor got a break having to searching for kidnapped Pokémon.”

    “No more motto and lame disguises – I mean, how could we have been fooled by that?” Dawn asked, “All we had to do was start being wary whenever a man and a woman with a talking cat came up to us but we were always fooled.” Ash shrugged.

    “I think we were just too trusting,” Ash explained, “Beside, we don’t have to worry about them again…thankfully.”

    “And we didn’t have any other team following us either – that was a relief, I didn’t want to have to deal with Cassidy and Butch,” Dawn muttered and Ash made a face.

    “How is it that you can remember his name but the rest of us get it mixed up?” Ash asked and Dawn looked at him.

    “When have I ever actually forgotten anything?” Dawn asked, “Beside the fact that Gary isn’t his Grandpa therefore he does not do Pokémon Poems.” Ash laughed at the memories before shaking his head.

    “You were just excited and in awe over his reputation,” Ash reminded.

    “His Umbreon is so cute!” squealed Dawn and Ash rolled his eyes.

    “You think all evolved versions of Eevee are cute, May’s Glaceon too,” Ash pointed out and Dawn nodded.

    “Sue me, I like cute animals – do you remember what I was like when I saw that Castform? That was the cutest thing ever and how it changed with the weather?” Dawn asked and Ash grinned.

    “Brock and I had a bet on whether or not you would actually chose it to be one of your Pokémon, imagine our surprise when we found out that you weren’t going to have one,” Ash told her. Dawn shrugged.

    “I would have like one but it didn’t really have any battle abilities and I didn’t feel right just capturing one just because it was cute – it would have felt like a toy instead of a real Pokémon,” explained Dawn and Ash nodded in understanding only for his phone to start vibrating.

    Dawn reached over to pick up the phone that was on her nightstand and flipped it open to see that it Ash’s mother calling him. She pressed the phone to his ear before resting her head on his chest once more, both of them falling into the old routine of being together.

    “Hey Mom,” Ash greeted before he listened before he nodded, looking at his watch. “Sure thing,” he hung up the phone and pressed a kiss on the top of Dawn’s head. “I have to go home, Mom wants me there.” Dawn sighed as she pulled away from Ash and nodded.

    “Sure,” she looked at her watch before rolling her eyes. “I should be thinking about getting some sleep anyway.” Ash grinned as he got off the bed, pulling his trainers on before the two of them made their way down the stairs.

    They stopped when they reached the living room doorway. “Mom, Ash is leaving,” Johanna turned her head from where she was sitting on the couch, watching the TV and she smiled at him.

    “Okay, be careful on your way home,” she told him and Ash gave her a short wave.

    “No need to worry,” Ash said, getting an amused smile from Johanna at hearing her daughter’s catchphrase from him while Dawn shook her head.

    “I’m going to walk him to the door,” Dawn told her and Johanna nodded before she turned back to the TV and Dawn led Ash over to the door, she opened it, allowing Ash to step onto the porch, it was still warm for summer night and Ash looked at her.

    “It was great to see you again, Ash,” Dawn hugged him and Ash wrapped an arm around her waist, hugging her back.

    “You have a good night sleep,” he told her as he kissed her cheek, pulling away and she grinned.

    “You too,” she watched as he made his way down the stairs, over to the fence and down the path, waving back at her. Once he was out of sight, Dawn stepped back into the house, closing the door, and headed through the hallway, stopping at the living room door. “I’m going to bed mom; I’ll see you in the morning.”

    “Ok, goodnight sweetheart,” Johanna told her as Dawn made her way up the stairs to her room where she stripped out of her clothes and pulled on her blue shorts and white top. She headed into the bathroom to brush her teeth and her hair before she made her way over to her bed.

    Climbing in, Dawn sighed as she lay down on the bed, pulling her covers up to her chin as she closed her eyes, dreamily remembering when she and Ash got together.

    “I can’t believe how cold it is,” Dawn shivered from where she was huddling on the bed with the covers wrapped around her body. Even though they were inside a hotel, the heating wasn’t doing a good job battling the cold.

    Ash chuckled as he crawled over the bed and slipped under the covers, snuggling up next to Dawn. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulling her into his body.

    “It’s not that bad,” Ash assured her and she scoffed, rolling her eyes as she turned her head to look at him.

    “The heating can’t even cut the cold!” Dawn exclaimed and Ash laughed.

    “Yeah, there’s that,” Ash agreed, “But it’s not that bad, is it?” Dawn groaned as she gave in and gave him a small smile.

    “No, it’s not,” admitted Dawn before she sighed, “I would be happier if we had a good central heating or if we had been more prepared in clothing but it’s amazing.” She looked up at Ash. “How does this not affect you?” Ash shrugged.

    “When you’ve been on many adventures as I have, you tend to get used to the different temperatures,” Ash told her.

    “Well, lucky for some,” she muttered, huddling deeper against Ash, hoping to generate more heat from the warm body, her feet were still cold. Ash couldn’t help the amused smile flicker across his face at how cute she was being.

    Dawn, noticing this, tilted her head back so she could look at him properly with a confused look. She opened her mouth when Ash leaned in and planted a soft kiss on Dawn’s lips, shutting her up. Dawn pulled her head away to look up at Ash and smiled when he smiled before she leaned back in, kissing him this time.

    Ash lifted a hand, cupping her cheek as he parted his lips, flicking his tongue over her lips, teasing her. Dawn, slowly, parted her lips, unsure but willing to learn whatever she could. Ash groaned when the realisation that she hadn’t had much experience with kissing dawned on him and slid his tongue into her, showing her what to do.

    Dawn grew bolder with each second and started to explore Ash’s mouth with her own tongue when his tongue retreated back into his mouth. She couldn’t help but moan when she tasted the spicy rice he had earlier and the chocolate – it should have tasted wrong but it tasted just like Ash to her, sweet and spicy.

    Soon they broke away, breathing heavily with cheeks flushed. Ash couldn’t help the smile ghosting his face when he saw that her perfect blue hair was mussed from his touch.

    “So…warm yet?” Ash asked and Dawn grinned.

    “Yeah,” she whispered, resting her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes…that was the perfect first kiss for her.

    Dawn sighed to herself as tears filmed her blue eyes before she closed her eyes and turning her head, she just hoped that by seeing Ash this time, she would be able to get over him.


    This will be once a week - every Thursday
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2009
  2. Bubbles18

    Bubbles18 The Crazy Eevee Lady

    Chapter 2: Friends and Memories

    Dawn made her way through Twinleaf Town, eager to be reunited with her hometown once more. She had missed it so much while she was travelling and it was always her routine – she would reacquaint herself with the town the next day she came back.

    She had already gone to the shops and picked up a bunch of bright flowers and made her way over to the cemetery where she could make her visit to the one person who had been there for her whenever she had problems.

    Dawn knelt down in front of the headstone, removed the dead flowers and replaced them with the new ones. She placed the dead flowers to the side before she looked at the Headstone.

    Here lies Professor Rowan, may he rest in peace,’ Professor Rowan had been murdered by a mysterious assailant. Dawn had been so shocked and devastated when she found out. She and Professor Rowan had gotten close since she offered her help to look for Piplup, who ended up being her starter Pokémon.

    Dawn thought back to the funeral, she had cut her travels short and told May to go on ahead; she didn’t want May to miss out on getting her ribbons. May had been unsure but Dawn had promised her that she would call May if anything happened. May had relented, given her best friend a hug before Dawn got on the boat to head back home.

    Upon reaching home, she had been swept up into her mother’s arms as they both grieved the man they had come to respect and know over time.

    “Dawn,” Johanna appeared at Dawn’s bedroom door and Dawn turned her head to meet her mother, she was dressed in a long black dress, “It’s time,” Dawn gave a short nod and Johanna left.

    Dawn rose up from her bed and moved over to her chair, she ghosted a hand over the clothes before she headed into the bathroom to get washed and dried before she came out and pulled the clothes on.

    She wore a simple black pant suit trousers and black jumper. Her hair was pulled back in a simple low ponytail and she looked in the mirror, her eyes didn’t have the same sparkle as they used to have.

    Dawn pulled herself away from the mirror and headed down the stairs to where her mother was waiting in the hallway with Delia and Professor Oak, they smiled sadly at her before Professor Oak led the way out of the house and over to the funeral car where they would go to the church to say their respects for the Professor who had been a mentor to a lot of them and a grandfather to Dawn.

    The church had been weird for Dawn since she wasn’t a religious person by nature, she would just stare at the casket, unable to sing along with the songs. People would go up to the altar and say things about Professor Rowan but she couldn’t bring herself to go up and say what she felt…she didn’t know what she felt.

    Once the service part of the funeral was over, they all made their way back to the cars that would take them to the cemetery where Professor Rowan would be buried. Dawn stood off to the side, near the grave as she watched the carriers place the casket on the ground.

    A hand slipped itself into Dawn’s hand and she turned her head to meet the warm gaze of Ash. She gave him a watery smile before they looked toward the funeral once more.

    “How did you know?” Dawn asked a few hours later, both of them were walking through the darkened streets of Twinleaf town hand in hand. They were still dressed in their funeral clothes.

    “May finally contacted me, she told me off for not being easily contactable and threatened that she is going to get me a mobile phone for my birthday,” Ash told her and Dawn gave him a soft smile. “She was worried about you, she said that you said ‘No need to worry’ so naturally, that gave her a case to be worried.” Dawn rolled her eyes as Ash unlinked their hands so he could slide his arm over her shoulders, pulling her into his body.

    They walked in silence for a few minutes until they reached Ash’s hotel that he was staying at. Ash led Dawn up to his room, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to face everyone at the moment.

    Once they reached his room, Dawn moved over to the bed while Ash closed his door and removed his jacket, shoes and keys, placing them in the correct places before he walked over to Dawn and hugged her as she cried into his chest. She had just lost someone who had been like a grandfather to her and she didn’t know how to deal with her feelings right now.

    Dawn lifted her head to look up at Ash, he looked down at her, wiping her tears away before he leaned in and kissed her, wanting to help her with her feelings.

    “Can you just make me forgot, just today?” whispered Dawn and Ash nodded as he kissed her again, helping her to get out of her clothes. Dawn helped Ash get out of his clothes before he pushed her toward the bed.

    Dawn moaned as she felt the bed under her back and Ash’s hard body against her, she spread her legs, eagerly waiting to feel him inside of her once more and Ash wasn’t the one to disappoint. He slid a finger in between her legs, making sure she was ready only to hiss when he felt her tighten around his fingers.

    He pulled his hand away from her heat and slid it over her thigh, spreading her leg further and drawing it around his waist before he thrust himself into her, biting back a curse when he felt her tight around him, she felt even more tighter than she did when they first slept together.

    Ash stayed where he was for a minute, allowing Dawn to adjust to him once more then wrapped her other leg around him, causing him to go deeper in her and she let out a pleasurable moan.

    “**** me, Ash,” Dawn whispered out, throatily and Ash groaned as he gave in, pulling out of her only to thrust back into her. “Oh yes,” Dawn’s head dropped back on the pillow as she moved her hips in the same rhythm, despite being apart for a while, they never lost the rhythm they had together.

    Ash moved his head down so he was kissing her neck, tasting the salty sweat and the sweet taste of her as he thrust into her harder and faster, he could tell that she was beginning to spiral out of control, a year of a relationship gave him that experience.

    “Ash…” Dawn turned her head so her lips would meet with his once more and they kissed passionately and hungrily, they had missed the taste of each other and wanted to savour it as much as they could when Dawn gasped, breaking the kiss and her head fell back, her body arching into his.

    Ash gritted his teeth when he felt her walls contract around him, tightening to the point he let go, spilling himself into her before he slumped down on her. Dawn slid her hands up his sweat soaked back and kissed him once more, it what they always did, despite they weren’t together anymore, they still kissed to reassure themselves that the other one was still there and that it hadn’t been a dream.

