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for evry one that has played okami

Iron Justice

Peoples is peoples.
I played the demo at the store, sorry it kind of boring (but I really can't judge because I only played it for five minutes)
Better than Twilight Princess, at least.

As enjoyable as any Clover game.


Dog Man Star
I played it. It was alright, but, the way the characters spoke gave me such a migraine... it was like, Banjo Kazooie only worse. x_o

Ultimate Spider-man

Well-Known Member
I played through it, and enjoyed it. But it seemed unncessarily long, it really started to drag on towards the end. The art style is really the games main draw, it was absoloutly beautiful. Besides that though, I didn't think it was anything special.

Sonozaki Maya

realized seraph
Okami was freaking gorgeous. Honestly. I especially loved the Demon Fang extraction skills (Golden Fury and Brown Rage), it was a nice touch to the whole thing. XD The art style is what really makes it stand out, shame it was a flop and that Clover Studios had to go. As an off topic note, I regret not getting God Hand. :S


hold on how was it a flop. it was Game Informer: October 2006 Game of the Month
PSM: 2006 Game of the Year

IGN 2006 Overall Game of the Year
2006 Adventure Game of the Year (Overall and PS2)
2006 Best Artistic Design (Overall and PS2)
2006 Best Story (Overall and PS2)
2006 Most Innovative Design (Overall and PS2)
October 2006 Game of the Month
Game Revolution: Best game of 2006
Electronic Gaming Monthly: September 2006 Game of the Month
GameSpot: Best Graphics (Artistic) of 2006 [3]
Gametrailers Best PS2 game of 2006
Japan Media Arts Festival: Grand Prize of 2006 (10th, Entertainment Division) [4]
Game Developers Choice Awards 2007
Innovation Award (one of three)
Best Character Design

Prime Wolf

I got a Wii!
You mean by the fact that just when you thought the game was beaten, they decided to throw out something out of the blue? The game took me 40 hours to complete (and I missed the hidden boss and a buttload of secrets), that's the kind of time I expect to spend on a game of this nature.

True. I found it entertaining the way it threw something else in. After I beat Orochi for the first time, I honestly thought it was over, but luckily it was not. A game this long keeps you canstantly entertained,if you do every single last thing, you have atleats 72 hours of game play.


Well-Known Member
I was really anti-Okami for a while because the entire basis of it seemed to just BEGGED the wapanese jackasses to come out of the woodwork and start spouting any and all bullsh*t they could, and I wasn't keen on being lectured about deep Japanese mythology everytime I mentioned the game.

Eventually a friend of mine talked me into buying it, and I gotta say, it's actually really good. I wouldn't say it's the best game I've played (I'm afraid that still goes to KHII) but definitely in my list of tops. I actually haven't finished it yet (I just made it into Oni Island), but I can already tell that it's going to have a lot of replayability. Plus, the art style is really great, though it takes a bit of getting used to, especially if your vision isn't 100%.


Hoenn Champion
I have the game, but I have not yet completed it. I have played it for about 2 hours, and I think that it is really good. I like all of the little things that you can do in the game, suck as the Priest's List, and feeding the animals, and sever other things I have noticed. I love the games art, and I think that it is a really good game.

I think that one of its downfalls was reviews saying how similar it was to Zelda. People probably just thought that there was no point in buying two games if they are going to be the same. Well, that is just my theory.

I personally realy liked the game, and it is a shame that the company was closed because it did not sell. I would not call it a flop, it is just that it did not sell as well as it should have done.