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Fondest memory from FrLg


Finding a random shiny Paras in the Safari Zone. Second shiny I ever encountered (third if you count Red Gyarados). Luckily, I caught the thing. Go me!

Also the general appeal of playing through the original classic.

Shadow Gamer

The Shadow Trainer
My fondest memories were discovering the Sevii Islands and playing the remake of the game that started it all for me.
I have a lot, but one of my favorite was when I found Firered after 2 or 3 years in my closet. I took it out of my DS and put it on top of some clothes and I couldn't find it. When I finally did I was screaming, I was so happy.

Venusaur Rules

Venusaur is #1
fondest memory was getting my first ever pokemon to lvl 100 on LG it was Farfetch'd but it was traded so it kind of an easy to lvl him up

Rugia Thunder

Finding FR after like years.

Starting a new game and having the most fun I've had in a while :3

It was great going back to Kanto after so long, it was really fun. The rival battle to determine the champion at the Pokemon League was great, especially the remix of the battle theme. :3

mudkip no.1 fan

the water master
catching a shiny diglett randomly
and catching mewtwo ( but with a master ball :3 )


Expect theUnexpected
My fondest memory is playing the whole game and feeling the nostalgia of the original games that started Pokemon.


finding a shiny rattata in firered. it maybe a pest in those games but it was a shiny pest at least.

Ashley Miley

Active Member
My fondest memory of my Firered game is that the first time I ever had my mom play a Pokemon game, she walked into the grass and the first pokemon she found was a shiny ponyta. I took the gameboy from her, caught it, and have since traded it to my friend(because I was restarting the game) and she evolved it.


Sparkling Star
When I caught Suicune just when I beaten the league without necessity to look for it.
-Getting my first ever Pokemon, Bulbasaur.

-Getting my Venusaur to Lv. 100, the first Pokemon I got to lv. 100.

-Catching my first legendary, Articuno.

FR/LG is full of nostalgia for me, mostly because it is the first Pokemon Game I ever played.


Well-Known Member
Probably training my favourite pokemon up to level 100 at the time. It was Blastoise, Zapdos and Crobat. I have now 349 pokemon and like 10 of them are level 100. That was like 1 year ago tho.
Feeling the nostalgia flood back, esp with the music remixes of the second gen games =] Since my games have deleted themselves and before i got diamond i was playing red and blue so it was a longer period of time between hearing second gen.

Catching Mewtwo with an Ultra ball. It was the first time i've ever done that because i was saving the masterball for Suicune.

Finding Suicune! Took me ages!


Active Member
Today caugt my first shiny ever after 30 minutes of play . Shiny pidgey .

Alex Pt

Mine was finding a shiny venonat in the safari zone and actually catching it, the day after I found a shiny oddish, I couldn't believe my luck!


From Zero To Hero
Mine was beating the E4 for the first time with a team of Raichu/Charizard/Gyarados/Golem/Pidgeot.


Dragon Tamer
Mine was after obtaining the National Dex, I put in a lot of effort to trained my team until level 70's. Finally, I beat the Elite 4 with them. I'm really proud of my team. :D

This is my team:
Haunter (I don't have anyone to trade with to evolve it)
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