    Ash shifted to the side so he wasn’t crushing Dawn anymore and she turned so she was curled into his side, and rested her head on his chest as she drew invisible shapes on his chest over his heart, like she always used to do.

    “What if I forget him?” whispered Dawn and Ash shook his head.

    “You won’t Dawn,” assured Ash and she looked up at him, “He’s in your heart and he’ll always be there – you can’t forget someone who is in your heart.” He kissed Dawn’s forehead. “Try and get some sleep…you need it.”

    “Thanks for coming Ash,” Dawn whispered, sleepily.

    “I’ll come whenever you need me Dawn – all you have to do is say the word,” promised Ash as he watched her fall asleep and he watched her for most of the night before he surrender to sleep as well.

    Dawn was startled out of her thoughts when she heard someone call her name and she turned to see Kenny walking toward her. Dawn smiled as she stood up, smoothing her outfit down as Kenny came to a stop in front of her.

    “Kenny! It’s good to see you!” she embraced him, giving him a short hug before she pulled away. Kenny seemed disappointed with the loss before a bright smile crossed his face, replacing the pervious look.

    “It’s good to see you too, your mom told me that you were back in town,” Kenny told her. “Why didn’t you come and see me earlier?” Dawn grinned brightly.

    “Ash surprised me last night!” Dawn told him, missing the dimming of Kenny’s smile although he still kept it up. “It was so good to see him again and we spent most of the time catching up.”

    “I didn’t know Ash was here,” Kenny told her and Dawn shook her head.

    “Neither did I but as you know his mother and Professor Oak had bought a place here, he came up here for a visit. He didn’t know I was going to arrive until my mother mentioned it to him,” Dawn explained and Kenny nodded as they walked out of the cemetery and toward Dawn’s house when Dawn spotted Ash coming out of his house dressed in a pair of khaki shorts and a white shirt.

    “Hey Ash!” greeted Dawn as she hurried over to him, kissing him on the cheek and hugging him. Ash just laughed as he kissed her on the cheek and hugged her back before nodding toward Kenny as Dawn separated herself from him.

    “It’s good to see you again, Kenny,” Ash held out his hand.

    “It’s good to see you too,” Kenny told him with forced cheerfulness only to scowl when he saw that neither of them picked up on it as Dawn turned back to Ash.

    “Where’s Pikachu?” Dawn looked around for Ash’s faithful friend and starter Pokémon. “You didn’t bring him yesterday.” Ash rolled his eyes before whistling.

    Pikachu arrived at the doorstep, looking sleepily before his brown eyes landed on Dawn and the tiredness disappeared as excitement and happiness took off. With his legendary speed, Pikachu took off and hurried over to Dawn, who laughed as she knelt down, taking Pikachu into her arms and giving a hug.

    “Pika!” chirped Pikachu as he snuggled closer to Dawn.

    “It’s good to see you again, Pikachu,” she pulled him away from her to check him over. “You look great! I see Ash has been using my recipe of Poffins.” Pikachu nodded while Ash rolled his eyes.

    “Yes, I have established that my Pokémon do not like my poffins, Dawn,” Ash teased and Dawn laughed as she stood up, still holding Pikachu to her.

    “Are the others in the house?” Dawn asked and Ash nodded as he started to lead the way only for a cough to interrupt them and they turned to face Kenny with a busted look, they had forgotten about him.

    “I thought we were going to your house, Dawn,” Kenny reminded and Dawn winced.

    “Can we do that later?” Dawn almost pleaded. “I haven’t see Ash’s Pokémon in ages and I really miss them.” Kenny was about to protest when Ash placed a hand on Dawn’s shoulder, drawing her attention to him.

    “You can always come back later tonight and see them, I’m sure Mom would love to have you over to dinner,” Ash suggested but that just sent alarms ringing through Kenny, if Dawn was to go there tonight, there was the possibilities that she would stay the night and she and Ash would end up either confessing their feelings or doing something and he wasn’t comfortable with that.

    “Actually,” Kenny cut in, drawing their attentions once more, “It would better to see them now – at least I can see how Grotle is doing.” Dawn grinned.

    “Grotle had evolved into Torterra,” Dawn told him before she followed Ash up the pathway to his house, leaving Kenny growling to himself. Why did Ash always have to screw everything up?

    They made their way into the house and Gliscor came bouncing out of the kitchen only for a bright smile to light up her face when she saw Dawn.

    “Gliscor!” she bounced over to Dawn and hugged her. Dawn giggled as Pikachu jumped out of her arms at the last moment, allowing Gliscor to wrap her up in a hug.

    “It’s good to see you too, Gliscor,” Dawn greeted, hugging Gliscor back before they broke away as Infernape came in, he brightened when he saw Dawn and she grinned at him, “You too!” Infernape hugged her before he headed off outside where the sun was shining brightly, Torterra, Staraptor and Floatzel were outside too, bathing in the sunlight.

    They had been happy to see Dawn, Floatzel even more as she had been his first trainer before she had traded Ash for his Ambipom. Dawn was delighted to see Floatzel again and admired the changes in him since she had last seen him.

    Ash and Kenny were in the kitchen, Ash was getting some drinks as Dawn met up with the Pokémon once more.

    “She seems happy,” Kenny noted from where he was sitting at the large island counter, wanting Dawn greet all the Pokémon and it was obvious they were happy to see her too. Ash grinned.

    “All my Pokémon love Dawn,” Ash told him, “There’s something about her that draws them to her.”

    “And you’re close,” Kenny said as he looked at Ash, who nodded.

    “Yeah, I mean, we did go through a lot together,” Ash reminded, “She’s one of my best friend.”

    “You’re always the one she calls,” Kenny pointed out and Ash looked at him, now curious. “You there when she needs you – I’m her best friend, I’ve known her since childhood but you’ve only known her for two and a half years, why doesn’t she call for me?” Ash shrugged.

    “Maybe it because she knows I’ll be there for her whenever she needs me, Kenny,” Ash shook his head, “I don’t know Kenny, you will need to ask Dawn that yourself.” Ash turned back to the fridge, grateful for the small respite that it was giving him, he and Dawn had made a deal that they wouldn’t tell anyone of their relationship because they didn’t want any hassle over it. It was something that belonged to them and only them.

    Kenny was about to ask more questions but Dawn entering the kitchen prevented that.

    “Oh, it was great to see them again!” Dawn told them as she smiled brightly as Ash held out the glass of the strawberry drink that his mother always created for whenever Dawn was coming back to Twinleaf. “And your mother is the best!” Ash laughed.

    “Yes, she is,” agreed Ash as Dawn sat down, “she even has the chocolate strawberry cake you like.” Excitement lit up Dawn’s face as Ash pulled out a slice of cake from behind his back and presented it in front of Dawn with a fork. She kissed his cheek once more before tucking into the dessert.

    “You really like that dessert, huh?” Kenny asked, noticing that Ash and Dawn seemed to be comfortable with kissing each other cheeks and Dawn nodded.

    “Yeah, Delia made it when Ash and I went to see her, I fell in love with it right there and then, she even made it for her wedding – a lot of people commented on it,” Dawn explained in between bites. “It’s a shame I didn’t bring Piplup, he loves this cake.” Ash grinned at the memories before shaking his head.

    “Where is your mother?” Kenny asked as the back door opened to reveal Delia dressed in a white summer dress and a floppy hat. She smiled brightly when she saw her son and Dawn.

    “Hello Dawn,” Dawn hopped up from her seat and gave Delia a hug and a kiss to her cheek. Delia cupped her cheek. “It’s so good to see you again.”

    “It’s great to see you again,” Dawn told her, “And you still make the best chocolate strawberry cake.” Delia laughed as she pressed a kiss to Dawn’s forehead before greeting her son with a kiss to his cheek and looked at Kenny with a curious expression.

    “Oh, sorry Mom, this is Kenny, Dawn’s childhood friend and a Coordinator, this is my mother, Delia Ketchum Oak,” Ash introduced and Delia held out a hand that Kenny shook.

    “It’s nice to meet you, I’ve saw you a few times on TV,” Delia told him and he nodded.

    “It nice to meet you too, Dawn is always raving about you,” Kenny tried to make it seem like that he was always in contact with Dawn and Delia waved it off as she smiled fondly at the girl who was still eating the cake, teasing Ash with a forkful before she allowed him the bite.

    “Dawn is a delightful girl, I’m always talking about her with everyone – I’m so glad that she and Ash kept in contact, she certainly knows how to keep him on his toes,” Delia told Kenny with a smile. “If you excuse me, I have to make a phone call.” Kenny nodded as he watched her leave before turning back to Ash and Dawn who finished off the cake together.

    “Don’t let Piplup cuddle you otherwise he’ll smell the chocolate on your breath and all hell will break loose,” Ash teased and Dawn grinned.

    “I know, don’t worry. Piplup won’t be rushing over here any time soon to break the door down and steal the cake,” Dawn teased back and Ash laughed at the image.

    “I wouldn’t put it past him to do that,” Ash said. Kenny just gave them a fake smile, wishing that Dawn would hurry up and get the hint that he wanted to leave when Dawn looked at her watch and rolled her eyes.

    “We have to go, my mum will have dinner ready soon,” Dawn told Ash, regretfully and Ash nodded in understanding as they stood up and Ash led them over to the door.

    “We’ll see each other later,” Ash assured her as they both hugged once more before Dawn pulled away, gave him a bright smile before she made her way down the path with Kenny following her.

    They reached her house in silence, Kenny quietly seething and Dawn unsure of what to say. Dawn opened the door and they stepped in the house with Dawn closing it, alerting her mother to the sound.

    “Dawn, is that you?” Johanna popped her head out from the kitchen and smiled when she saw her daughter only for her smile to fade into shock when she saw her daughter’s childhood friend was standing there. “Kenny! Wow, it’s good to see you,” she didn’t think he would have sought Dawn out that quick but she had obviously misunderstood how much Kenny had wanted to see Dawn before she turned to her daughter. “Dinner is almost ready.” Dawn nodded.

    “Kenny and I are going up to my room,” she told her and Johanna nodded as she watched the two of them go up the stairs before frowning, as much as she liked Kenny, she had always felt Kenny was too possessive when it came to Dawn and she hoped that the young man had grown up since the last time she had saw him and gotten over Dawn…however, the look on his face had told her something different.

    With that, she made her way back into the kitchen, shaking her head. She needed to talk to Delia to find out what they could do.

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    This is great! I like it so far! :)
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    This is sort of an apology chapter for those who wanted to see the fantasy in Through Time and Space.

    Chapter 3: A Picture Holds a Thousand Words

    Dawn and Kenny made their way into her bedroom and Kenny was taken aback to see all the photos that adorned Dawn’s walls.

    “Wow – you have a lot of pictures,” Kenny exclaimed and Dawn nodded.

    “Yeah, I decided to take pictures of my travels so I can look back on them – memories are one thing but a picture tells a 1,000 words,” Dawn told him as she made her way into the adjoining bathroom so she could get changed out of her clothes. She closed the door but not all the way, just enough so they would be able to hear each other without having to shout.

    Dawn changed out of her clothes and pulled on a pair of mid-calves blue jeans and a pink strappy top. She placed her other clothes into the washing basket before she came out of the bathroom and moved over to her dresser, sat down in front of the mirror to brush her hair.

    Kenny looked closely at the pictures, noticing that there was more of Ash either alone or with Dawn before frowning, he had always been worried about Dawn being friends with Ash. He had seen how close the two of them were whenever he met up with them and he had been suspicious of them at one point, he had thought they were dating but did not say anything.

    “You have a lot of pictures of Ash,” Kenny said, glaring at the ones that had Ash in various states of undress. One of them had Ash in nothing but a white towel that was wrapped low around his waist. He had another white towel and it was covering one side of his head as he dried his hair, he was smiling, amused, at the photographer.

