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For all things relative to politics.

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by Ethan, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. Carlisle

    Carlisle BAM

    So what does everyone think about the talks of a second or even third stimulus package? I think Obama may try to get it to happen, but I think it would be a very bad idea. I don't think the votes are there, and a second attempt may be a blow to his approval ratings and against Democrats in general.
  2. BigLutz

    BigLutz Banned

    A Second Stimulus would be a death blow to both Obama and the Democrats for the next four years. Right now Democrats trail Republicans by 5 points on the economy, with a Second Stimulus gaining 20% voter approval. If Obama and the rest have to go out and say they blew it ( Like Joe Biden already said ) on something that cost over a trillion dollars ( With interest factored in ). It would be disastrous. Obama wouldn't be trusted with anything, especially Health Care or Education, and Democrats would be bracing for their own version of 2006, with everyone running for cover.

    That being said, the first one was horribly mismanaged, we are looking at 11% Unemployment, and we have another shoe to drop in Real Estate. This winter is shaping up to be just as bad as the last, if not worse if the Commercial Real Estate market falls out. Meanwhile most of the Stimulus money from the current one is being used by States to bail out their own deficits. So I don't know.. We can't afford any more trillion dollar bills.

    Really the Democrats should have billed the Stimulus as a "State Bailout" because that is what it has pretty much become.
  3. WynautQueen

    WynautQueen Pokemon Caretaker

    A second stimulus right now is a very bad idea. It's far too soon to pump more money into the system, so I hope peoples' impatience doesn't cause any premature panic.
  4. Carlisle

    Carlisle BAM

    Yup, I agree totally.

    So the leader of North Korea has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer according to FOX...

    What does this mean for the rest of the world?
  5. ccangelopearl1362

    ccangelopearl1362 Well-Known Member

    Fox News Channel: Report: N. Korea’s Kim Has Pancreatic Cancer
    Hot Air: Ed Morrissey: Video: Eagleburger blasts “pusillanimous attitude of this regime” on North Korea

    Call it a case of terminal Il-ness for Kim Jong, and one suspects that his generals are nervous about the power transfer they’re trying to conduct for the Dear Leader’s son. If Kim Jong-Il dies within the next few weeks, then North Korea itself could collapse due to its sudden power vacuum, perhaps by definition a totalitarian regime’s other worst nightmare, if a firm(er) challenge by the United States would qualify as the worst nightmare for dictators around the world. I can understand Lawrence Eagleburger’s alarm that the United States allowed North Korea to get this far without any pushback, even going back to Jimmy Carter’s intervention in Bill Clinton’s preparations to take out Kim’s nuclear sites… militarily. I can safely assume that Barack Obama, or at least the Senate, will be busy defending Sonia Sotomayor during these confirmation hearings this whole week.:

    Fox News Channel: Sotomayor Pledges ‘Fidelity to the Law’ During First Day of Confirmation Hearing
    Fox News Channel: Firefighter Case, 'Wise Latina' Comment Dominate GOP Grilling of Sotomayor

    Well, it looks like the hearings have begun in earnest, and we’ll be at the halfway point in the coming hours and/or days. Sotomayor’s “wise Latina” comment may puzzle those who would prefer impartiality in interpreting American law, alongside that reverse discrimination firefighter case, but Lindsey Graham and Jeff Sessions’ cross-examinations will and should be helpful in any post-Sotomayor nomination hearings. Of course, Sotomayor’s current switch on said comment may be even more puzzling, but one can’t help wondering what else is in store for the Senate down the road.
  6. BigLutz

    BigLutz Banned

    Just during a late night junket around the typical news sites and I came across this, a interview with the Stimulus Overseer, who said some pretty scary things.

    So let me get this straight, the American People already do not think this is working, the Republicans are airing ads proving the President is lying to them about the stimulus. And come October 11th we are going to see something so horrible, the Stimulus Overseer says it could be close to a Revolution from the anger.

    Kind of makes sense why Obama wants to push through Cap and Trade, Healthcare, and a Supreme Court Appointment ASAP.

    If I were a Democrat, I would be terrified.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2009
  7. ccangelopearl1362

    ccangelopearl1362 Well-Known Member

    National Journal: John Maggs: Transparency Will Be Embarrassing, Stimulus Inspector Says

    Remind me to mark my calendar for that date. Earl Devaney’s Recovery.gov may very well hold the key to this stimulus puzzle, and millions are doubtlessly interested in its contests, including presumably those Tax Day tea party protesters I mingled with… a little over three months ago. Of course, if Devaney’s assessment is accurate, then Obama and his advisors may be in for an even bigger headache on their own stated priorities than they already have. It can’t help matters that two more challenges have arisen from the jihadists, and as it happens, these most recent challenges may be even more personal against Obama than the ones within the past six months.:

    Investor’s Business Daily: Terror in Obama’s ‘Old Hometown’
    Fox News Channel: Islamic Supremacist Group Holds First U.S. Conference

