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Food: A joint RMT between me and my only friends, my fat rolls

Big Beluga

u r a fatty
K so other people were posting their 5th gen teams, so I may as well do the same, not that it means anything because I personally believe no one is that knowledgeable towards 5th gen atm. I wanna make another team anyways, so there's really no harm in posting this. This teams basically made around one of the 5th gen pokes I actually thought was cool, and that is Urugamosu.


Skarmory @ Leftovers
252 HP/ 252 Def/ 4 SpD
-Taunt/Stealth Rock

When I had decided on the offensive core of this team, I knew Spikes would be greatly appreciated. I also needed a check to various pokes like Doryuuza, Ononokusu, and a bunch of other Physical threats, so Skarm was in. Skarm leads off very nicely, stopping Nattorei and Gigaiasu in their tracks, while setting up hazards and scouting the opposing team with whirlwind. Taunt is helpful, but I sometimes run SR in that spot because of how vital it is to keeping some pokes at bay. Other than that, yeah a pretty boring poke tbh. Plain EV spread, standard moveset, it prety much just walls and phazes stuff away, nothing much more to say.


Burungeru @ Leftovers
252 HP/ 76 Def/ 172 SpD/ 8 Spe
-Boiling Water

Well once I had my offensive core + Skarm in place, I realised that I was pretty Tran and Blaziken weak. I also needed something to block rapid spin, so 'Pringles' was a shoe in. This is probably one of my favorite new pokes in all of 5th gen, it's just such a good ToxiStaller and check to any bulky water. Taunt to block status and any recovering shenanigans. Toxic to let the stalling commence. Recover for obv reasons, and Boiling Water for STAB which also comes with a fun 30% burn chance. The EV spread is kind weird, so let me explain. I wanted a more Specially bulky poke because I already had Skarm for physical threats, so that why the spread leans that way. 76 Def EVs ensure im never 2HKOd by a Forry payback iirc. 8 Spe EVs because I like to speedcreap, and it lets me always beat opposing Burungeru because I can taunt first, then Toxic, which pretty much leaves them useless because Shadow Ball cant even 3HKO iirc. The rest is just dumped in SpD to let me take on things like Tran and Urugamosu easier


Tyranitar @ Choice Scarf
4 HP/ 252 Atk/ 252 Spe
-Stone Edge

Once I decided that the best partner for Uruga was Doryuuza, I knew I had to have Tar on the team. It sets up the needed Sandstorm for Doryuuza to be threatening, and helps keep up the tempo on an offensive team like this more so than Hippo could. Tar was originally a CB variant to help trap opposing burugeru, who are very troublesome to Uruga, better, but I found I was weak to faster threats like Starmie and the Genie trio, so I had to Scarf Tar. This is the standard set from 4th gen, but it still works wonders in 5th gen. I was even thinking about replacing Pursuit with SR, as barely any pursuit weak poke switches out of Tar anymore so Crunch is a lot more useful, and SR could really help this team if I dont have it on Skarm.


Latias @ Life Orb
4 HP/ 252 SpA/ 252 Spe
-Dragon Pulse
-Hidden Power[Fire]

Latias was actually the last poke selected, and as such she was just meant to patch up some holes and give me some key resistances. She has definetly been the weak link, but I dont think I could win as much without her tbh. One of the best qualities is actual being pursuit bait, which easily lets Doryuuza or Urugamosu set up. Other than that, she basically just switches in on a resist, attacks the switch in, then switches back out. Dragon Pulse + Surf form amazing coverage, andare my most used moves. Recover is just there to help with longevity and get back some health lost from Sand and LO recoil. The last slot was originally Tbolt, but I kept getting boned by Nattorei so eventually switched to HP Fire. Standard EV spread and what not.


Doryuuza @ Life Orb
4 HP/ 252 Atk/ 252 Spe
-Swords Dance
-Rock Slide
-Rapid Spin

Ok so when you're basing a team off of Urugamosu, you pretty much need a rapid spinner, unless you want to be taking ~75% damage just by switching in. I look through the useable rapid spinners, and although that new rapid spinner Ice poke is the ****, Doryuuza is just a straight up beast. Meet the new best offensive spinner in the game, and he fits perfectly onto this team. Easily setting up on rock attacks and blissey thrown at Uruga, while also spinning away Uruga's nemesis, entry hazards, this spot couldnt be filled by anything else. After an SD, I cant think of anything that isnt 2HKO'd by a move of Doryuuza, so thats just win right there. Now of course I have rapid spin instead of Return/X Scissor, so I lose out on coverage, but meh I havent felt like I needed it anyways.


Urugamosu('Mothra') @ Life Orb
4 Def/ 252 SpA/ 252 Spe
-Butterfly Dance
-Fire Blast
-Bug Buzz

135 Base SpA, with a move to boost SpA, Speed, and SpD at the same time? Yes please. With one BD under its belt, Uruga is one of the beastliest things this gen. To give a reference to its power, a +1 FB deals 42.6% - 50.1% to standard WishBliss, so I can possibly 2HKO after 3 layers of spikes! That's insane for a Special Attacker without a super effective move. Add that to the fact that Uruga can basically setup on any special attacker without a super effective move, and you got yourself one of the best pokes this gen. Now even with all these great things, Uruga has its let downs. It's biggest negative is obv the horrific weakness to entry hazards. Uruga is also walled hard by some select pokes, depending on what HP youre using. But these problems are why I have 5 other members on the team! By the time I bring Uruga in, I hope to have entry hazards spun, and counters gone or severely weakened. I sometime dont even have to BD, as with layers up Uruga can sweep with its 100 base speed and LO STABs alone. FB and BB for obv STAB. I chose HP Ground just to hit Tran, and to get some overall coverage. I guess because I dont have SR, HP Rock may be more beneficial, but meh.

Alright there's the team. Rate pls. And btw just so you know, Roopushin is a real **** to this team, so id like help on how to fix that. I was actually gonna drop all speed IVs and use a negative speed nature on Skarm to try and help with this, but then I found out that Roopushin is so ****ing slow that even then Skarm still outspeeds .-.
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