    Another picture had him dressed in his blue jeans and his black t-shirt bunched over his arms; he was in the middle of pulling it on when his picture had been taken.

    “He’s one of my best friends, Kenny, why wouldn’t I have pictures of him?” Dawn asked as she stood up from her chair at her desk. “We went through a lot together.”

    “May travelled with you but I don’t see any pictures of her,” snipped Kenny as he turned to look at Dawn only to blanch at the cold glare she was giving him.

    “I haven’t had the chance to develop them,” Dawn informed him, coolly before she shooed him out of her room. “And I don’t appreciate your insinuations.” With that, she slammed her bedroom door on his face, unwilling to deal with him.

    Kenny just stared at the door, standing in the hallway when a woman’s voice from behind startled him.

    “What did you do?” Johanna asked, watching as Kenny turned to face her. She had heard her daughter slam her door and was curious to what had happened when she saw Kenny standing in the hallway.

    “I just pointed out that she had a lot of pictures of Ash,” Kenny defended only to get an unimpressed glare from his friend’s mother as she shook her head.

    “I’d think you better leave, Dawn won’t be in a very good mood if you stay here any longer,” she moved to the side, gesturing to the stairway. Kenny looked at the door once more before he sulked past Johanna, making his way down the stairs and out of the house.

    Johanna watched as he left before she looked at her daughter’s doorway with a heavy heart, she wished she could fix Dawn’s problems for her but she knew that Dawn had to make her own choices…but that didn’t mean she couldn’t nudge Dawn on the right track.

    With this in mind, Johanna made her way down the stairs, intending to call up a few people for help.

    Ash sighed as he stood up from the couch. A knock at the door had interrupted his thinking and he made his way into the hallway to reach the door. Upon opening it, he saw someone from his past that he was not expecting to meet.

    “Misty!” greeted Ash as he stared at her in a shock. Misty gave him a bright smile.

    “Hey Ash!” greeted Misty as she reached out and hugged the taller boy. Ash just gave her an awkward hug back before he pulled away, stepped off to the side, and allowed Misty into the house.

    Misty looked around the house, she hadn’t been here before as Delia was usually situated in Pallet Town rather than Twinleaf Town but she had heard that Ash was coming over for a visit and decided she wanted to see him.

    Ash led the way into the living room and they both sat down on the couch, catching up on everything they had missed since they last time they saw each other.

    “So, how come you are here?” Misty asked.

    “Dawn is back in town,” Ash told her with a bright smile. “Johanna let me know that she was coming back and I wanted to catch up with her.” Misty gave him a slightly dim smile.

    “Oh, that’s good of her,” Misty said and Ash nodded, oblivious to what was going on inside Misty’s head.

    “Yeah, she wanted a break and she had collected her last ribbon with May,” Ash told her.

    “Oh, how is May?” Misty asked, trying to deflect the conversation away from Dawn. It wasn’t that she hated Dawn; she just didn’t like how close Ash and Dawn were from their travels. She had never seen Ash worked up over her or May whenever they were talking to someone.

    “Dawn says she went off to meet up with some other coordinators,” Ash told her and Misty sighed inwardly as Dawn came back into the topic. “Dawn said that May would come down once she found out the routes for their next contests travels.” Misty just gave a short nod as they both lapsed into silence.


    Dawn sighed as she collapsed on the bed, facing the ceiling, anger still raging through her body. She couldn’t believe Kenny. She knew that Kenny was jealous of Ash but he was taking it to extreme extents. She just didn’t get why he was so worked up over Ash.

    Turning onto her side, Dawn found herself face to face with her bedside table and reached down to the bottom drawer. She turned the key, pulled the drawer out to reveal that it was empty before pulling the small hidden flap to reveal the secret place at the bottom.

    In the secret place, there was a large white packet with an elastic band around it. She lifted the packet out and turned back on to her back, opening the envelope and pulled out the stack of photos.

    They were more erotic than the ones on her walls. Some of them had her and Ash making out – thanks to Brock who had a habit of appearing out of nowhere with her camera and catching them in the action.

    Some of them were of Dawn dressed up in different sexy clothing that she had bought on their trips to show off to Ash. Ash had been delighted with the clothing that he had taken her pictures before pouncing on her and ripping off her clothes, much to her amusement. He had promised that he would buy her new ones and he still had yet to do so.

    Dawn flipped through some more photos until one came into view and she couldn’t help the blush that kissed her cheeks as the memory came back to her. It was a picture of her dressed in white cream.

    The white cream covered her breasts and in between her legs, mimicking underwear. She couldn’t help but smile as she remembered Ash’s reaction when he saw.

    Dawn closed her eyes as she decided to take a memory trip down the lane as she remembered that they acted out on one of her fantasies.

    “I am crazy for doing this,” muttered Dawn as she put the final additions of the cream on her breasts before she admired herself in the mirror. The cream covered her breasts and her lower privates.

    She had edible panties on, wanting to give Ash an extra surprise when he arrived back from exploring the town that they were staying. She had taken their Pokémon down to the park so they could have a small vacation and so they would not have any interruptions.

    Dawn checked the room, the bed was all set up, the tray had strawberries, oranges and grapes all set up and there was a jug of caramel sauce and a bowl of melted chocolate with a range of marshmallows.

    Dawn couldn’t help the smile that touched her lips, she had been wanting to act out on the fantasy for a while and now it was beginning to come true, they would be able to act on it.

    A short knock at the door broke Dawn out of her thoughts and she turned her head at the door.

    “Who is it?” she called out, even though she had told Ash to knock on the door when he arrived, she also knew that the room keepers and bellhops would knock.

    “It’s me,” Ash’s voice called through the door and Dawn took a deep breath and walked over to the door.

    Ash shifted on his feet, looking around to make sure that no one was around, he did not know what Dawn had planned, but he was planning to make sure that his girlfriend was for his eyes only.

    The door opened, breaking Ash out of his thoughts and he looked up only for his eyes to widen then darken in lust when he saw his girlfriend was looking…delectable.

    “Wow,” Ash uttered and Dawn grinned as she grabbed his shirt and pulled him into the bedroom, pushing the door shut as she did.

    “Are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna taste me?” teased Dawn. Ash grinned as he looked at the platter before looking at Dawn once more.

    “I think I’m gonna do a lot more than taste you,” Ash promised. Dawn arched an eyebrow interested before Ash leaned down and kissed her. Dawn sighed into his mouth before she pulled away, helped him to strip down to his boxers before he kissed her again.

    “Hm, you’re going to ruin the cream,” Dawn pulled away from him as he tried to pull her in closer and Ash chuckled.

    “Wouldn’t want to waste it,” teased Ash as he kissed her neck and moved down her body until he reached the top part of the cream and flicked his tongue over it, tasting her and the cream together.

    Dawn pulled away from him and moved over to the bed, she laid down and Ash grinned as he knelt down on the bed, reached over to the tray and picked up a strawberry before he dipped it into the melted chocolate then into the cream before he brought it up to Dawn’s lips.

    Dawn grinned as she parted her lips just enough for the strawberry to go into her mouth, the cream and chocolate covered her lips. Once the strawberry was finished, Ash leaned down and kissed Dawn, tasting her with chocolate and cream.

    “Hm, sweet,” Ash pulled away and Dawn rolled her eyes at the corny statement, getting a grin from Ash as he kissed her neck and moved down her body, eagerly wanting to taste the cream and her skin together.

    Dawn could not help but gasped as Ash flicked his tongue over her hard nipple hidden by the cream before sucking it into his mouth. He treated her other breast with the same treatment before going lower, stopping to dip his tongue into her belly button, getting giggles from her.

    Smiling, he moved down lower to her cream over lower region, parting her legs for her before he moved in only to get a surprise when his tongue brushed against something sweet like.

    Pulling away, Ash saw that Dawn’s private cover by something light pink and grinned when he realised what it was.

    “Nice,” praised Ash before he leaned in and flicked his tongue over the edible underwear, tasting strawberries.

    “Decided to give you an extra surprise,” teased Dawn before gasping when Ash started nibbling against the sweet. Ash nibbled at the underwear and it felt amazing to Dawn. Ash lifted his head, looked over to the tray before picking up a segment of orange, scooped some cream up from her body, and popped it into his mouth.

    Dawn watched this before Ash leaned down and lapped up the cream on her chest. Once he finished, Dawn was breathing heavily with her head thrown back. He had teased her when it came to her nipples, taunting her toward the edge.

    Ash moved downward, reaching her lower region once more and lapped up the cream before tucking into the edible underwear, her taste mixed in with the strawberry, making Ash hungry for more when he finished with the underwear, shifted himself so he was over on top of her.

    Ash, suddenly, plunged himself into Dawn, startling and throwing her over the edge of pleasure as her head fell back onto the pillow once more as she orgasmed around him.

    “Oh…yes,” Dawn moaned as she wrapped her legs around Ash’s waist, pulling him in deeper. Ash kissed her neck as he stayed still for a moment, enjoying the feel of her around him before he pulled out and thrusted back into her.

    Dawn pulled his head down so their lips met as she rocked her hips, meeting him with each thrust as their hands roved over each other bodies. Fingers brushed over each other sweet spots, their tongues mating hungrily as they fought for entrance in each other mouths.

    Soon Dawn pulled away from Ash, gasping and panting as she felt the familiar build of her climax. Ash put his face into Dawn’s neck as he thrusted harder and deeper into her, making sure that he was hitting her sweet spot deep inside of her.

    Dawn’s thighs tightened against his hips as her nails dug into his shoulders before raking down his back, her back arching up as her climax burst out. Dawn let out a scream of Ash’s name while Ash grunted as he climaxed and slumped down onto Dawn.

    They had spent the rest of the day doing the same thing all over again but by spreading the different stuff over each other. They had a laugh doing so and Dawn did not want to know what the cleaner’s face was like that afternoon when they came to change the sheets.

    Dawn shuddered as she came out of her thoughts, breathing heavily as she felt her panties wet from her desire building up between her legs. The phone rang once more and she turned her head, looking at her phone that was vibrating and ringing on her desk.

    With a heavy sigh, Dawn picked up the phone and saw Kenny’s name on the ID before she rolled her eyes, flipped it open and held it to her ear.


    “Ash,” Delia made her way through the hallway until she reached the living room.

    “Yeah, mom,” Ash called out and Delia arrived in the living room only to stop in her tracks when she Misty.

    “Oh, hello Misty,” Delia greeted with a smile before she looked at her son. “I’m going to see Johanna…” she trailed off as Gliscor came into the living room only to stop when she saw the unfamiliar girl sitting on the couch.

    “Gliscor,” Ash stood up and moved over to the Pokémon, “This is Misty, an old friend of mine.” Gliscor watched the girl for a moment before her eyes narrowed in contempt and bounced out of the room, leaving everyone stunned.

    “Wow,” Delia uttered out, shocked. She had never seen Gliscor take a disliking to anyone. She loved May and Dawn, she did not mind Delia, Johanna, Professor Oak or Gary.

    “Gliscor,” Ash went after the Pokémon, he was not going to let that go. Misty followed him only for Gliscor to hiss as she looked back and sulked away. Ash stopped in his tracks, looked at Misty, and then sighed. “Come on,” Misty looked at him. “We should leave Gliscor alone.”

    “What? Are you not going to tell her off?” Misty demanded, incredulously and Ash shook his head.

    “I think I figured out why she is like that,” Ash told her before he motioned her to follow him into the kitchen. Misty followed him, hoping that he would tell her but he just asked her what she wanted to eat.

    Misty sat at the table as Ash got the meal ready for them to eat before he sat down across from her and tucked into his meal. Misty stared at him for a long moment before she sighed sadly to herself and tucked into her meal, wondering what she could do to get Ash to see her.


    “Hello, I didn’t mean to be late,” Delia apologised as she sat down at the table. Brock and Johanna were already sitting at the large table. There was a jug of water in the middle of the table and they had their glasses in front of them.