    Let me see: Barack Obama invited the chief of the Organization of the Islamic Conference to the White House, extended a hand of negotiation to Iran’s ayatollahs – and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards – issued signals of equivocation in both Turkey and Egypt, and literally bowed in front of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz. The jihadists are now responding to this self-abasement by striking two hotels in Obama’s childhood hometown and hosting a recruitment conference at a hotel in Obama’s adulthood hometown. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi are names already familiar to the rest of us in the global jihad, but apparently, they were also associated with Hizb Ut-Tahrir, perhaps better known as the Islamic Liberation Party. It seeks, among other items of interest, the annihilation of Israel, the downfall of America, and the destruction of capitalism. I happened to catch retired Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters this morning on Fox News Channel as he commented that such a list of items matches what one would expect to hear out of Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is maintaining his resolve against these violent Islamists for the moment, or so he says, but if Jemaah Islamiya follows Hizb Ut-Tahrir’s example in targeting capitalism more openly – just as Al-Qaeda did about eight years ago – then Indonesia itself could get to be more visible in the global counterjihad, necessitating a defense of private enterprise. The irony in Jemaah Islamiya’s motives may be glaring in consideration of Obama’s various governmental interventions, but I suspect that those jihadists care more about the United States itself. A much tougher thought process – followed by comprehensively tougher responses – should suffice in having this country and its allies counter the Islamists’ efforts to force the rest of us to declare Sharia supremacy.
  8. BigLutz

    BigLutz Banned

    49% Approval Rating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For the first time ever, Obama goes underwater in terms of Approval Rating.

    So I assume every one knows now about Obama calling a cop stupid at the end of his press conference after he had just spent 40 minutes flailing around trying to justify calling a evening press conference... and failing.

    Now let me say there are bad cops out there, we had a guy in Dallas a few months ago who wouldn't let a football player and his wife into a hospital to see the wife's dying mother. That Cop acted stupidly.

    This guy on the other hand, who went to investigate a break in, found a man inside the house who would not identify himself according to the police report of the other officer that arrived, and continued to give the cops hell. That wasn't the cops that acted stupidly, it was the man who ended up getting arrested, and who now just so happens wants to make a documentary on Racial Profiling. Wow... what are the odds.

    There were two people that have acted stupid in the situation, the first was the man who should be grateful that the police would respond so quickly at the possibility something was happening to his house. A response that may not happen so quickly next time.

    The second person was the President, he should have said no comment, he should have stopped the answer after saying he didn't have all the facts, but he continued on. And now the man who runs the country not only insulted a cop who was doing his job, but he also disgraced the office by lowering it down to the level of commenting on individual police matters.
  9. ironknight42

    ironknight42 Well-Known Member

    Is America becoming fiscally conservative, what the heck is going on.

    The man should have identified himself its his own fault, this is not racial profiling if anyone did this they would be arrested
    Again could have happaned to anyone he should have identified himself the officer was in the right at least with the information I know. I assume someone in that house called the police.
    The president should have bigger fish to fry other than individual police matters.
  10. Carlisle

    Carlisle BAM

    Hahaha yeah! It's all over the news. The best part about it is that it gets in the way of his whole crappy health care proposal.
  11. ccangelopearl1362

    ccangelopearl1362 Well-Known Member

    Fox News Channel: Obama Seeks to Clarify 'Stupidly' Comment, Praises White Policeman
    American Thinker: Thomas Lifson: Obama throws ‘Skip’ Gates under the bus

    Why do I get the feeling that we political junkies might have been better off simply concluding that Barack Obama had a dull health care news conference Wednesday night rather than focusing on yet another case of instigated racialism? To think that this backpedaling on Obama’s part is taking place less than 48 hours after that not-so-little comment about Henry Louis Gates’ arrest by James Crowley. The condemnations of Obama’s accusation have come, and three of my personal picks at this moment come from National Review, Investors’ Business Daily, and American Thinker.:

    Investor’s Business Daily: This Is Post-Racial?
    National Review: Rich Lowry: Who Was ‘Stupid’ in the Gates Arrest?
    American Thinker: Bob Weir: Obama is the one who ‘acted stupidly’

    Investor’s Business Daily mentioned a stereotype at Harvard University and other places that white working-class cops are running around harassing innocent blacks in order to preserve a power structure oriented toward… whites, and while Gates was reportedly working on a documentary about racism, Crowley was revealed to be something of a police expert on, of all topics, racial profiling. Gates essentially accused Crowley of hating blacks, despite the presence of black mayors, black police chiefs, community organizing, and affirmative action, presumably. Bob Weir’s exasperation that Obama would continue using such a “canard”, as he put it, may find more echoes among other police officers mentally questioning Obama’s almost stupendous racialism. If it helps, my interest is in freedom, peace, and happiness for the human race, as this country has defended for the past two centuries, and Victor Davis Hanson’s most recent lament may be as timely as ever.:

    Victor Davis Hanson’s Private Papers: Presidents Aren’t What They Used to Be

    Dr. Hanson compared the period between Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower to the “Five Good Emperors” of the Roman Empire, in which the prosperity that the Roman Empire’s citizens enjoyed first headed downhill when one Commodus came to the throne. Instability has dominated American presidential politics in the past 50 years, in that while Jimmy Carter and George Herbert Walker Bush each had only one term, both being unable to galvanize America, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were impeached. Now, we have “the once-messianic Obama”, whose approval ratings are sinking in the wake of skyrocketing budget deficits. Between Obama’s promises of outcome equality and 24/7 video streams about any kind of celebrity gossip, one gets the sense that being President of America in the early 21st century would mean something more immediate, so to speak, than being President of America in, say, the 1950s. I can only wonder how solemn Tim Pawlenty, Bobby Jindal, or Sarah Palin would be if any of them should decide to challenge Barack Obama for the White House in 2012.

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