    Brock and Johanna waved it off, understanding and Delia sighed as she took a sip of her glass of water. “Misty is in town.” Brock raised an eyebrow.

    “Really?” asked Brock before frowning, “she didn’t mention anything about coming up to me when I spoke to her last night.”

    “Apparently it was a whirl-wind choice, she wanted to see Ash,” Delia explained and Brock sighed.

    “Meaning she wanted to see if she and Ash would get together this time,” Brock translated. Delia nodded and Johanna sighed as she sat back in her seat.

    “Kenny is back,” said Johanna, “He has already making everything worse.”

    “I was hoping that the two of them would get back together,” Delia admitted, “I hate seeing my son the way he is.” Johanna nodded.

    “I’m the same – you should see Dawn when she is with Kenny, he makes her miserable,” Johanna sighed. “She rarely smiles with him and she doesn’t glow anymore, even her Pokémon are miserable.” Delia nodded.

    “Pikachu just lazes about the house, Gliscor hissed when she saw Misty before she sulked off!” Delia exclaimed. “Even Ash doesn’t smile…the only time I see him smile is when he is with Dawn.”

    “I understand why they broke up,” Brock jumped in before frowning, “But if I remember correctly, Dawn’s contests are on the same route as Ash’s Gym badges – this would allow them to travel together again.”

    “But the question is…how do we let them know without being too obvious?” Delia asked but all three of them hit on the same answer.



    May is back in the next chapter!
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    Thank you very much Bubbles! Thanks for post the cream fantasy, but I have a question. As you said that this fic don't have anything related to "Through the Time and Space", What's the ages of the characters?, but anyways, thank you very much.
  6. Yuppirox

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    All right! This is a great story. Why did they break up? I'm not so clear on that... Ooh, the cream fantasy reminded me of how it would have been if Paul didn't interfere in "Through Time and Space".

    Lol, everyone immediately thought of May for an answer. They all said in unison "May!" I like May, she's funny.=D Can't wait for the next chapter~!=)
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    Chapter 4: A best friend return

    “May!” exclaimed Dawn as she threw her arms around the brunette’s shoulders, hugging her close. May laughed as she wrapped her arms around Dawn, hugging her back.

    “I’ve missed you!” May exclaimed as she pulled away from Dawn, holding her at arm’s length.

    “I missed you too!” Dawn returned before rolling her eyes. “Things are just not the same without you.” May just grinned as the two of them made their way into Dawn’s house, up the stairs and into her room so May could put her stuff away.

    Both of them sat down on the bed, May grinning at the sight of the photos. There were pictures of her and Dawn up on the wall.

    “Did you just develop them?” May asked and Dawn nodded.

    “Yeah – I had to wait until I found all my rolls and had enough products to develop them,” Dawn told her before shrugging as May turned to face her once more.

    “So, how is it being home?” May asked and Dawn grinned.

    “Weird at first after being on the road for so long, but guess what? Ash is here,” Dawn told her and May grinned, her eyes lighting up.

    “Does that mean a little reunion is going to happen?” May asked with a teasing grin, she knew of Ash’s and Dawn’s little side deal but she never stop holding out hope that they would get back together and she had the perfect way to do so if they continued to keep being stubborn.

    “Actually…” Dawn started with a sheepish grin. “Kenny asked me out,” she admitted and May looked at her, shocked. “I know.”

    “What did you say?” May asked and Dawn shrugged.

    “I said yes,” she told her. “He was bugging me and I thought if it didn’t work out – then he would leave me alone.” May nodded in understanding. Kenny could be

    “Wow, I mean…I thought you and Ash would get back together,” May admitted and Dawn sighed as she drew her legs up.

    “I know but we tried it May and we ended up going in different directions. No matter how much we try, we still can’t seem to get back together,” Dawn told her. “We are over and I need to find a way to get over him.”

    “And dating Kenny is the way to do it?” May asked, unconvinced but Dawn shrugged her shoulders.

    “I just want him off my back. You know if I had said no, he would have pitched a fit then I would have to tell him about me and Ash and I’m just not in the mood for him to have his jealous tantrum because Ash got me first,” Dawn told her. May nodded in understanding, she had met the boy a few times during their contests, and he had always made a habit of trying to put Ash down in front of Dawn.

    May had found him quite irritating and vice versa for Kenny – neither of them liked the other and made it clear to each other before staying out of each other way as much as they could.

    “Anyway…Brock is in town – mom told me,” Dawn told her and May feigned fake surprise.

    “Great – are we meeting him?” May asked and Dawn nodded.

    “Well, actually, I’m meeting him as I didn’t know you were coming today but you are welcomed to come with me,” Dawn told her and May nodded.

    “That’ll be great – it has been ages since I saw him!” May told her as she jumped up from the bed, tugged on Dawn’s hand, pulling her off the bed and out of the room. Dawn could not help but laugh as she followed May out of the house until they reached sidewalk and May turned to face her.

    “Alright – I’ll meet you at the café, I want to walk about, stretch my legs and feel the sun,” May told her and Dawn grinned as she nodded.

    “Sure thing, see you there.” She waved as she walked away, leaving May alone. May looked around until she found the street name she was looking for and hurried toward it, hoping that Ash was there.

    Upon reaching the house, she saw Ash coming out and shouted his name.

    “Ash!” squealed May. Ash spun around, shocked to hear May’s voice before he laughed when he caught sight of May bouncing over to him. May threw herself into his arms, hugging him tightly before she pulled away.

    “What are you doing here?” Ash asked and May shrugged.

    “Finished my travels with my friends so I came up to see Dawn,” May explained before giving him a sly grin. “Imagine my surprise when she told me that you were here too.” Ash rolled his eyes in amusement. May caught movement out of the corner of her eye and turned to see Misty was standing next to Ash. May’s smile gave way to shock. “Misty!”

    “Hi May,” she greeted and May gave her a nod and a weak smile.

    “What are you doing here?” May asked, curious to why the red-haired woman was in Twinleaf.

    “I came up to see Ash,” Misty told her before she smiled brightly as Ash and took his hand. “We’re dating!” May looked at Ash, shocked, saw the shy look on his face, and gave a slow nod.

    “Oh,” May took a step back and smiled brightly at them but Ash could tell it was false and looked away, ashamed. “Isn’t that funny? Dawn is dating Kenny. There must be something in the water.”

    “Yeah, must be.” Misty gave May a funny grin, wondering what was going on. May brightened as an idea came to her.

    “Hey – why don’t you come over to the café with me?” May asked. “I meeting Dawn and Kenny there and we can chat about our travels.” Misty was about to decline when Ash spoke up.

    “That’ll be great!” Ash followed May as she led the way over to the café, both of them chatting animatedly while Misty watched them for a moment, hurt then caught up with them just as they entered the café.

    Ash and Misty stopped in their tracks when they spotted someone familiar and he grinned as he stood up.

    “Brock!” greeted Ash and Misty, shocked. Brock laughed as he gave them a hug before pulling away and sitting at the table. May was already sitting next to Dawn with Kenny sitting next to Brock.

    “Hey Ash,” greeted Dawn as she stood up and kissed his cheek before smiling at Misty. “Hey – Delia told me that you were in town, it’s great to see you again.” Misty gave her a short nod before Dawn turned to face Ash. “I heard about you two getting together, I think it’s great!” Ash could see the false bright smile and the dark shadows dancing in the back of her eyes but knew that it was the time or place to ask her about it.

    “I heard the same about you and Kenny,” Ash told her with a smile and Dawn nodded as Kenny stood up and slid an arm around her waist.

    “It was about time anyway,” Kenny spoke up. “Everyone had always said that we were going to get together.” Misty giggled as she wrapped her arms around Ash’s arm and leaned her head on Ash’s shoulder.

    “Everyone said the same about us too!” Misty agreed. They did not notice how Ash and Dawn just stared at each other with longing but Brock and May did. Both of them promised to themselves that they would help their friends out one way or another.

    Dawn came out of her thoughts and pulled away from Kenny, missing the dark hurt look he shot at her.

    “I’m sure you must be starving Ash,” Dawn teased as she grabbed Ash’s hand and both of them slid into the booth so they were sitting together, leaving Kenny and Misty to sit on the chairs at the end of the booth.

    “Yeah, I am,” admitted Ash and Dawn grinned.

    “I ordered you a large pizza with the ham, mushroom and chilli topping with chicken,” Dawn told him and Ash laughed.

    “Thanks, you always know what I like,” Ash told her and Dawn rolled her eyes.

    “After watching you eat your weight in pizza – kinda hard not to,” Dawn teased back. Kenny and Misty just watched the scene with an unreadable expression. The server came by with their orders before asking Kenny and Misty if they would like anything to eat. They ordered their meal before they turned back to see that Dawn and Ash were sharing a slice of pizza – teasing each other with it.

    Brock looked at May, hinting her to start a conversation before Kenny and Misty blew up. May remembered something.

    “You know what?” May asked; excitement clear in her voice, “I was looking at the maps and I found that our contests ribbons lies on the same route as Ash’s gym badges!” Ash and Dawn looked at each other, shocked, before they looked at May. “Wouldn’t it be great for the three of us to travel together?”

    “Three of you?” jumped in Kenny. May looked at him, her smile dimming slightly as she nodded.

    “Yeah – I mean, Dawn and I are planning on entering the contests together and Ash’s is still collecting badges, so why not?” May turned back to look at the others with a bright smile. “It’ll be fun!” Dawn smiled, it was hard not to since May’s excitement was infectious.

    “That would be good,” Dawn looked at Ash, who nodded in agreement, as he looked at her only for their eyes to meet and the memories to start up once more.

    Misty coughed, breaking their stare, and they turned to look at her and she smiled sweetly.

    “How do you know that I wasn’t planning on travelling with you?” Misty asked and Ash arched an eyebrow.

    “Because you said that you didn’t want to do any travelling for a while,” Ash reminded. “You said you were perfectly happy at the gym.” Misty blushed as everyone looked at her but Kenny took up.

    “How do you know that I wasn’t planning on asking Dawn to travel with me?” Kenny asked and Dawn arched an eyebrow at him before shaking her head.

    “Sorry Kenny – May and I had already planned on travelling together. We only asked Ash because we’ve travelled with him before and we are used to him,” Dawn pointed out. “Beside, Ash is a good battling partner – he helps us to get a different view on things.” May nodded in agreement while Kenny glared at Dawn before sitting back on his chair.

    “Only if you girls are sure,” Ash told them and they rolled their eyes.

    “We’re sure,” they both said. “Beside, you’ll never go hungry,” teased May and Ash grinned as he nodded.

    “I guess we can throw about some plans and see how they go from there,” Ash told them and they nodded. Misty stood up, having enough of what she was hearing. They looked at her, startled.

    “I’m going to head back to your house,” Misty told him. “Are you coming?” Ash shook his head.

    “No, I want to catch up with Brock,” Ash told her. Misty shot him a glare before she stormed out of the café, leaving a stunned group behind when Kenny sighed and stood up.

    “I’ll see you all later,” Kenny told them and Dawn gave a short wave before she turned back to May, engrossed in their conversation. Kenny watched her for a moment before walking off.

    The gang finished off their meals, still recounting their travels that had either May or Dawn in tears of laugher over the images of the stories they were being told. They then made Ash and Brock laugh as they shared their travel stories over the stuff they had done together.

    Once they were finished altogether, Ash and Brock left the Café while the server brought May and Dawn another glass of drinks. May looked at Dawn with a pensive look before she decided that she needed to know what Dawn was really feeling about Kenny, there was only one way to do it.

    May reached out and placed her hand on Dawn’s hand, causing the younger woman to look at her.

    “Are you happy with Kenny?” May asked. “I mean, really happy, ‘glowing happy with a smile that will break your face’ happy?” Dawn smiled slightly at her words when she had told May over how happy she was that she and Ash had gotten together before May’s words hit her and she sighed, her smile fading as she looked out of the window to where Ash was talking to Brock.

    “No,” admitted Dawn as she turned back to May. “I’m not.” May nodded as she squeezed Dawn’s hand.

    “Then you need to make a choice,” May told her before winking. “Do what Professor Rowan told you to do – follow your heart.” Dawn looked down at the table before nodding in agreement.

    “I know,” whispered Dawn but she could not help but feel that following her heart would lead her somewhere she was not ready to go.


    Yeah – I know – short.
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    very good. i'm quickly becoming a fan.
  9. ChloboShoka

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    *late reviewer steps in*
    Your fics always make me giggle.

    The summary pipped my interest. It was kinda interesting considering how I couldn't really imagine it happen in canon. So far I haven't spot any obvious or fatal errors on this, so that's a plus. We also don't see much of Kennyness around here. I like the way you've portrayed the characters. Hehe Has crack ideas for Kenny x May after reading this fic XP

    I can strongly imagine what they were doing in the fic. I do think there could be a bit more showing rather than telling. Or some short sentences as well. I do like the soft core action in this fic. There were some really good kinks in some of the scenes. Some good drama elements whilst keeping the fun makes me want to read on.

    In my opinion, I think something around "Hi May," she greeted. May nodded followed by a weak smile.
  10. loudguy12

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    I still don't know why they break, or not, or... whatever. but still great, short, but great. I really dislike the idea of Kenny dating Dawn, not so much Ash dating Misty because I know is one-sided canon (Misty side obviously), but I still disliking it. Anyways, great chapter as always!
  11. Brazillianguy

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    What a fic! Very good. I like the way that Ash and Dawn want each other, but they're with others, it creates a very good conflict, and makes us readers more anxious!
  12. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    Yay! Now with "Follow Your Heart", I'm more excited to read more of it. I always like jealousy conflicts...I don't know why though. I guess jealousy shows how much a person likes another person. Anyway, great job on the fic! I hope you write more after this one. =)
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    Apologises for not getting this out last week – I ended up getting ill but thankfully it’s now the Spring Break meaning I’ll have plenty of time to write.

    Chapter 5: A Wedding and Birthday

    “Ash?” called out Delia from where she was sitting in the kitchen. Ash looked in and smiled when he saw his mom.

    “Hey,” he entered the kitchen and sat down across from her. There was a large chocolate cake sitting on a platter in the middle of the table and plates of cookies. “Have a cooking binge?” Delia laughed as she looked at the plates and sighed.

    “I think I did,” Delia admitted. “I was caught up in my memories.”

    “Memories of what?” he asked as he grabbed a cookie. Delia smiled.

    “My wedding,” she told him. Ash chuckled as he finished off his cookie.

    “That was a good day,” he told her. ‘And a good night,’ he thought as both of them lapsed into silence as they remembered that day.

    Misty was dressed in a yellow summer dress, her hair was out of its usual ponytail and hanging around her shoulders. She was wearing yellow sandals and a yellow headband. Misty couldn’t wait to see Ash, she wanted to see his reaction to her wearing something girly rather than her usual tomboyish outfit.

    Hearing the front door opened, Misty turned to face the door from where she was standing in the hallway only for her eyes to widen when she spotted someone very familiar…

    “Dawn!” Misty greeted, shocked. Dawn smiled. She was wearing a short blue skirt and a light pink shirt. She had a bag slung over her shoulder.

    “Hello Misty,” Misty gave her a short nod.

    “What are you doing here?” she asked. Dawn blushed as she smiled shyly.

    “Delia asked me to be in the wedding,” Dawn explained.

    “Oh,” Misty frowned. “I thought Delia wasn’t going to have anyone in the wedding.” Dawn frowned, puzzled.

    “She asked me to be in her wedding just after Professor Oak asked her to marry him,” Dawn explained with a shrug just as the backdoor opened to reveal Ash dressed in his tuxedo. His eyes sparkled with happiness when he saw her.

    “Dawn!” Ash greeted with a bright smile. Dawn turned and smiled brightly when she saw Ash. “You made it!” Ash swept her up in a hard hug. Dawn laughed as she hugged him back.

    “Like I’m gonna miss your mom’s wedding,” Dawn scolded as she pulled away and cupped his cheeks. “It’s great to see you too.” Ash chuckled as he pressed a brief kiss to her lips before he saw Misty standing off to the side.

    “Hey Misty, you almost ready?” he asked and Misty nodded. Ash turned back to Dawn. “Your dress is in my room.”

    “Thanks,” she kissed his cheek, pulled out of his embrace, and headed up the stairs. Ash watched her go before he turned to Misty.

    “Follow me, I’ll show you where to go,” Ash told her. Misty nodded as she followed him. Ash led her out of the house and over to the lab where the wedding was going to be.

    “You look handsome,” Misty spoke up and Ash grinned as he looked at her.

    “You look great too,” Ash told her.

    “So…I didn’t know Dawn was asked to be in the wedding,” Misty started and Ash nodded.

    “Yeah, she and my mom became quite close while Dawn was travelling with me,” Ash told her. “I think she sees Dawn as a female version of me,” Ash could not help but laugh at the memory of it. Misty gave him a weak smile before she looked up to see that they had reached the lab.

    “Who is in the wedding?” Misty asked.

    “I am Samuel’s best man, Dawn is the bridesmaid, and Gary is going to be giving my mom away,” Ash explained as he led the way into the large back garden. There was a large canopy with tables. There were rows of chairs on either side of the red carpet that was on the grass leading up to the altar where Delia and Samuel would exchange vows.

    There were already people milling about as they greeted each other. Gary and Professor Oak were talking to the priest as they went over some things to make sure the wedding was going to go smoothly and to Delia’s liking.

    Ash turned to Misty and smiled at her. “You can sit anywhere you like; I have to go back to the house to make sure Dawn is nearly ready.” He walked off, leaving Misty alone as she watched him go before turning back to the others as they came up to greet her.

    Upon reaching home, he made his way up the stairs to his room and knocked on the door.

    “Come in!” Dawn called from inside his bedroom and Ash turned the handle, opening the door to see Dawn was standing in front of the long mirror that his mother had put into his room. She was dressed in a dark blue halter-neck dress. Her blue hair pinned up and she wore the two-sliver interlocking heart necklace that she had gotten from Ash on their 6-month anniversary.

    “Wow,” Ash breathed out, reminding himself to breath when he saw his ex-girlfriend and only lover dressed up. Dawn turned around completely and smiled at him. The top of the dress was a corset like, pushing her breasts up and outlining her curves. “You look amazing.” Dawn’s smile turned shy as a blush kissed her cheeks. Ash could not help but smile at her; she could be so sexy and shy.

    “You don’t look bad yourself,” Dawn teased him as she moved over to him and Ash smiled down at her, his eyes darkening when he saw her lips were shiny with gloss. Dawn’s lips parted as her own eyes darkened and drifted down to look at Ash’s lips. Ash went to lean in to kiss her but Dawn stopped him. “It’s your mother’s wedding Ash, I’m not sure she’ll be understanding if we are late.” She stepped back from him, gathering her bearings. Ash gave a short nod as he cleared his throat and stepped back too.

    “It’s hard…” he started. Dawn nodded as tears stung the back of her eyes.

    “I know,” she whispered as they locked eyes, they had only just broken up two months ago, and the feelings were still there. Ash reached out and touched her hand. Dawn closed her eyes as the electric feeling shot through her and she turned to face him. “Let’s just get through today with a smile.” Ash gave her a short nod and a small smile before he held out his arm.

    Dawn slid her arm through his and Ash led her out of his room and into his mother’s where she was standing in front of her full mirror, dressed in a simple white floor length dress, held up by two straps that criss-crossed over her back.

    Delia turned when she heard footsteps and smiled when she saw Ash and Dawn standing in the doorway.

    “You look gorgeous,” Delia spoke up and Dawn shot her a shy smile.

    “You look beautiful, Delia,” Dawn came forward and fussed with the dress, making sure there were no crease in the white dress.

    “Dawn’s right, you look amazing, mom,” Ash stepped forward and Delia’s eyes filmed with tears as she cupped her son’s face.

    “You know you will always be my son, Ash. Me marrying Samuel don’t make me love you any less.” Delia told him and Ash nodded.

    “I know mom. He is a good man and he makes you happy. That’s all I ever wanted for you.” Delia leaned in and kissed her son on the cheek before hugging him. Ash hugged her back as he looked at Dawn and she gave him a comforting smile. Ash had admitted to her that he was worried of losing his mother but Dawn had told him that she would always be his mother, no matter what; she just found space to let someone else in her heart.

    Ash pulled away and smiled brightly at the two women he loved for different reasons.

    “Come on, we have a wedding to get to,” he told them and they laughed, breaking the teary mood as a knock at the door came and they turned to see Gary standing there, looking handsome in his tux.

    “Is the bride ready?” he asked and everyone nodded as they all followed him out of the house and into the car that was going to drive them to the wedding.

    The wedding went off without a hitch. Ash and Dawn walked down the aisle together, sharing small smiles with each other as the guests whispered how cute they looked together. They saw May sitting near the front and she smiled brightly at them, sitting next to Brendan, someone she was dating.

    There wasn’t a dry person, apart from Ash and Dawn, who just smiled brightly, at the wedding as Delia and Professor Oak exchanged vows and rings before they kissed for the first time as a married couple and everyone made their way to the reception where speeches and dinners were given.

    The music started up, everyone watched as Delia and Samuel had their first dance before they all joined in. Dawn and May were chatting with each other; delighted to see each other again and was making plans of travelling together when Ash came up behind Dawn.

    “Wanna dance?” Ash asked. Dawn turned and grinned at him before she took his hand and he led her out onto the dance-floor just as a slow music came on. She arched an eyebrow at him.

    “Did you tip the band?” she teased him. Ash just laughed as he wrapped an arm around her waist and held onto her hand. Dawn sighed as she slid an arm around Ash’s shoulder and rested her head on his shoulder as they both moved to the music.

    “How have you been?” Ash asked and Dawn sighed as she lifted her head and looked up at him.

    “Terrible,” she admitted. “I miss travelling with you.” Ash nodded.

    “I know. My current travelling partner is a trainer but she isn’t you,” he whispered and Dawn closed her eyes as he pressed a kiss to her forehead.

    “I need you,” she whispered, looking up at him. Ash looked down at her before looking around to make sure no one has noticed then looked back down at her.

    “Meet me outside, I’ll go and tell mom that I’m taking you home,” he whispered and Dawn nodded just as the music ended. They separated and Dawn headed out while Ash moved over to his mother, who was conversing with Misty and May.

    May looked at him with a knowing smile while Misty just grinned brightly.

    “Hey Ash,” she greeted. Ash gave her a short smile in return before he looked at his mother.

    “I’m taking Dawn back to the house, she’s tired,” Ash told her and Delia nodded.

    “Okay sweetheart, the guest bedroom has already been set up,” Delia told him and Ash nodded as he kissed his mother on the cheek and waved to May and Misty before leaving.

    “Dawn is staying over?” Misty asked, turning to Delia and Delia nodded.

    “Oh yes, usually she would stay with her mother but her mother has guests staying over and there is no room for Dawn there so I offered Dawn to stay over at our house,” Delia explained and Misty nodded before looking over to where Ash took Dawn by the hand and they left. There was something in the look they exchanged disturbed her and wondered once more just what was going on between the two of them.

    “We are crazy,” moaned out Dawn in between kisses as Ash pressed her against his bedroom door. They had barely made it to his bedroom before Ash took his lips in his, pressing her against his closed bedroom down, his hands roaming over her body before cupping her hips.

    Removing his jacket, shirt, and tie, Dawn ran her hands over his back as he separated their lips, moving down to her neck.

    “I missed you so damn much,” groaned Ash, huskily as he tasted her skin once more, flicking his tongue over the sweet spot just behind her ear, knowing that would turn her on. Dawn’s hips bucked up into his with pleasure.

    He helped her to remove her dress, pushing at the straps so they fell off her shoulders and down her arms. Sliding his hands round to the back of the dress, he tugged on the zipper, loosening the dress and it fell onto the ground like a puddle, leaving her bare in dark blue underwear…his favourite underwear.

    Dawn grinned when she heard Ash growl before unzipping his trousers to reveal black boxers. Ash stumbled out of his trousers as she stepped over her dress, still in high heels, pushing him backward. The back of Ash’s knees hit the bed, he fell down on it, and he looked up at her.

    Dawn slid her bra straps off her shoulders, Ash licked his lips as she smiled, reaching behind her back and unhooked her bra. Dropping her arms, the bra fell off her chest, falling to the ground, baring her breasts to Ash’s gaze.

    Dawn straddled Ash’s lap as she slid a hand into his messy black lock and tugged his head toward her chest. Ash needed no encouragement as he took a nipple into his mouth, loving the way she arched and purred under his tongue.

    He moved to the other nipple, giving it the same attention as she rubbed herself against him, trying to ease the ache deep inside of her as her hand caressed his chest, moving lower to the hard bulge in his boxers and trailed her fingers over it. Ash grabbed her wrist, spun them around so she was lying on the bed and he was hovering over her.

    “You always liked to tease me,” he gritted out and Dawn smirked as she drew her legs up his waist so he was in between them, rubbing herself against his hardness.

    “You like it when I tease you…it gives you an excuse to punish me,” she reminded. Ash growled as he yanked her panties off, she did the same to his boxers, and he was poised at her entrance. He wasn’t that far gone that he tested her with his finger first to check that she was ready before he plunged himself into her.

    “Yes!” Dawn threw her head back on the pillow, her eyes closed in pleasure as she breathed heavily. Ash groaned as he rested his forehead on her shoulder, trying to control himself when she wrapped her legs around his waist, causing him to go deeper inside of her and she slid her arms around his back, her hands trailing over the smooth skin.

    Ash pulled himself out before he thrusted back into her, taking her hard and fast, just the way he knew she liked it. He made sure that he went in deeper, resting on his hands as he looked down at her as he ****ed her. Dawn stared back as her lips parted, breathing heavily as pleasure built up inside of her.

    Ash leaned down and pressed his lips against his as her walls contracted around him, drawing him in deeper as her nails raked down his back, her body arching in pleasure as her legs tightened around him. Ash groaned as he filled her with his seed.

    Once he was finished, he slumped down on her as her legs slacken and her hands rested on the small of his back. He buried his face in her neck, their sweat mingling together as Dawn turned her head and pressed her lips to the side of his head.

    “What does this mean for us?” Ash whispered and Dawn shook her head.

    “It doesn’t mean we’re back together,” she whispered and he turned his head so they were looking at each other. Dawn cupped his cheek, pressing her forehead against his. “We are still on separate roads.” Ash lifted a hand and curled it around the hand that was cupping his cheek.

    “So we are basically just friends who have sex?” Dawn closed her eyes.

    “Why not?” whispered Dawn, opening her eyes, “We still have feelings for each other and I know I couldn’t sleep with anyone else. We could have sex whenever we meet up with each other.”

    “Do you really want that?” Ash asked, making sure and Dawn nodded.

    “I want whatever I can get from you Ash. We both know we cannot be in a relationship now. I refuse to be in the way of you getting your badges and you refused to be in my way of getting my ribbons,” Dawn told him and Ash sighed as he pressed a kiss to her lips.

    “I just hope that we will be able to find a way to be together once more,” Ash told her as he shifted himself off her so he was not crushing her anymore. Dawn gave him a wobbly smile.

    “You have no idea how much I wish for that,” Dawn told him, pressing a kiss on his lips before she curled up into his side. Ash just held her close as he prayed for a day where they would be able to be together once more.

    Ash came out of his thoughts and shifted his head over to look at his phone vibrating on the nightstand. He was lying on his bed, obviously had gone to bed during his thoughts. Pikachu lifted his head from the bottom of the bed and shot an annoyed glare at the phone. Ash chuckled as he picked up the phone and looked at the Caller-Id and stared at it for a moment before sighing as he switched it off and placed it to the side before turning over to go to sleep.


    Dawn made her way into her bedroom and stripped herself of her clothes before moving over to her dresser to pull on a pair of PJs. Once she pulled them on, she slipped under the covers and sighed at the coolness of her freshly washed sheets.

    Turning onto her side, she caught sight of the picture that had Ash, Johanna and her standing together under the banner that said ‘Happy Birthday, Johanna!’ A smile crept over her face at the memory.

    “Happy birthday mom!” greeted Dawn. Johanna turned around and smiled brightly when she caught sight of her daughter.

    “Dawn!” she opened her arms and embraced her daughter, kissing the side of her head before she pulled away and admired her daughter. “You look well-fed.” Dawn laughed, knowing her mother worried about her.

    “May is very good at finding places to eat,” Dawn assured her mother before she pulled out the small colourful box. Johanna took it and opened it to reveal a gold locket, on the back, it said ‘You will always be my mother, no matter what. I love you’ Johanna choked back a sob before she hugged Dawn once more and cupped her cheek.

    “And I love you too.” Dawn grinned as she helped Johanna put the necklace on before she left her mother’s side to mingle with the guests. Johanna turned back to the table to place the empty box down when someone else came up behind her.

    “Happy Birthday, Johanna,” Ash’s voice greeted from behind. Johanna spun around and smiled brightly when she saw her daughter’s ex-boyfriend.

    “You made it!” She embraced the young man. Ash just laughed as he hugged her back before pulling away and handed her the bunch of yellow roses. Johanna kissed his cheek as she took the present. “You are such a charmer.” Ash smiled as they turned when they heard someone come up to them.

    “Mum, just how many cakes do you have on the table…Ash!” she stopped when she saw Ash standing there.

    “Dawn,” Ash gave a short nod and a small smile cross her face. Johanna, mentally, rolled her eyes at her daughter and ex-boyfriend. She knew that Dawn was still in love with the young man and it was obvious Ash still felt the same. She just hoped that they would be able to get back together.

    Johanna was broken out of her thoughts when the lights dimmed and someone came through with a large birthday cake with candles. She laughed as Professor Oak moved over to her, holding the cake and everyone surrounded her as they sang ‘happy birthday’

    “Make a wish!” Delia cried out once the song was finished and Johanna closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

    ‘I wish for Ash and Dawn to realise that life is too short and their love only comes once in a lifetime,’ she blew out the candles and the lights came back on, everyone cheering. Johanna grinned as Professor Oak took the cake over to the table and she cut into it, giving everyone a piece of cake before watching, out the corner of her eye, Ash, and Dawn converse silently together away from the others before Dawn nodded.

    She made her way over to Johanna.

    “Ash and I are gonna go and catch up. I will see you tomorrow and don’t make any plans, I still have the rest of your birthday present to give to you,” Dawn told her and Johanna chuckled as hope rose in her heart. She kissed her daughter’s forehead.

    “I’ll see you tomorrow, don’t stay up too late,” she warned her daughter and Dawn nodded as she kissed her mother’s cheek before walking over to Ash and both of them left.

    Ash and Dawn found themselves in Dawn’s bedroom with Dawn’s back pressed against her door, both of them making out and touching each other anywhere they could.

    “We never did get the chance to do it in your room,” Ash reminded as he kissed her neck and she rolled her eyes.

    “We never came back together,” she reminded him as she pulled his face up to hers so she could take his lips into hers. “I missed you so much.” They eagerly divested each other of their clothing, leaving them naked.

    “I missed you too,” Ash pulled her away from the door and walked her backward until they reached the bed and fell down on it together. Ash kissed his way down her body until he reached her core and eagerly fed on her, bringing her over the edge before she pulled him away from her body, sensitive.

    Dawn pushed him onto his back and kissed her way down his body until she reached the goal she had been aiming for. She took him into her mouth the way she knew he liked it. They had practiced it repeatedly until she had found the way that turned him on more than anything did, she knew how to bring him to the edge, tease him before pushing him completely.

    Ash groaned as he slid his hand into her hair, holding her close until he felt close to the edge. He pulled her off him and kissed her, both of them tasting the other in their kiss as Dawn straddled him, sliding down his ****.

    They let out similar moans of pleasure when Dawn stopped when she had fully taken him in and stared down at him for a moment before she raised herself up his body. Ash’s hands gripped her waist, helping her to get a rhythm on his body.

    Dawn’s head fell backward in pleasure, her hair swaying with her movements as Ash watched her breasts heave with the swaying and her breathing, he loved it when she was on top of him, he loved the view he got.

    Dawn brought her head back down as one of Ash’s hand left her hip and cupped her cheek to brush away the wet strands stuck to her face due to sweat. Dawn slid one hand down her body until she reached her clit and started fondling with it.

    Ash could feel Dawn contracting around him as she started to orgasm. He reared up and took her lips into his, thrusting up harder into her so he could help her go overboard. Dawn separated her lips from his as her head fell backward in pleasure and he kissed her neck instead as he came inside of her.

    Both of them slumped down onto the bed, exhausted but happy. Dawn lifted herself up and grinned down at her.

    “Was it good for you?” she teased and Ash chuckled as he slid his hands over her back and pulled her down for a kiss.

    “Brilliant. Was it good for you?” he teased back and she grinned against his lips.

    “Out of this world,” she told him before shifted over to the side. She curled up into his side as both of them relaxed, falling asleep.

    Dawn came out of her thoughts and blinked blearily when a flashing light caught her attention. She looked at her phone and saw it vibrating. Picking it up, she looked at the id caller and shook her head. Pressing a button, she ended the call before switching her phone off and fell back to sleep, Ash filling her mind’s eye once more.


    I hope that I will have the next chapter out on time lol
  14. JPG

    JPG Well-Known Member

    keep up the good work. i like how you write ash and dawn's relationship. truly a romantic friendship.
  15. Bubbles18

    Bubbles18 The Crazy Eevee Lady

    Chapter 6: It is for the best…

    Dawn sat down on the swing, staring out of the shimmering water of the lake where Mesprit lived. Using her feet, she pushed the swing. She closed her eyes as a faint smile crossed her face, the wind blowing against her face as she moved past it.

    She never had the feeling of being free since Ash. Ever since she stopped travelling with Ash, it was as if her wings were clipped…to stop her from flying and being with Kenny just seemed to clip her wings even further.

    The only time she felt free was when she was on the swing or with Ash. Ash never expected to be anything other than who she was. Even when they were together, there were no expectations; all they had to do was look forward each day with the others, there were no plans.

    Even when it came to her contests, he didn’t expect her to win, he just expected her to do her best the way she knew how. It made a difference from everyone else, they expected her to win, but in Ash’s eye, she was a winner, no matter the outcome and that, what she came to love the most.

    He encouraged her to experiment, to do things that no one has ever seen before. She smiled to herself as she remember the rolling dodge and the Ice Water combinations that Ash had pulled off while watching her practice them for her contests.

    “Hey Dawn,” Kenny greeted, his voice breaking into her thoughts. Dawn turned to see Kenny making his way over to her and held back a frustrated groan. She did not want to deal with him right now but knew that she had to be the attentive girlfriend right now.

    “Hey Kenny,” she greeted back with a fake bright smile. Kenny just smiled back as he stood in front of her, waiting for her to get up and greet him but Dawn just stayed on the swing. Finally, Kenny got annoyed waiting for her and pulled her off the swing, greeting her with a hard bruising kiss.

    Dawn pushed him away and wiped at her mouth, wincing when she could feel how tender lips were. “What was that for?” Kenny’s eyes harden.

    “What? I can’t kiss my girlfriend anymore?” he accused and she glared at him.

    “Not like that, you can’t!” she shot at him. Kenny’s face showed contrite when he saw how angry she was and slid an arm around her waist.

    “Let’s go to my house,” he told her. He pulled her along the pavement and over to his house.

    Ash was staring at the ceiling as Misty kissed his neck. He knew that he should have his eyes closed enjoying it but…there was nothing. He could not help but compare Misty to Dawn. All Dawn had to do was breathe against his neck and he would get shivers of pleasure.

    Everything Misty did was the opposite of Dawn, instead of turning him on, it just made him bored. He jerked his neck away when he heard the front door open and turned his head to see his mother making her way through the hallway. She stopped when she spotted her son and girlfriend on the couch.

    “Hi mom,” Ash greeted as he pushed Misty off him and stood up, wiping at his neck. Thankfully, she did not suck hard enough to leave a hickey – he hated it when someone sucked on his neck…Dawn liked to use her teeth, gently nipping him before flicking her tongue over the mark. There was no sucking involved.

    “Hi honey,” greeted Delia before she nodded to Misty. “Hi Misty,” Misty smiled.

    “Hey Delia,” Ash looked at his watch and turned to Misty.

    “I think you should go,” Misty looked at him, shocked. “It’s getting late and I have to be up early tomorrow.” Misty looked at him for a long moment before she nodded. Ash led her out of the house and stood in the doorway.

    “Will I see you tomorrow?” Misty asked and Ash shrugged.

    “I have a lot of things on, it just depends,” Ash told her. Misty nodded, leaned in to kiss him only to kiss his cheek as Ash turned his head. “Night, Misty,” Ash closed the door; leaving Misty standing on the doorway, wondering just what went on with Ash and Dawn.

    Ash sighed as he made it to his room, his mother had words with him, and he nodded, accepting that he needed to think it through…no matter what he did, he just cannot get over Dawn, no matter what.

    Sitting on the windowsill of his bedroom window, with one leg propped up and the other one hanging, he looked out of the window and up at the bright full moon in the sky. He closed his eyes as a memory of Dawn came back to him.

    “Can you believe it?” Dawn asked as she stopped at a crossroad. “We are starting a new adventure.” Ash laughed as he stopped next to her.

    “And we get to travel it together,” Ash took her hand, linking them together. Dawn smiled up at him. He leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips, wrapping his arms around her waist to pull her into his body.

    Dawn smiled against his lips, kissing him back before pulling away as Brock came to a stop next to them.

    “So…where are your next Contest and Battles?” Brock asked.

    “There,” Ash and Dawn pointed in different directions causing Brock to still when he realised the implications. Ash and Dawn looked at each other and found they were pointing in different directions. Dawn felt her heart break before looking up into Ash’s eyes.

    “I guess we’re not going to have a new adventure,” Dawn whispered, tears lining her voice.

    “Maybe we could do both?” Ash asked, desperate to keep Dawn with him. Dawn lifted her map and shook her head.

    “My contests leads away from the gyms, Ash,” Dawn showed him the map. She watched as Ash studied them before his eyes grew dark.

    “Oh,” he whispered. Dawn bowed her head, tears filming her eyes. Brock felt his heart breaking for the couple in front of them.

    “How about we set up camp here tonight?” He told them and they looked at him, “Some sort of last night thing?” He got nods in return as they went about doing their own things to set up for the camp.

    Bowing his head, Brock just hoped they would find some way to sort out their relationship but deep inside of him, he knew that neither of them would stand in the way of the others and would break up.

    Sighing deeply, he just hoped that he was wrong.

    Everyone sat in silence next to the fire. Even the Pokémon weren’t as lively as they usually were. They could sense that something was wrong and all they could so was wait and see what happened.

    Night fell so everyone made their way into their tents. Ash and Dawn started sharing Dawn’s tent when they got together so it was second nature for them to climb into bed together. After changing into their PJs, they looked at each other, waiting for the other to make the first move. Dawn was the first one.

    “I guess it’s over then,” Dawn whispered. Ash closed his eyes at the pain that was clear in her voice. He rested his forehead against hers.

    “We could try long distance,” he whispered but Dawn shook her head.

    “Could you cope with that?” Dawn asked. Ash looked down and sighed, shaking his head. “Is this really happening?” she whispered.

    “Let’s just be together tonight,” Ash whispered, lifting his eyes to look into hers. “We have tonight.” Dawn nodded and curled into his side. Both of them stared up at the roof of the tent, not speaking, no words needed.

    Morning came too soon for them and they climbed out of the tent. Brock was stirring the pot that contained their breakfast. He looked up at them and his smile faded when he saw their looks. They never found a way to be together.

    “Breakfast is nearly ready,” he told them and they nodded, walking over to the lake so they could wash up before breakfast. Once ready, they headed back over to the picnic table and sat down. Ash was straddling the bench, facing Dawn as she sat in between his legs, her head resting on his chest as he wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her close.

    Brock placed the bowls in front of them before sitting across from them. They were not very hungry but tried their best to eat the meal that had been prepared for them. It wasn’t long before they finally finished with their breakfast and packed up.

    They reached the crossroad once more before Ash and Dawn turned to face each other, brave fronts.

    “I’ll see you around, Ash,” Dawn shot him a ‘no need to worry’ smile. Ash shot her smile back, one lined with sadness.

    “I’ll see you around, Dawn.” Both of them watched each other for a moment before they turned and walked off in different directions…starting their new journeys alone.

    Ash came out of his thoughts. He looked over to his bed but found that he was feeling restless and decided to go for a walk inside. He grabbed his trainers and pulled them on before checking on his Pokémon only to find that they were sleeping. With a short nod, he headed out of the house and into the cool air, unaware that his life would change.

    Dawn and Kenny were on Kenny’s bed as he tried to convince her into sleeping with him. Dawn had been adamant that she was not ready to sleep with him, that she preferred to wait until they had been dating for at least six months but Kenny wasn’t willing to wait, he knew that Dawn had a hot body and he wanted in her body.

    “Kenny, I’m being serious,” Dawn told him as she pulled away from his lip, pushing his hand away from her breasts. She didn’t like how fast he was trying to take their relationship. She was already annoyed with him for telling her that she shouldn’t be hanging around Ash or that she was to take his pictures off her wall.

    “Dawn, we’ve known each other for years, it should cancel out any doubts you have,” Kenny whispered against her neck as his hand pushed her skirt up. Dawn’s hand clamped down on Kenny’s wrist and pushed his hand away from her body. She stood up, glaring at him as she did so.

    “I’m not ready,” Dawn told him as she smoothed down her skirt, annoyed with how far Kenny had tried to go.

    “Oh come on Dawn!” complained Kenny as he stood up. “We’ve known each other for years.”

    “I don’t care!” snapped Dawn as she glared at him. “I’m not ready,” she grabbed her shoes and pulled them on.

    “It’s because of Ash, isn’t it?” Kenny snapped and Dawn looked at him, her blue eyes wide with disbelief.

    “Do you see Ash in the room with us?” Dawn demanded. “I don’t know what the hell if your problem with Ash but I’m getting sick of it Kenny.”

    “My problem is my girlfriend prefers to spend time with him rather than her own boyfriend, which she won’t sleep with me!” snipped Kenny and got a glare.

    “Fine – if that’s the problem, then we’re over,” Dawn said and got a shocked look from Kenny,

    “What?” Kenny choked out.

    “You heard me,” Dawn told him. “If you can’t handle the fact that Ash is my best friend and I’m not going to drop him because you say so or the fact that I’m not going to sleep with you unless I’ve been dating you for six months – we’re over – in fact, we are over while you like it or not. I’m not going to waste my time with you any more Kenny.”

    “Dawn…” Kenny started but Dawn waved a hand, cutting him off.

    “No Kenny, there’s nothing you can say that will make me change my mind – we gave the relationship a try but you are too blind with jealously of Ash that I’m not going to bother with it anymore,” Dawn moved over to the doorway and curled her hand around the handle before she stopped. “And to your question Kenny, yes, Ash and I did date but we broke up because we were going in different directions.” With that, she opened the door and stormed out, refusing to look back on that part of her life any more.

    Ash could hear running footsteps behind him and he turned to see that Dawn was running with her head bowed low. It was obvious she had not noticed him yet as she ran, passed him. Ash’s hand shot out and curled around her upper arm, stopping her.

    Curious, Dawn lifted her head and saw that Ash was holding her. Ash frowned when he saw tear tracks on her cheeks.

    “Hey, what’s wrong?” Ash asked and Dawn shook her head.

    “Kenny and I broke up,” Dawn admitted. Ash gaped at her for a moment before he tugged on her elbow and led her over to the bench so they could sit down.

    “Start from the beginning,” Ash told her and Dawn nodded as she sighed as she wiped her cheeks.

    “He’s been pressuring me to sleep with him almost from the beginning we started dating,” Dawn told him. Ash’s eyebrows rose up into his hairline, shocked.

    “But you won’t sleep with anyone unless you have been dating them for six months,” Ash pointed out and Dawn nodded.

    “Yes, but he says because we’ve been friends for years, it should cancel it out,” Dawn said and Ash snorted.

    “We were friends for a year and half before we started dating and you made me wait six months,” Dawn arched an eyebrow at him and got a half hearted glare in return. “You tortured me for six months and you damn well know you did.” Dawn grinned at the memories.

    “At least I didn’t make you wait eight months like I threatened to,” Dawn reminded and Ash rolled his eyes as he chuckled.

    “I thought Brock was going to lock us in a closet or kill us from all the sexual tension,” he admitted and Dawn sighed before shaking her head.

    “He just wouldn’t accept that I wasn’t ready to sleep with him,” Dawn muttered.

    “Not ready or didn’t want to?” Ash asked. Dawn’s head snapped up and locked brown eyes with her blue eyes before she sighed.

    “Didn’t want to,” admitted Dawn. “I guess I was just looking for a reason to break up with him – I mean, I only dated him to get him off my back but it backfired on me, he just became more demanding – he tried to order me to take your pictures off my walls; that I was to stop talking to/about you. I just lost it and told him that it was over and I told him that we dated but we broke up.” Ash whistled in amazement.

    “Wow, I thought we weren’t going to tell anyone,” Ash told her and Dawn shrugged.

    “I was ****** Ash, I just wanted to get back at him for all those demands he made of me. He’s jealous of you because we travelled together, he was always suspicious that something happened between us but I never admitted it until today – maybe it’ll knock some sense into that thick head of his head and he’ll leave me alone,” muttered Dawn, bitterly.

    Ash wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her into his body.

    “You deserve better,” Ash told her and Dawn grinned into his chest before she pulled away, stiffening.

    “Yeah, well, I gotta get over you first before that will happen,” she looked away from him. Ash sighed as he looked down at his lap.

    “I’m not over you either,” admitted Ash. Dawn turned to face him, shocked.

    “But you’re dating Misty,” Dawn pointed out and he looked at her.

    “Who I asked out after you told me that you accepted a date from Kenny,” Ash reminded and Dawn sighed as she leaned back on the bench.

    “We’re stupid,” Dawn muttered and Ash grinned briefly for a moment. “I miss you, you know.” Ash looked at her. “I miss being around you everyday, like we used to be on our travels, I miss cheering for you in my cheerleader’s outfit,” Ash grinned at the memories. “I miss the way our Pokémon interacts with each other – I mean, they get along great with May’s Pokémon but they don’t have that same spark as they had with yours.” Ash nodded in understanding.

    “I know – Gliscor took a while to forgive me when we broke up – she misses you. Pikachu just lazes about and everyone else just doesn’t seem to have their hearts in the battles anymore,” Ash admitted. “Even Reggie saw the difference – he’s the reason why I came back this year. He said that I should meet up with you again and see if your absence were the reason why my Pokémon were down.”

    “Maybe we should introduce our Pokémon to each other again,” Dawn whispered. Ash looked at her for a long moment, understanding the implications that it could cause.

    “You do understand what you are doing?” Ash whispered and Dawn nodded.

    “Yes…I’m looking for any reasons to go travelling with you again – I mean, the badges and the ribbons being on the same routes are a good reason, but I want to stay with you this time Ash…I don’t want to leave you,” Dawn told him and Ash swallowed heavily, he opened his mouth to say something when a woman’s voice interrupted them.

    “Ash?” they turned to see Misty standing there with a hard look in her eyes and her hands planted on her hips.


    Ooh, cliff-hanger – it’s been a while since I left one of those!
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    That's a bit harsh, but I'm not complaining.
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    Uh oh, Misty is there. Once again, great job.=) It has been a while since you left a cliffy, huh? I wonder what will happen in the next chapter...?
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    Hey, nice chapter, and I like your story. Is there a pattern in which you update your chapters, or do you just post the chapters up whenever you're done?
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    very good as ever, I've read two times already and I'm waiting for the next chapter. I imagine how it would happen in the anime, it'd be amazing =]
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    Apologies for taking so long – My computer is a real ***** so I had to find an alternative computer to get on the internet (Which took a while).

    Chapter 7: Making a Choice

    “What is going on with you and Dawn?” Misty demanded as she followed Ash into the kitchen.

    After Misty had interrupted them, Ash and Dawn separated pretty quickly before standing up. Dawn made up a lame excuse of having to go home before she squeezed Ash’s upper arm and hurried off with both of them staring after her before Misty turned to face her boyfriend once more, wanting answers.

    “It’s complicated,” Ash muttered as he moved over to the fridge. He had been so close to kissing Dawn again and he knew that he had to break up with Misty, especially after everything he and Dawn had shared.

    “How can it possibly be complicated?” Misty dismissed. “She is a friend. At least that what you told me,” she finished bitterly, “looked a little more than friendly when I saw you.”

    Ash slammed the fridge door shut and turned to face Misty with a hard glare.

    “Whatever problem you have with Dawn, get over it,” Ash ordered. “She is my best friend.”

    “Ash?” asked Delia as she moved her way into the kitchen, confused. She stopped in the doorway when she spotted her son and Misty standing across from each other, each one wearing a glare. “What is going on here?” She moved further into the room, standing near her son.

    “He won’t answer my questions,” Misty spoke up. Delia looked at her, confused. “I saw him looking really cosy with Dawn and he won’t give me any answers.” Delia looked at her son.

    “Ash?” she asked. Ash shook her head.

    “Dawn needed comfort and I was giving it to her. I don’t see what that is such a big problem!” Ash defended. Gliscor chose that moment to come into the kitchen only to stop when she saw Misty was in the room.

    “Glis,” Gliscor hissed before she bounded on her tail out of the room, unhappy that the red-haired girl was in the house. Misty stared after Gliscor before she looked at Ash.

    “What is Gliscor’s problem?” Misty demanded.

    “She likes Dawn,” Ash told her, noticing the way Misty’s eyes rolled at Dawn’s name. “They have a bond.”

    “The way your Pokémon acts, you’d think they want you with Dawn,” Misty remarked with a small laugh but it faded when she saw Ash stiffen and share a look with his mother. “What are you not telling me?” a frown crossed Misty’s face. Ash sighed as he turned to face her.

    “Dawn and I were together during our travels – we broke up because we were going in different directions,” Ash told her. Misty stared at him for a moment before she laughed disbelievingly.

    “You dated Dawn?” Misty asked and Ash nodded, “How long?”

    “A year,” Ash said. Shock crossed Misty’s face as understanding dawned on her.

    “You slept with her,” whispered Misty and Ash glared at her.

    “That has nothing to do with you!” snapped Ash. “That is our private life – no one else gets a say in it.”

    “You are my boyfriend – I should know if you have slept with someone else…it would certainly explain why you won’t sleep with me!” she snapped out only to take a step back when Ash’s eyes blackened in fury.

    “I told you before that I’m not the type of person to go jumping into bed with someone I started dating – we’ve only being going out for a couple of weeks and you are already trying to push me into bed,” Ash told her. Misty scoffed.

    “Bet you jumped into bed with Dawn pretty quick,” Misty snipped.

    “We waited six months, she wanted to be absolutely sure that she was ready to give herself to me,” Ash informed her, coolly. “There’s a difference between you and Dawn, Dawn trusts and understood me. You just like to think you know me.”

    “How do you know she wasn’t sleeping around with Kenny?” Misty demanded.

    “Because she broke up with him for trying to push her into sleeping with him despite that she kept telling him that she wasn’t ready. Apparently she doesn’t do well when people get jealous of her friendship with me…neither do I,” Ash told her. Misty looked at him, wary. “We’re over.”

    “What?!” shouted Misty, furious.

    “You heard me. I cannot deal with you being jealous over Dawn every time. She is my best friend, Misty. I’m not going to drop her or stop talking to her just because you don’t like her,” Ash listed off.

    “I’m your best friend!” roared Misty. “I’m the one who was with you since the beginning of your travels!”

    “And all you did was complained and get jealous of every girl that went near me,” Ash shot back, startling Misty. “Dawn had never done that once while on our travels. She trusted me enough which is far more than I can say about you.”

    “Why did you even ask me out?” Misty demanded.

    “Because Dawn said yes to Kenny,” Ash decided he had to be truthful with her, no matter how hurtful it would be. He got sharp intakes from both his mother and ex-girlfriend.

    “You only dated me because Dawn wasn’t free to be your ****?” Misty asked only to wince when Ash’s eyes blackened even more in fury.

    “Don’t you ever call her that again,” he ordered as he moved closer to her. “Dawn is not a **** and I will stand by and let someone call her that.” Misty stepped back, unable to deal with Ash defending Dawn.

    “I need to leave,” she informed them before she turned and hurried out of the house, she realised that she never had Ash’s heart and it hurt more than she thought it would.

    Ash sighed when he heard the front door slam close before turning around to face his mother, who was now sitting at the table.

    “I went about it the wrong way, didn’t I?” he asked and Delia sighed.

    “Well, I don’t approve of you asking Misty out because Dawn said yes to Kenny but I can understand where you are coming from. To be frank, Misty has been annoyed with Dawn for far too long. She needed to understand that she may be your friend but Dawn is also your friend,” Delia pointed out. “I do wish that all this had never happened but I hope that it is a lesson you have learnt well.” Ash nodded as he sat down across from his mother. “Was Misty telling the truth about you and Dawn?” Ash nodded once more.

    “Yeah, Dawn was upset because Kenny had been trying to pressure her into a sexual relationship with him. I was lending an ear and we started talking about how we missed travelling with each other and how we wanted to try again when Misty showed up,” Ash explained before he sighed and stood up. “I’m gonna head to bed again. Maybe this time I will actually get some sleep.” He reached over; kiss his mother on the cheek before heading to bed.


    Dawn made her way into her house, closing the door and resting her back against it, closing her eyes. She felt utterly drained but excited too. She and Ash were going to try to give the travelling thing a shot once more.

    She could only hope that it would work out, she really wanted to travel with Ash again. She hadn’t lied when she told him that she had missed him. Ash was the only one who could cheer her up whenever she was down and calm her whenever she was panicking.

    Making her way through the hallway, she climbed the stairs and headed toward her bedroom. She closed the door behind her as she entered the room and walked over to the bathroom.

    Flicking the lights on, she stripped out of her clothes until she was nude and pulled on her PJs. After brushing her teeth, she made her way out of the bathroom and into her bedroom, flipping the light off.

    She climbed into her bed, snuggling down with the plushy Pikachu doll Ash had gotten for her on her birthday and closed her eyes, smiling dreamily


    May was sitting on the swing, her eyes closed as the breeze brush against her face whenever she moved past the wind. There was a cough and she turned to see Brendan standing off to the side with a smirk on his face.

    “Brendan!” May jumped off the swing and hurried over to him. Brendan laughed as he wrapped his arms around May as she flung herself into him, wrapping her arms around his neck. Brendan hugged her to him before he pulled away and scanned his girlfriend.

    “So, how is everything in this town?” he asked as he and May made their way over to the swings once more. May rolled her eyes.

    “Frustrating,” she admitted. “Kenny asked Dawn out and she said yes so Ash asked Misty out.” Brendan chuckled at this, shaking his head.

    “They were upset when they broke up,” Kenny pointed out. “They were probably trying to protect themselves from being hurt again.” May nodded.

    “I know. Dawn texted me about half an hour ago telling me she broke up with Kenny because he tried to take their relationship further,” May told him. Hearing that Dawn made May even more annoyed at the young man.

    “I saw Misty before I met you,” Brendan spoke up. “She was really ticked off that Ash and Dawn had sex during their year long relationship.” May looked at him shocked as understanding dawned on her.

    “They told Kenny and Misty,” she uttered before sighing. “I just hope this won’t affect their relationship of getting back together.”

    “How do you mean?” Brendan was confused.

    “Ash and Dawn made a vow not to tell anyone about their relationship. It was their life, no one else had a say in it and they didn’t want people judging them after they broke up. I mean, you know what Paul was like when he found out that the two of them were together,” Brendan winced. “The fact they had told Misty and Kenny means that they had been really angry with them.”

    They sat down on the swings in silence for a short moment before Brendan spoke up once more.

    “Maybe this will allow them to follow their hearts.”


    Soon, morning broke over Twinleaf Town and Dawn was making her way over to Ash’s place so they could face reality and find out if they could follow their heart this time.

    Upon reaching the Ketchum/Oak residence, Dawn took a deep breath as she stood in front of a door before she raised her hand and knocked on it. There was a few tensed seconds before it opened and Ash stood in the doorway with a smile.

    “Hey, come on in,” Ash stood to the side and allowed Dawn in. Dawn moved past Ash and he closed the door behind her before leading her through the house and out into the back garden so they had space for the Pokémon to greet each other.

    Unknown to them, Delia and Johanna were in the kitchen, standing at the window to watch the scene. Delia had phoned Johanna, explaining the situation to her and Johanna had told her that she would be by so the two of them could watch and hope that everything would go the way they want it to.

    Ash and Dawn removed their Pokeballs from their place, Pikachu stood in front of Ash, curious to what was going on.

    “Are you ready?” Dawn asked and Ash nodded, “On the count of 3?” Ash nodded again.

    “1…2…3…Everybody, come out!” Ash and Dawn threw their Pokéballs in to the air and all of their Pokémon came out of their balls.

    They looked around before they caught sight of each other and the spark came to life, everyone started greeting each other, happy to see the others after a long time. Pikachu and Piplup shared a high five before Buneary pulled Pikachu into a kiss, getting a blush from Pikachu.

    Ash and Dawn moved closer to each other as they watched their Pokémon interact with each other again before they looked each other.

    “What do you say Dawn?” Ash asked with a smile. “Wanna travel with me?” Dawn grinned as she nodded.

    “Yeah, can’t wait to start a new adventure with you,” Dawn told him before she threw herself into his arms, hugging him. Ash just kissed the side of her head and hugged her back while their Pokémon cheered together, happy that they were going to go travelling together again.

    Johanna and Delia let out identical sighs of happiness and relief from where they were standing at the window that was overlooking the back garden.

    “They are back to normal again,” Johanna whispered, happy for her baby girl and Delia nodded.

    “Somehow, I get a feeling we’re gonna have another wedding to plan,” Delia told her and got choked laughers from Johanna as they both shared a bright smile, pleased for their children.

    Ash and Dawn pulled away from each other and sealed the deal with a tender kiss while Pikachu and Piplup shared a high five.

    The End

    Okay – I am taking a short break from Pokémon fan-fiction now. I will be back at one point eventually but I have other stories for other forums that I am working on but do not worry. I do have a plan for my next Pokémon story; I just need to figure out how I want it to go.

    See you around!

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